4 noteworthy LIVE sports pay-per-view broadcasts this summer!

The sports fans cannot get enough of the Live sports pay-per-view broadcasts. It’s been a very active summer for our Cleeng Publishers and we’ve seen lately many interesting summer competitions, that made the most of the Cleeng Live! solution.

We’ve been supporting large, widely sought after broadcasts, such as the FIFA World Cup in July, but also the niche sports Live streams, such as boat racing, horseback riding, roller skating or flat track roller derby. We cherish those events, as they allow our Publishers to reach their global community in the easiest, most effective way.

Our stats prove, that many sports aficionados enjoy their broadcasts from their mobile devices (and possibly on-the-go), which is not difficult with one-click purchase and access, secured by Cleeng Live!

Here just a few examples of the exciting sports broadcasts powered by us this Summer:

Canadian Open Fast Pitch

Canadian Open Fastpitch International Championship,

that took place on July 15th


Cleeng Nuts & Bolts: social sharing for Live events

Did you know that your LIVE online events can go viral really fast thanks to our social sharing feature?

Check out this little video that explains how you can leverage the social media for your pay-per-view events:

Questions? Let us know in the comments!

How we analyze your Live and On-Demand video marketing performance

video marketing analysis

Whether it is to get a daily snapshot of your business performance or to conduct an in-depth analysis of your sales, Cleeng’s up-to-date, comprehensive PRO Reports allow you to quickly access your sales heartbeat. 

 The gain is obvious – more effective and efficient conduct of your business, better conversion and time management – as the entire reporting process is fully automated. All you need to do is to simply take a peek into the data we give you.


Pay-per-view streaming – sports broadcasters’ formula for global success


The 2014 FIFA World Cup was not only a major event for the soccer community, but also for many sports broadcasters worldwide. To let all soccer fans stay in on the action anytime and anywhere, many broadcasters – especially those outside U.S., decided to enable online pay-per-view streaming. 

Among them also Sportsmax TV, the Caribbean’s 24-hour Sports Cable channel, dedicated to showing the top sporting content the world over to a Caribbean audience (22 countries, 30m people). All games of this year’s World Cup were available for the local, die-hard soccer fans online, as Live Pay-per-view and Video on-demand (replays) thanks to the Cleeng Live solution and Livestream.

I’m talking to Jamie Ranston – Interactive Media Director at CGR Communications - a Jamaican media agency that coordinated the Sportsmax TV implementation with Cleeng. How Pay-per-view can benefit major sports broadcasters and how to succeed streaming online? Answers below.


U.S.A., Here We Come!

Cleeng US
We’re happy to let you know, that we’ve just opened a Cleeng’s satellite office in New York City!
With almost 60% of our clients based in the US, it was crucial for us to be able to further support local operations of our Publishers across the pond.
What’s cool about it?
- We can further integrate the local payment processes with the local carriers,
- We can now deliver even better conversion rates,
- We will provide answers to your queries much faster.
We’re so excited to be part of the NYC tech community, we couldn’t resist and share with you this little song we love:

If you have any questions about our expansion, please drop us an email at: theteam@cleeng.com

The18.com – Soccer On-Demand

Soccer on demand


With the FIFA fever still on, I’d love to share with you this great soccer website, run by one of our Cleeng Publishers. As a huge football fan I was really happy to discover The18 - from news, to soccer on-demand tutorials to community, it’s my ultimate soccer destination. 

My favorite section is definitely the ‘Training’, as I’m currently working on improving my skills, especially the foot pass.


Dare, Drive, Deliver – Cleeng + Team Spirit


The Cleeng Team

It’s already been 3 years since Cleeng launched, and we just held our first ‘Global Conference’ 3 weeks ago with the entire team coming together!When you launch a startup, you are full of dreams.

You expect your success to be immediate. The reality is a lot less glamorous, and it takes months to find your way, identify the right niche market and instill a common company culture. It’s very often frustrating and demanding, but as Steve Jobs used to wisely say,

“What matters is the journey, not the destination.”

You suddenly and truly realize exactly what he meant.

Fortunately, we at Cleeng have now reached a point where we can finally focus our total energies on building a global leader in a clear market segment: helping people sell their videos.  Nonetheless, this can only be possible with the right team.  Take, for instance, our latest project - the 2014 FIFA World Cup live streamed to 23 Caribbean countries, which is a perfect example of the combination of robust technology and teamwork: we signed up just a week before its start and managed to setup higher-capacity servers, increase global coverage and optimize a viewer payment plan that works well for the Caribbean countries. The bottom line is that it all ran very smoothly, thanks in great part to the skills, devotion and passion of the Cleeng team.


Video on-demand services are on the rise

video on demand services

Future for the video on-demand services looks more than promising. In the year 2020, the global landscape will include 9 billion people, over 8  billion mobile broadband subscriptions and 1.5 billion homes with digital television, with analog almost history. What a great opportunity for all content creators!

According to the latest Ericsson research, in advanced markets, such as Western Europe and the USA, by 2020:


Event marketing strategies: free online events generate business leads

event marketing strategy

Among a wide range of event marketing tools you have to your disposition, there’s now one more you can use right away: free LIVE online events. They offer a new, effective way of capturing and nurturing your business leads. How to use them? Here’s another blogpost from our event marketing strategies series that will help you gain valuable prospects in short time. 

How does it work?


2014 FIFA live stream online – anywhere, anytime on the Caribbean Islands!

Fifa live stream

Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/fifaworldcup

As a football fan, you don’t want to miss even one second of a game played by your favorite team. Today, with 4G and mobile technology, you can tune into the football match streamed live online in its entirety – even while traveling or being stranded in a traffic jam.

To help the local football fans keep up with the pace of the 2014 FIFA World Cup action wherever they are, Cleeng teamed up with Sportsmax TV to enable access to all games, live – entirely online and as video -On-demand from June 12th through July 13th.