Screen9 customers can sell their videos thanks to Cleeng

We’ve just announced an integration partnership with Screen9. This cooperation will help all customers of Screen9 to monetize their Live and on-Demand videos, while opening up for them the new, global markets.

Screen9, the Nordics premium online video platform, offers advanced solutions that can be used out-of-the-box or seamlessly integrated into, for example, the existing Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Advertising and now also monetization systems supported by Cleeng.


Our US team is growing – Luke Carriere joins Cleeng LLC!

The Cleeng US team is starting the second quarter out right with the addition of Luke Carriere as the Head of Cleeng US Business Development. It’s another step we’re taking to strengthen our presence in the US.

Luke will be supporting our clients from the Cleeng’s NYC office, using his extensive experience as a business advisor for hundreds of entrepreneurs at prestigious universities across the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and Asia.


Your selling handbook: Live pay-per-view events


Pay-per-view events help you harness the power of global online audiences across every imaginable device. Pay-per-view is not only about setup and tech, however, but also about sales. How can you be sure your event will sell like hot buns?

Fortunately, setting up a thriving Live PPV event with Cleeng’s robust monetization platform is both seamless and effortless. We have all the tools you need to brand, promote and sell on a top-quality level.

Here’s a short guide that covers all of the steps that you have to put your heart and mind into if you wish your event to sell. Let’s get you started!


1 year, 1000 events, 10 pay-per-view secrets revealed!

 Can you believe that we’re celebrating the first anniversary of Cleeng Live? Launched in March 2014, our super straightforward OTT solution for monetizing Live pay-per-view events has been a tremendous help to broadcasters.

More than 1000 events were created and sold successfully with Cleeng! Here’s what we’ve learned from cracking the code for Live PPV success.


What Meerkat’s success says about the future of live PPV?

The Meerkat app took off at SWSX last week to prove that live video is the easiest and most direct way of engaging with audiences online. Although Meerkat has so far been used primarily for streaming free/personal events, it offers a peek into the future of live pay-per-view.


4 foolproof tactics for selling sports pay-per-view

The sports industry is suddenly facing a tipping point. Gate sales are dropping and the fans are embracing sports content on-the-go. And if that’s not enough, the sport broadcasters are racing to catch up quickly with all of the leading-edge mobile ways that sports videos are being consumed.

Take, for example, the Big Game. Cord cutters took a monstrous chunk out of the TV ratings. According to NBC, a peak of 1.3 million people streamed the broadcast concurrently. That set a record for any championship game….ever!

Sports giants such as One Championship (the largest MMA organization in Asia) and FIFA are now using live broadcasts to grow their global audiences exponentially. Pay-per-view is also becoming a vessel for a number of smaller leagues that have discovered that they are able to skyrocket their revenues through their niche offerings.

As sports video and broadcasting continue to blaze the trail, it’s vital to know how to harvest the potential. So how can you drive bigger sales from your online games?

Here are 4 fool-proof tactics currently being used by our top-tier sports clients to accelerate their own revenues: