The Burning Issue Concerning Free Live Streaming

live stream malware


As you may have gathered, live streaming is more popular than ever, and it has a long and prosperous future ahead. A lot of viewers still accept the quality deficiency and favor the free live streams as a method to watch their favorite events, games or leagues. But besides quality, there is a bigger, underlying issue. 


Cleeng Roku Channel Lets You Sell Live Events Instantly

Cleeng Roku Channel

Broadcasters using our  platform Cleeng now have the opportunity to deliver live and on-demand streaming video to audiences that prefer using a Roku device.


Broadcasters & Telcos Join the Content Race By Deploying Their Own OTT Services

Broadcasters and Telcos explore OTT


The rise of internet based content services is phenomenal – so much so, that nowadays, the concept of sitting down in front of the box and flicking through the TV guide is almost alien to most people. On the supply side, exploring into OTT services becomes a focal point for all major entertainment distributors as competition stacks up. 


Variety Counts for SVOD Users

SVOD services veriety


We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but SVOD keeps up its expansion tempo – and with each passing day, the traditional TV services of yesteryear are becoming more and more obsolete. (more…)

Live Streamed Music Events are the Concerts of the Future

live streaming concerts are the future


Everyone loves music and there’s no bigger buzz than seeing your favourite band or artist in the flesh. The lights, the stage, the views, the colossal sound system and all-important atmosphere created by the crowd is the stuff that dreams are made of – but with ticket limits and geographical issues, it’s not always possible to attend a show in person.


Could the New EU Laws On SVOD Content Stunt Its Growth?

New EU laws for SVOD


Last year, the demand for SVOD across the globe equated to around a whopping $47.26 billion (US) – and experts predict that this will rise to $75 billion (US) by 2020. That’s a huge rate of growth.