More Viewers are Turning to Mobile to Enjoy Long-Form Video

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We’ve talked a lot about the power of online video and its ever-evolving relationship with the consumer. As technology develops, consumers are taking control of when and where they enjoy their entertainment – and soon enough, traditional television viewing habits will become a thing of the past. Therefore, broadcasters and video publishers must be prepared to offer flexible OTT solutions that support mobile devices. 


Streaming Can Fix the Music Industry’s Value Gap

Streaming music - more revenues more musicians

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Once upon a time, the UK, US and Central Europe was rife with well-funded indie labels who helped musicians nurture their talent, tour and sell music via physical mediums for a fair return on investment.


How to Ensure a High Quality Live Streaming Experience

Live streaming - quality of experience

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Much like a mighty river, live video streams should flow faultlessly from start to finish – unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. (more…)

Wistia Add-on Marketplace Has Cleeng as Integration Partner

Wistia add-on marketplace has Cleeng's SVOD and OTT features

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At Cleeng, we are thrilled to be part of the initial launch of Wistia’s add-on marketplace, a set of integrations and tools that will help Wistia customers make most of their video. The capabilities of the Cleeng platform will help Wistia clients to sell their video via pay-per-view, subscriptions, passes etc.

Introducing Cleeng Tattoo 2.0 at NAB 2016

Cleeng at NAB 2016

At NAB Show, we are showcasing our revamped Cleeng Tattoo as a state-of-art video watermarking solution and some nice OTT/SVOD success stories.

Spring is out and traditionally we are seeing some lively developments in the world of digital video. MIPTV just ended, and now we are looking forward to one of the biggest digital entertainment events in the world, NAB Show.


Live Sports Streaming Reaches New Levels

Yahoo streaming MLB

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As we all know, live sporting events are one of the world’s most exciting forms of entertainments. For decades, these kinds of spectacles have brought people from all over the world together to share in a pivotal moment of sporting history, or an amazing feat of athleticism.