What Are Today’s OTT Consumers Looking For?

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By now it’s safe to say that people are fond of OTT and SVOD services. Life is fast-paced and as consumers, we need something that we have control over as modern life no longer caters to the fusty old ways of yesteryear. But, the way in which OTT has grown, and is expected to grow in such a short period, has taken almost everyone by surprise. In this post, we’ll analyze the users preferences when it comes to consuming OTT content. 


VR Content and Apps Are Following The Pace of Live Video

VR live video content emerging

Credit: roadtovr.com

Since the emergence of live video streaming, the role of traditional television has been turned upside down – and from sporting events right through to SVOD subscription services like Netflix, there have been some incredible developments in recent times. Perhaps the most striking thing about video streaming’s latest advancements are the development of VR video content and apps, and what it means for the future of live events.


Gather Intelligence from Your Viewers with Cleeng Capture

Cleeng capture - obtain intelligence from your viewer

We love to provide the latest industry news and video streaming insights from around the world, but today we have our own exciting news to share. We’ve just launched Cleeng Capture: a brand new development which is a lot more about learning than it is selling.


Video Advertising Trends Signal Changes in Subscription Service Offerings

digital video advertising

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From billboards to product placement and everything in between, advertising is everywhere you look – and it goes hand in hand with the wonderful world of entertainment. Online ads are no exception and recent reports signal that consumers may be more and more reluctant to see them in their video content. 


The 2016 Growth Odyssey !

Cleeng's growth odissey

The past year was one of the most dynamic years for Cleeng. It was a year marked by numerous significant business milestones, great new recruits and exciting projects. Now, we feel that we have a very talented team and a great product/market fit as two key components for rapid, sustainable growth.


What Does the Future Hold for SVOD Sports Broadcasting?

Fanseat broadcasts local sports via SVOD

Credit: fanseat.com

In this modern world, people enjoy freedom and flexibility, rather than rigid programming schedules and big dusty television sets alone; however, while SVOD is on the rise, it still seems that there is a place for traditional TV sports broadcasters. (more…)