Celebrity pay-per-view: a shining constant of success

celebrity pay per view

The potential that pay-per-view has to offer? Limitless. (And in this case, there’s absolutely nothing tongue-in-cheek about it!) Major broadcasting agencies and talented individuals already recognize that potential. We at Cleeng have helped them to transform this potential into a highly profitable benefit through our Cleeng Live! formula.

Aside from the sport broadcasters who have already converted to our formula, indie bands, filmmakers and celebrities (read: the most talented experts in their field who are already known worldwide) have begun to also pick up on our solution in order to boost their complimentary revenues while strengthening their personal brands online.

Besides using it for their one-off events, they have been setting up their own internet TV’s and online subscription channels to augment the more traditional distribution paths, such as digital rentals and on-demand rentals through cable and satellite TV providers.


3 learnings from implementing mobile payments

A credit card payment method is a common choice among customers, as it guarantees a fast and safe transaction with any bank. For developers, it’s also relatively easy to create a purchase process in which a customer gets instant access to content (especially when it comes to subscriptions) after adding their credit card. However, more and more buyers are opting for mobile payments.

Because of this, developers have needed to shift their thinking into a problem-solving mode: Will this be a recurring payment? Can the customer unsubscribe the payment and, if so, how? Which mobile payment provider should the customer choose?

In this blogpost, I’d like to first describe the mobile implementation process that challenged our Cleeng development team, and then share our answers to the above questions. 

Below are our top three considerations for developing a mobile payment gateway:


WFTDA: Sports(wo)manship & passion powered up by pay-per-view


Women’s flat track roller derby is a relatively young sports discipline, but it has already gained a lot of international recognition, not only among sport aficionados but also journalists. Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) managed to create a modern image of the derby in US and worldwide, and continues to grow a strong community around it.

I’m talking to Erica Vanstone (Director of Broadcast Operations of WFTDA) about the origins of the discipline, recent success with the pay-per-view tournaments, and the plans for the future.


Cleeng: finalist of the Sportel Monaco Startup Competition 2014!

Sportel Monaco 2014

SPORTEL, held twice a year in Monaco, is the most influential business convention, gathering the representatives of the global sports media industry: broadcasters, TV and satellite networks, international sports federations, marketing agencies, production companies, technology guru’s and content providers.

For its 25th Anniversary, Sportel organizes a startup competition, and we’re very happy to be among the 4 finalists!

The competition, designed together with Deltatre, highlights the most innovative companies around the globe that rejuvenate the sport broadcasting industry. As Carlo De Marchis, CPO at deltatre, said “Sportel received applications from all over the world and we believe that this variety can bring great inspiration and innovative ideas to the sport industry.”

We’re honored to be chosen from among hundreds of top-notch global startups and also happy to deliver our elevator pitch to such respected audience. Cleeng’s elevator pitch will take place on 9th of October, at 11:00 AM. During our presentation we will highlight our Cleeng Live  technology and share our experience we gained while powering the most exciting, sport events, such as 2014 FIFA WorldCup or British Basketball League season passes.

Give it a try, setup an event, it only takes 2 minutes and it’s free.

We’re also attending the event beyond the competition. Please You can schedule a meeting with us 7 to 9 th October. Simply send us an email at theteam@cleeng.com 

Meet Cleeng and Brightcove at Sport Business Summit – London 2014

Sport Business Summit - London 2014

We are thrilled to exhibit at Sport Business Summit 2014 in London on October 8th and 9th with our long lasting partner Brightcove.

Visit our booth (stand #4) or schedule a meeting to learn more about our powerful cloud-based solutions for delivering and monetising sporting videos – both for live and on-demand events.

Cleeng’s advanced e-commerce features are deeply integrated with Brightcove’s market-leading online video platform to offer sport organisations and broadcasters an easy way of managing video offerings, including:

  • price and coupon management,
  • online registration,
  • precise geoblocking
  • pre-booking and payment processing,
  • and delivering seamless viewing experiences across any device.

If you want to organize a one-off LIVE pay-per-view game, season & tournament passes along with club’s subscription, we have the right solution for you.

Check out of a few examples of how successfully we manage major sport events worldwide:

See you in London!

A/B testing: 4 tips to save time and the get best results

A/B testing

Anyone who is even slightly connected to web development (marketing experts, web designers, web developers, etc.) has surely heard something in the air lately about the advantages of A/B testing and the impact it can have on conversion rates. 

If you look over the countless articles available about this subject on the web, you will probably get the feeling that you have found the Holy Grail.   Especially if you’re a designer, you might hope to find some impartial data to replace the long discussions about ‘the color and size of the button,’ as well as the tools to objectively test your ideas on actual human users.

The reality, however, is that, if you simply dig a little more deeply and look a bit more closely into the web (or simply start doing some testing yourself of what is being presented), you’ll find that it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.


Tattoo: a revolutionary video watermarking technology coming at IBC 2014

Video protection challengeAccording to PriceWaterhouseCoopers “State of Media 2014“, the Global Over-The-Top Revenue (TVOD and SVOD programming) in 2014 to approximately $21.6 billion in 2018. A multitude of industries depends on these revenues to continue to deliver great service to their fans and viewers – sports clubs, studios, broadcasters, artists & athletes.

As the number of online viewers who are watching premium shows increases, the challenge of protecting videos from prolific digital piracy activities remains one of the main concerns in the minds of broadcasters. Currently, viewers who access a video on their computer or mobile device can easily record what they see on their screens and then redistribute it across the web, thereby slowly strangling the entertainment industry.

A paradigm shift: Security AND User friendliness !

Are the viewers really the ones to blame for pirated content?  By adding complexity that allows viewers to enjoy watching their videos via Wall-Garden, DRM technology  (see related post) and often excessive so-called “”pay windows” broadcasters have incentivized users to look for other ways to get access to the shows they love - anytime, anywhere.

Take, for example,the recent season finale of Game of Thrones. According to Torrent Freak, “The season finale of Game of Thrones has set a brand new piracy record, with a quarter million people sharing a single file at the same time. During the first 12 hours roughly 1.5 million file-sharers downloaded a pirated copy of the popular show, a number that will swell to over 7.5 million during the days to come.

How can a legitimate user in France, Canada or the UK watch the season finale of Game of Thrones?   By waiting for 4 months and then by buying a DRM-protected copy that only a few players can read. Or (sadly), by simply going to a Torrent site and downloading it in HD, playable everywhere.

Now, imagine a solution that would make movie available for an online access in the utmost secure way, at the same time it’s shown on TV? We just created such solution! The table below provides a view of what the future of video protection could look like:

Video protection evolution



International online payments: challenges & opportunities

online payment gateway

The increase in the cross-border e-commerce activities has set a higher level of international standards for online payment gateways and, as a result, for consumer convenience.

On the other hand, the usage fluctuation of credit cards and PayPal are causing the broadcasters to be challenged by the complexities of arranging for international payments. This situation is essentially slowing down their global expansion.


5 tips for higher conversion from your Live online events

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.38.29 PMWe’re starting a series of blogposts written by our amazing team folks. You can expect lots of useful tips and tricks, including marketing, web design, web development and more! Today a piece of advice from Tomasz Szadkowski – developer at Cleeng. How to improve your conversion from Live online events? Check it out below!


4 noteworthy LIVE sports pay-per-view broadcasts this summer!

The sports fans cannot get enough of the Live sports pay-per-view broadcasts. It’s been a very active summer for our Cleeng Publishers and we’ve seen lately many interesting summer competitions, that made the most of the Cleeng Live! solution.

We’ve been supporting large, widely sought after broadcasts, such as the FIFA World Cup in July, but also the niche sports Live streams, such as boat racing, horseback riding, roller skating or flat track roller derby. We cherish those events, as they allow our Publishers to reach their global community in the easiest, most effective way.

Our stats prove, that many sports aficionados enjoy their broadcasts from their mobile devices (and possibly on-the-go), which is not difficult with one-click purchase and access, secured by Cleeng Live!

Here just a few examples of the exciting sports broadcasts powered by us this Summer:

Canadian Open Fast Pitch

Canadian Open Fastpitch International Championship,

that took place on July 15th