The Live PPV Piracy Battle Just Got More Interesting

Live PPV piracy

Credit: Los Angeles Times

With great video content, comes video piracy. Let’s lay down the recent developments in the world of live streaming that added a new dimension to video piracy. 


How Cleeng Solves The SVOD Puzzle? [Video]

Cleeng SVOD services - iceberg

Going direct-to-consumer seems like the default direction for the most ambitious and high-potential media companies. But, publishers selling premium video via subscriptions can face rocky way to the top. But, put your worries aside, Sisyphus had a much harder time :).


A Journey from Occasional Viewer to eSports Fanatic

eSports fanatic

Credit: Dot Esports

The whole world is looking at eSports right now. The market is obviously skyrocketing and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. In this post, we’ll go deeper in some fresh demographic trends associated with the eSports fan and their perception on paying for content.  (more…)

What Are The Key SVOD Revenue Strategies?

Best SVOD revenue strategies


As the world of SVOD expands and evolves, so does the scope for driving revenue. Content providers and SVOD platforms must execute new revenue strategies to secure success.

In today’s world, the best way to drive long-term prosperity is by growing your subscriber numbers.


How to Attract and Retain Loyal OTT Subscribers

SVOD loyal users

The world is going OTT, cable cutting is on the rise, and for content providers, there’s never been more scope for attracting and retaining loyal subscribers.


How to Transform eSports Hype into Revenue

Final Fantasy fan fest in Frankfurt 2017

In the world of OTT and SVOD, there’s no hotter topic than eSportsWith so many developments over the past two years, and a large, engaged target audience, there are more money-making opportunities than ever before.