Challenging The Paywall Stereotypes

Pay for premium videos with paywalls


When it comes to accessing news, breaking trends and information in an instant, it doesn’t get better than surfing the World Wide Web.


Promoting Pay Per View: Why Cable Companies Fail

PPV: online vs Cable TV


When you’ve got a pay-per-view event you want people to watch, the most important thing to start doing is promoting it; making your target viewers aware that what you’re broadcasting is interesting and available through you.

The industry is now seeing a huge change in the way viewers are buying their PPV tickets, as many larger commercial companies are starting to lose out to newer, more accessible online sources.


Live Streaming Is The Future of Sport Broadcasting

Live streaming sports


There are so many nail biting annual sporting events that these days, that it’s hard to keep count. During last year’s Champions League Final alone, around 200 million viewers watched its dramatic conclusion; a true indication of just how popular live sporting events are.


The Importance of Video Analytics for Premium Publishers

Advanced video analytics - Cleeng

In the modern world, there is no greater advantage to a market leader than knowing information about their customers and their industry.

Media is no different; market analytics can tell you everything you need to know about who is using your videos, who they’re sharing it with, and how you can improve your service to attract not only more of the customer type you already have, but also how to diversify and capture the attention of those you might have previously thought as unreachable. (more…)

SVOD Services Are Conquering Europe

SVOD vs Pay TV in Europe

Imagine a world where you can stream some of your favorite programmes, documentaries and films at the click of a button – or discover brand new TV shows at your leisure. Hold on a minute, you can…


Support your customers every step of the way!

live event support

Are your videos beginning to hum along and attract a lot of interest? If so, then you’re probably starting to acquire lots of new customers who are asking you a wide variety of questions. As you’re probably finding out, it’s critical to be able to reply to those questions quickly while having the customer’s details at your fingertips.

A default feature of our operations is our fast and friendly support team, who efficiently and effectively help your clients find the answers to their questions about payment and access.

At the same time, Cleeng is increasingly allowing you more freedom to become personally involved at the customer support level of your business. We realize and respect that many of you simply enjoy direct contact with your customers!