Cleeng At Sportel 2015 – Monaco Here We Come!

Sportel Monaco 2015 - Cleeng

SPORTEL Monaco 2015 is close and ready to unveil the hottest digital sport industry news. Here at Cleeng, we are excited to attend and actively participate on one of our favorite events where  numerous great presentations, product launches and discussions take place.


Can the OTT Industry Handle the Influx of Smartphone Viewers

Online video viewing on smartphones


As mentioned in On Demand Video is Putting the Muscle on TV, people’s viewing habits are changing. Traditional television, although still somewhat treasured, is in decline as VoD is becoming more popular by the day. This shift in content consumption is positive news for the OTT industry and its providers; however, in order to keep up with the times, a fresh approach must be taken at all times. (more…)

Nordic Business Forum On Pay-Per-View – The ‘First Row Experience’

conference live streaming

The Nordic Business Forum ( NBF) is ready today for the digital audiences of tomorrow. This leading, high-brow business seminar in Northern Europe goes pay-per-view for the second year in the row, using Cleeng’s Live PPV technology to create enriching interaction with their global audience.

To encourage an entrepreneurial mindset and support personal development, the NBF brings offline training experiences to the online platform, while maintaining the same level of engagement and quality. It results in a pay-per-view conference live streaming at its best, securing a seamless, ”first row” pay-per-view experience among all online participants (on every device and anywhere in the world).   


On-Demand Video is Putting the Muscle on TV

Video on demand vs TV


Television is a wonderful thing. Not only does it help keep us up to date with what’s happening in the world, it also offers us a real sense of escapism from our everyday lives – simply put, TV is an institution. Traditional TV has been hugely popular for decades, but the way in which we consume our visual content has evolved in recent times – particularly since the introduction of on-demand video (VoD). (more…)

IBC 2015 Wrap-up: Broadcasters Embrace Premium Content

Gilles Domartini presents Cleeng Portal at IBC 2015

IBC 2015, what an event! It is a very special event to us since we share the same town as the event itself. Our entire team attends the conference, it is like an annual event for us as well!  

This year’s IBC has been among the most keenly contested and best attended in history. As always, there were some great product launches and upgrades, however the highlight of the event was marked by the great discussions, panels and presentations by some key decision makers in the industry. (more…)

Introducing Cleeng Portal – A One-Stop Live Video Channel

live events channel
We’re very thrilled to announce our brand new product – Cleeng Portal – the first, fully automated channel aggregating live events.

Cleeng Portal has been designed to answer sport and entertainment broadcasters’ needs and enable them to capture their fans attention in one place. End users will be able to curate a whole assortment of live and on-demand video content and the available offers.