Practical Tips for Churches Using Paid Streaming Services

live streaming churches

Credit: Church Management Guide

Churches are places of worship, and their dramatic architecture, wide open spaces, stained glass creations, and incredible acoustics also make them fantastic for hosting live streaming events of all kinds.


10 OTT Trends Developing in the Americas: Sportel Recap

Sportel: OTT and the Americas

In this post, we’d like to share our learnings from the recent Sportel America. Hopefully, these insights will be useful for all the companies involved in sports broadcasting.


“Succeeding with SVOD” – Join our free webinar

Succeeding with a SVOD service


Join Luke Gaydon, VP of OTT Solutions at Brightcove and Chrysann Sutton, Head of Sales for EMEA & APAC at Cleeng, for a comprehensive conversation to help you launch a successful SVOD service. (more…)

Cleeng’s Contribution to the Open Source Software Community

Zend Framework Cleeng

Credit: Github

This is going to be a bit different post than the previous. It will not be an article about a hot industry trend or a new Cleeng update. I’ll leave that to my marketing colleagues. As a tech guy, I will discuss the importance of the open source community for the development teams in software companies like ours.


The State of Streaming TV Apps in today’s OTT World

Streaming TV apps


Streaming TV is having its pick nowadays. To stay ahead of the pack, OTT providers and broadcasters must not only develop excellent streaming apps but also create cutting-edge app strategies if they want to secure a place in the future.  (more…)

Ski Organizations Need PPV Revenue to Support the Sport

Ski sports Live PPV

As the ski season comes to its end, we would like to share an interesting success story. It’s about a new Cleeng client that executed a pay-per-view broadcast plan, with a long-term growth strategy on sight. The revenues from the live streaming events will feed the development of the sport in general and their athletes.  (more…)