Live Events That Gain The Most Social Traction

Live events and social media

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From fundraisers and auto shows to concerts and sporting occasions, live events have the potential to gain a large amount of social traction. This article explores these various types of live events, what makes them more suited to social sharing and of course, the reasons why.

Due to a high level competition, coupled with the waning attention spans of consumers, gaining social traction with live event streaming has become increasingly difficult in recent years, but it is possible.


What is Affecting OTT Video Growth?

OTT video growth

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The way we access TV and online videos is changing: premium OTT services like Netflix and Hulu are significantly challenging traditional cable or satellite services. The need for access to readily available content and a freedom from subscriptions that fail to suit their needs is driving rapid investment.

OTT is obviously on the rise, the competition heats up and there are numerous companies trying to grab their piece of the cake. Let’s take a look at findings about the key factors influencing OTT’s growth, extracted from their recent report: “Profiting from the OTT explosion”.


Football Fans & PPV Live Streaming: Is There A Bond?

pay per view online

Watching the Premier League Football matches online can now be equally as good as being at the actual venue. PPV live streaming is the answer to the football fans’ demand for ways to follow their favorite teams on-the-go, without missing out on the real-life emotions.

While gate sales are dropping and sport fans are enthusiastically cutting the cord, many sport organizations – including football clubs – are embracing the new online outlet for their premium content – LIVE PPV streaming.


E-cinema: Learn from the VOD success of the film ‘Kickback’

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VOD has rapidly become the ‘go-to’ self-distribution outlet for many indie filmmakers who want to sell video On-demand films independently while bypassing the traditional distribution channels.

But there is yet another strong group of early adopters who now have their wings and are ready to fly: the multiple-awarded filmmakers who are actively embracing the lucrative On-demand niche to capture their audiences right where they are – online.


How to create a Netflix-like video subscription channel

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While the traditional broadcast companies and the cable networks struggle to deliver a seamless TV Everywhere experience, a big slice of the VOD market is still up for grabs. The current dynamics are opening up new opportunities to the smaller, and thus more flexible, broadcasters who want to sell video subscriptions. 

Today you can set up your own thriving, Netflix-like channel and become an important player in the OTT environment. Aren’t you ready to bypass traditional media gatekeepers and strike out on your own?


The value of PPV for spiritual communities: Mangala Shri Bhuti


With affordable video broadcasting  available for nonprofits and individuals, it continues to be a great solution for offering teachings to those all over the globe who could not attend events in person. The recent Pema Chodron retreat, organized by Mangala Shri Bhuti (MSB) and powered by Cleeng, proves that Pay-per-view offers a powerful way of bringing together spiritual communities, and supporting their growth.

I had a pleasure of talking to Wendy Conquest, Video Streaming Producer at Mangala Shri Bhuti, who lead the online pay-per-view for this retreat. How does live streaming benefit their community, and what are their future plans for pay-per-view? Read further to learn more.