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With insights gleaned from managing Apple Education business development and marketing within Europe and Asia from 2004-2009. Having contributed towards and witnessed the escalation in adoption of the iTunes U Education courseware, and helped build the general dissemination and distribution models for Education institutions within the UK, Europe and Asia. I observe there now exists the next ‘tipping point’ and potential leverage of education resources and student engagement.

Many Universities and Colleges are now seeking to leverage their IP, consolidate research funding opportunities, and subsequently require the appropriate delivery methodology and technology capability.


La Tribune, 2ème quotidien économique français, implémente Cleeng!


Excellente nouvelle! Moins de 5 mois après notre lancement en version Beta, La Tribune, second quotidien économique français vient de mettre de place Cleeng  sur qui compte 1,2 M de visiteurs chaque mois (Nielsen//NetRatings). La qualité et la simplicité de l’expérience utilisateur apportée par Cleeng ont été les facteurs déterminants dans le choix de la Tribune.


La Tribune, 2nd most read French financial newspaper, now implementing Cleeng!


Less than three months after our Beta launch, La Tribune, the second most popular French financial newspaper, has replaced its former pay-as-you-go payment system with Cleeng.  This is big new considering that, according to Nielsen, counts 1.2 million unique visitors per month.

The quality and simplicity of the user experience provided by Cleeng, were key factors in motivating La Tribune to choose our monetization solution.