Introducing the Cleeng “Metered Paywall” functionality


Pay per view and subscriptions were the first steps to provide you with a smart monetization solution but we can always do better, can’t we? Well, that’s what we did, ticking another box to bring you even more flexibility when monetizing your content!

You wanted to set some free access for your users to engage with them progressively? WordPress and Enterprise publishers can do it now, thanks to the new Cleeng “Metered Paywall” functionality. And the really good news, is that you define the main criterias for the set up such as:

– the number of items available for free

– the frequency: after registration or on a monthly basis

– the price threshold: only for items below xx $

All you have to do, once you have created your Cleeng publisher account, is to activate the “Free purchase set up” on your settings page, entering the various criterias, as show below:


Introducing the “Bulk Protection” tool for WordPress


We heard you! Cleeng’s first mission is to provide bloggers, journalists, video editors, software developers and more with a smart way to PROTECT and SELL their content. We make monetization simple, especially for those using WordPress.

To provide you with maximum flexibility, you could precisely select the exact section you wanted to protect within the WordPress (might be text, videos, images, downloads…) and then use the Cleeng widget to define the price, the short description, activate dates and enable the social commission for that given item.


Cleeng and Twistage partner to provide a turnkey in-video monetization solution


Content monetization is a big challenge for the online video industry and we are just scratching the surface of what it can become. With the growing demand, content owners will face bigger monetization challenges, while at the same time users will continue to seek for more convenience and better user experiences.

Proudly announcing our partnership with Twistage, featured in Streaming Media 100: The One Hundred Companies that Matter Most in Online Video.
We both,  at Cleeng and Twistage, strive to serve the online video ecosytem offering content owners the smartest way to monetize their content in a cost efficient manner. With this new release, Twistage customers can benefit from a comprehensive online video platform featuring  a universal monetization solution. It provides broadcasters with a full set of options that enable them to progressively engage with their audience as they can utilize the right business model, from pay-per-view to subscriptions while offering an unparalleled ease of use for online users. And Cleeng is best suited for community-centred platforms, like sports fan clubs, thanks to its unique social commission system.