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GigaOM Carribean sportscaster SportsMax recently sold soccer fans a $15 online-only subscription package to the World Cup thanks to Cleeng Tech5 Cleeng is # 2 making tracks with its e-commerce platform for digital content. GigaOM It’s software allows event organizers to set up a ticketing page with a few clicks. Online Video Create pay-per-view live video in minutes: one tool makes it easy Streaming Media Pay-per-view doesn't have to be complicated The Next Web "Cleeng wants to help you monetise your event’s livestream with a new self-service ticketing platform" Nieman Journalism Lab Paywalls, backed by the Times’ own technologies or offerings from the likes of Press+, TinyPass, Piano Media, and Cleeng, enable all sorts of one-time buying and sampling. Je Journal du Net Grâce à la solution de paiement Cleeng intégrée à Dailymotion, les éditeurs vont désormais pouvoir monétiser leurs contenus sur le site de diffusion vidéo. The Next Web Dailymotion advances its paid content service OpenVoD, powered by Cleeng. BFMTV Sa nouvelle carrière commence avec le soutien de Cleeng. Z24.nl De starter maakt software waarmee websites informatie in brokjes kunnen verkopen. Le Journal du Net La solution de monétisation de contenus payants Cleeng ouvre son capital à Pascal Cagni. Business Insider “The opportunity to offer a simple, straightforward, robust solution to monetize content, being videos, or live events is huge and this is exactly what Cleeng is doing, very well" Cagni said. The Next Web Cleeng has announced a €400,000 funding round led by former Apple VP and General Manager for Europe The Next Web "The process is very simple. All you have to do is to register on Cleeng Play’s page and link in to your new video account. You can then pick the video you want to put up for sale. strategies.fr CCM Benchmark Group uses Cleeng for its digital content monetization. PaidContent.org Belgian publishers are the latest to hope a joint digital news kiosk can prove profitable. Payment is powered by Dutch online content payment facilitator Cleeng. The Next Web "The best thing about the platform is the flexibility it brings to your business model". Income Diary This is a very cool plugin...it’s been proven to work.The great thing about it is that you keep 80-90% of the money and there are no hidden costs. David Wadler CEO at Twistage "Content owners have been clamoring for more flexibility around monetization and Cleeng’s solution provides just that. We are expecting it to drive significant additional revenue for content owners.” D Wadler CEO at Twistage. Accenture Accenture Innovation Awards Concept of the Week - Cleeng: The new start-up is a win-win situation for bloggers and publishers. Emerce La Tribune, na Les Echos het tweede grote financieel-economische dagblad in Frankrijk, kiest voor het Nederlandse Cleeng om online betaalde content aan te bieden. La Tribune « Cleeng est la solution idéale: globale et intégrée, nécessitant très peu de coût de développement et de ressources internes. L'intégration s'est déroulée en peu de jours grâce au professionnalisme de Cleeng.» F Léaux La Tribune. The Next Web Now Cleeng has signed up its first major client. La Tribune is France’s second largest financial newspaper. Teknologik Cleeng : une solution innovante de monétisation des contenus sur internet Paidcontent.org La Tribune is also beginning to charge for more individual bits of content, starting with opinion articles by introducing Cleeng, a payment mechanism that can require payments for smaller content fragments, including for components of articles and parts of video. Chris Johnston, director of technology partnerships at Brightcove. “Cleeng is a high-quality solution that’s also straightforward to implement by our clients and for consumers to use. It gives publishers a smart way to monetize just about any kind of content, from videos to images and text.” The next web Best B2B startup at The Next Web: Cleeng The Next Web "It’s genius-level monetization, without the headaches that normally come in tow". Killer start up "Cleeng is here to let them monetize it in a much faster (and better) way...basically it is a kind of iTunes for blogs." Emerce Onderscheidend is het loyaliteitsprogramma voor eindgebruikers. Thinq While paywalls still have a lot to prove, Cleeng certainly seems a lot less restrictive than the sort of thing Murdoch would foist upon his readers...But for value-add content, Cleeng is ideal." The Blog Herald "Can Cleeng save the newspaper industry? Bloggers take note... could help online newspapers & bloggers to generate some extra revenue without alienating their entire audience".