The Most Popular Devices for OTT Video Consumption

streaming OTT devices


Much like the way in which we as humans consume our evening entertainment, the devices on which we enjoy it on is ever-evolving. OTT video and streaming media devices are redefining it for sure. 


Client Story: How MoviePigs Merged SVOD and Social

MoviePigs SVOD solution

At Cleeng, we are very proud of our clients and their talents within our industry, which is why we thought it would only be right to share a success story or two over the coming months. In this inaugural installment of “Client Stories”, we are going to dip our toes into the world of documentary SVOD hub MoviePigs and give you a taste of what they’re all about.


Quality of Experience is the Key to Video Publishing Success

Live streaming quality of experience


As more and more people migrate to VoD and online streaming services, there have never been so many opportunities for video publishing success – but much like any popular medium, the competition is fierce.


Video Ecommerce: Comparing Cleeng vs In-house

Cleeng vs DIY - online video publis


One question that teases all publishers is how to choose a video e-commerce solution that will be most cost-effective for their business.


On-Demand Personal Training

BarreToned - fitness videos on demand

As we all know, there are so many things to learn and only so many hours in the day, week or year.

Once upon a time, to learn something without taking a formal course or obtaining suitable qualifications, you would have to spend hours scanning tree trunk sized textbooks in order to learn how to wallpaper a lounge or put together a custom made sound system – but thanks to a little something called the internet, that’s all changed.


Developments in Live Sports Streaming Drive People Online

Live sports streaming NCAA

Whether it’s 22 people on a field, trying to kick a ball into the opposition’s goal, a pair of racket wielding gazelles smashing a ball around a court or a bunch oiled behemoths body slamming one another onto a canvas mat – there is a live sport out there for everyone. In short, live sports is a pretty big deal.