What Are The Key SVOD Revenue Strategies?

Best SVOD revenue strategies

Credit: thenextweb.com

As the world of SVOD expands and evolves, so does the scope for driving revenue. Content providers and SVOD platforms must execute new revenue strategies to secure success.

In today’s world, the best way to drive long-term prosperity is by growing your subscriber numbers.


How to Attract and Retain Loyal OTT Subscribers

SVOD loyal users

The world is going OTT, cable cutting is on the rise, and for content providers, there’s never been more scope for attracting and retaining loyal subscribers.


How to Transform eSports Hype into Revenue

Final Fantasy fan fest in Frankfurt 2017

In the world of OTT and SVOD, there’s no hotter topic than eSportsWith so many developments over the past two years, and a large, engaged target audience, there are more money-making opportunities than ever before.


Blink Brings Up its Cleeng-Powered SVOD Platform in the Philippines

Blink SVOD channel, by Cleeng

Selling OTT content can be challenging, especially where traditional TV is deeply rooted in the people’s behavior and culture. However, the opportunities that online video unlocks are tremendous (fan engagement, time-shifted viewing, etc).

Here, we will talk about one of our new SVOD clients coming from the popular archipelago in the southeast of Asia, that aims to squeeze the best of the SVOD model.



Final Fantasy fan fest in Frankfurt 2017

OTTとSVODの世界の中では、eSports より熱心な話題はありません。過去2年間で非常に多くの開発が行われており、関心を持ってる大規模なターゲットオーディエンスが存在するため、かつてないほどの利益を得る機会が現れてきます。 (more…)

We Have a New VP of Sales for Live Video! [Q&A]

Salvatore Romana at Cleeng

We are ecstatic to introduce our new VP of Sales for Live Video, Salvatore Romana based in our NYC office. Coming from our OVP partner Livestream, Sal has tons of accumulated experience in the live video business. He helped build the company’s sales force in the past 6 years and he will be a strong reinforcement for us, as an ambitious and high-potential vendor.