Vimeo On-Demand: a superb integration by System Of Strength

Vimeo on-demand

Creating an attractive Video-on-demand requires much effort, but not with Cleeng & Vimeo On-demand integration! 

We’re happy to have among our Publishers many digital-savvy fitness coaches who use selling online as an important addition to their offline business. System of Strength is one of them – a shining example for a beautiful, highly functional Cleeng and Vimeo on-demand integration.  


Visalus & ViEvents: Live Pay-Per-View promotes “Life, Health, and Prosperity”

Live pay per view

 ViSalus is a company on a mission to combat the obesity epidemic. Cleeng has powered two National Success Challenge Live pay-per-view events to help ViSalus reach a global audience with their message: Life, Health and Prosperity.


Live sports pay-per-view vs Cable TV

live sports pay per view

If  you’re still in doubts about going online with your Live sports pay-per-view events, you should check the latest stats on the World Wrestling EntertainmentIt’s not ‘just’ an emerging trend anymore.

A clear shift from cable TV to direct streaming is happening NOW, accelerating many industries worldwide.

In February this year, the WWE has partially cut their cable, and satellite TV contracts to embrace the cutting-edge Internet television, and to present the WWE  fans with a cutting edge, subscription-only streaming video service.


Cleeng – one of the fastest growing tech startups in EU, says The Next Web

fastest growing startups in Europe

It’s official – we’re the Second Place Winner of the European Tech5 – prestigious competition hosted by The Next Web.


Kettlebell Pro: Michael Skogg goes global, shows how to sell workout videos online

Sell online training videos

Michael Skogg is a world-renowned kettlebell coach, educator and author who decided to sell workout videos onlines with Cleeng. Michael’s long history working with kettlebells, understanding of how the body works, and the unique workouts he has created make him a standout in kettlebell training.


Veronica Mars Kickstarter movie project – the adverse effects of DRM

Ultraviolet DRM

Rob Thomas, the brains behind the hugely successful campaign of the ‘Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter project, probably didn’t expect that choosing the Flixster/UltraViolet DRM distribution service to stream his movie online will fire back at him past Friday. 


Big launch: set up your Live streaming pay-per-view events in 2 minutes!


Live streaming pay-per-view

This is the biggest news since we founded Cleeng three years ago: today we’re launching a new, breakthrough solution. Cleeng Live! creates a tremendous and new opportunity for everyone who is ready to set up a Live streaming pay-per-view event to be broadcasted locally or worldwide!

And, good news – It’s free!


Video marketing tips: create great previews for Live and On-demand videos

preview video live ppv vod

Having a preview that will sell your Video-on-demand or Live streaming pay-per-view event is a no brainer. While setting up your pre-booking page with Cleeng, you’ll have the option to add a preview from YouTube. But don’t see it only as an option.  Preview is part of your efforts to reach your audience and convince them to attend the event. Check our video marketing tips below. 


12 social media tips & tactics for your Live streaming pay-per-view event

social media tips and tricks for live streaming pay-per-view

Why should you promote events on social media? Promoting events on social media empowers your customers to share your business with their network of friends, who are your potential customers and your untapped audience. When shared by a number of people on their networks, your brand and Live streaming pay-per-view event becomes much more recognizable and therefore credible.


7 tips for hashtag event marketing

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.21.37 AM

According to a recent analysis of Dan Zarella of Hubspot, tweets that contain one or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted than those that do not. Described by some experts as a ‘public group’ within Twitter, hashtag spread fast across other social platforms and is now populated within Facebook, Google +, Vine, Pinterest and Instagram. Check out our tips for better hashtag event marketing.