The Video Market In The New Context: Breakdown And Trends

Online vs linear TV


Given the fact that the general video market is growing, it has not taken its final shape yet. Due to the market fragmentation and major disruptions taking place, it acts as a dynamic battle-ground where every player in the value chain tries to grab its share.

In this post we’ll analyze what’s casing the major change, the key trends forming the new landscape and how providers adapt.


The Potential of eSports Events, In 5 Charts

Live event in eSports


eSports is going big! After the couple of years of consolidation, we are free to state that competitive gaming is establishing itself as a legitimate and sustainable business. We are witnessing its expansion period as eSports events are closing in to the most successful leagues in the world, in terms of popularity.


Millennials and Live Sports


Millennials and live sports viewing

Millennials have been the hearth and soul for numerous major technological disruptions. They are changing significantly how live sports is consumed by putting the quality bar high.

The millennial generation paved the way in terms of new methods of video content consumption. Born around the late 70’s to mid-80’s, millennials have played a big role in the way we use technology in today with VoD, live streaming and social media arguably the most notable changes in the way we as humans view the world. 


New Languages To Support Your Local Pay-per-View Events

New Cleeng languages - German, Polish and Portuguese

The recent white paper published by Sportel revealed that broadcasts of local Live sports events are a major boost to local industries. Such events gather truly local audiences on-site and present an occurrence which you – as a broadcaster – would certainly want to capture using live and ondemand videos.

Cleeng’s platform has always aimed to help you cash-in on the latest developments.  And our most recent launch is no different!


The Role of Streaming Media Devices In Redefining Entertainment

Streaming media devices - OTT


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the way in which we consume visual content is changing. In fact, it has changed significantly over the past decade – but in terms of the way we consume home entertainment, what elements are driving these changes? There is no short answer here; however, one thing we know has redefined the way we enjoy our video content is the role of streaming media devices in the home. (more…)

Can Forensic Watermarking Solve Live Streaming Piracy?

Forensic watermarking for live streaming piracy


What’s forensic watermarking and how can it serve to help prevent live streaming piracy? Before we get into that, ponder this….

Remember the days of DVDs.