Video Advertising Trends Signal Changes in Subscription Service Offerings

digital video advertising


From billboards to product placement and everything in between, advertising is everywhere you look – and it goes hand in hand with the wonderful world of entertainment. Online ads are no exception and recent reports signal that consumers may be more and more reluctant to see them in their video content. 


The 2016 Growth Odyssey !

Cleeng's growth odissey

The past year was one of the most dynamic years for Cleeng. It was a year marked by numerous significant business milestones, great new recruits and exciting projects. Now, we feel that we have a very talented team and a great product/market fit as two key components for rapid, sustainable growth.


What Does the Future Hold for SVOD Sports Broadcasting?

Fanseat broadcasts local sports via SVOD


In this modern world, people enjoy freedom and flexibility, rather than rigid programming schedules and big dusty television sets alone; however, while SVOD is on the rise, it still seems that there is a place for traditional TV sports broadcasters. (more…)

Is the Rise of SVOD TV Driven by Multi-Device Connectivity?

SVOD and connected devices


We’ve said it many times before, but we’ll say it again: people in today’s world are taking charge of their entertainment viewing destinies and choosing flexibly over clunky TV sets and rigid programme scheduling. Subscription video on demand services have the most significant role in changing viewing patterns.  (more…)

Do Apple Pay and Premium Video Make the Perfect Match?



Apple Pay is one of the world’s most flexible and cutting-edge payment systems. The original concept of Apple Pay was simple: to reduce the need for today’s consumer to walk around with a wallet stuffed full of cash and cards, and instead, buy goods or services with the swipe of a phone or the tap of a watch.


VOD Movies vs The Cinema

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Whether it’s a cutting-edge historical drama, a soppy rom-com or anything in between, everyone loves a feature length movie of some kind – it is one of the best forms of escapism, after all. On-demand content has been hot for a while, and movies are the main driver of its popularity.