Cleeng Play becomes responsive and adds Facebook security support

cleeng VOD

Since the first launch a year ago, Cleeng Play has been offering you the easiest way of protecting and monetizing your Brightcove and Vimeo videos.

Cloud based and easy, truly intuitive to use, Play became highly successful among our clients. We got a few thousand active users, who were able to add, set up and sell their first video within exactly…2 minutes (this is how long it takes to start earning on your talent).


Silence is Broken Foundation and online fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Patrick Gandy

Patrick Gandy is an internationally acknowledged composer, pianist, conductor, orchestrator and musical director who has worked with such great artists as Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and Dianne Reeves. But, first and foremost, he is a man on a mission. Armed with talent and hope, he decided to help break the silence about the presence of HIV/AIDS among women of color in the U.S., and especially in the African-American community. His project, ‘The Silence is Broken,’ applies some great online fundraising ideas for nonprofits to secure ongoing revenue for community-based organizations that serve people infected with HIV/AIDS. We support Patrick with our Video-on-demand paywall technology.


5 Marketing tips for a successful Live streaming pay-per-view event!

Marketing Strategy

 A while ago we powered an event for one of our clients. Video streaming was provided by one of our leading partners. Everything was running smoothly, the show was good, but the company sold only few tickets. Why? Having an affordable and seamlessly working monetization solution is just one side of the story. Technical capabilities are essential but equal to only roughly 50% of the desired success. On the flip side there’s YOU: an event organizer who needs to approach the event as a skilled marketer to make the Live streaming pay-per-view a success.


Online coupon marketing – a powerful way to boost your sales


I’m a price conscious consumer – I made digital coupons a part of my shopping habit. You can lure me with coupons because I’m likely to try out your offer before I stick to it for good. I am a typical, average customer. A customer you want to target as a Cleeng Publisher. We have a tool to manage your online coupon marketing for video-on- demand paywall & Live streaming pay-per-view. 

According to a research study conducted by Dynamic Logic new product launch campaigns get far more engagement when introducing digital coupons to users. Digital coupons are also being used by nearly 96.6 million U.S. adults and, as the researchers claim, by next year, that number will grow to 100 million. Add to that the rationale that consumers redeeming coupons are actually likely to spend more money in comparison to those who are not using coupons at all *


Live streaming tips & pitfalls to avoid

Velikom international

We’ve been working with Rudy Milkovic – the Executive Director and Founder of Velikom International for the past couple of years on a few major projects.

We’ve grown so close that he is more than just a business partner of Cleeng; we see him as an honorable member of our team. This extremely talented, experienced and visionary IT whiz is playing a tremendous supportive role for Cleeng’s business development in the US.

We sat down two weeks ago to sum up our cooperation, but also to chat about one of the trends that is continuously being picked up by the digital media world: live streamed events. He highlighted a few live streaming tips & pitfalls to avoid.

Feel free to extract some words of wisdom and advice for yourself.

Rudy Milkovic about…


Live streaming pay-per-view – a new way to engage your global audience

Live streaming pay-per-view - a new way to engage your global

We got inspired by Iddo Shai and his recent article on Reelseo that praised Live streaming pay-per-view as a new way to engage your global audiences, but to also a great working method convert them into paying customers. 

As experts in the international Live e-commerce who have been successfully protecting live events for Viaplay,  Cirque Du Soleil and TEDMED, we cannot agree more. We have seen many sudden spikes in revenue for the live events. There’s a huge, constantly growing audience to engage directly, namely, your customers who are passionate about a topic related to what you offer who often also happen to be news-starved online users looking for the most direct way to connect with you.


5 tips for a successful digital video marketing strategy

Fast Moving Targets, a Dutch platform focusing on innovation, media, communication and  technology, asked 14 acknowledged Dutch experts to share their advice on online video and the digital TV industry. Among them is Cleeng CTO – Donald Res. From the 14 insightful interviewers, Fast Moving Targets distilled 5 extremely helpful tips that you might want to use to accelerate your digital video marketing strategy:


Cleeng – how we built a successful niche business

Our company has been featured on the prestigious website Nieman Journalism Lab among B2B companies, sprouting around the world in niches to take advantage of emerging trends & opportunities of the digital economy.


Reuters Institute reveals: Who and why pays for digital news?

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism published a 2013 Digital News Report, that sheds light on the ways readers consume digital news content worldwide. The report, extremely valuable for all digital news publishers, describes in detail directions in which the entire industry is developing. 

It  shows that digital consumers now seem more willing to pay for news, and use tablets and smartphones to consume them. Also the erection of paywalls, combined subscriptions, and app-based purchases is constantly growing. The highest rates of paying for digital news are now seen in Brazil, Italy, Spain, Japan, and France & we can expect a significant jump in the percentage of users paying for digital news in the coming months.


Sell your premium content and keep 100% of revenue with Cleeng

Cleeng Since the formation of Cleeng in 2011, our product has grown tremendously – and we now have hundreds of publishers selling their content worldwide, using our packages.

Today, we are introducing a new pricing model. Our objective is to truly democratize premium content sales. Cleeng is now the first and only SaaS platform on the market to offer a Free package, with unlimited transactions (compare with the chart below).