Let’s Catch Up at Sportel America

Sportel America

Every year, SPORTEL America aims to connect the world leaders in sports broadcasting and media. Here at Cleeng, we are happy to attend it and present our solutions to the sports executives that are involved in OTT broadcasting.  (more…)

Will Mobile Video Stats Lead to the Rise of Mobile-First Video Services?

mobile-first SVOD services

Credit: Ericsson

We live in a mobile world. With the upcoming market invasion of mobile-friendly OTT solutions, let’s see if the market is ready for mobile-first OTT services.  


Live OTT and Pay TV Providers Get More Competition

Credit: TechCrunch

Credit: TechCrunch

As the cord-cutting trend accelerates, the competitive battleground changes shape significantly. New developments and new players entering the market aim to put live TV broadcasting on another level.  (more…)

The new Cleeng Portal in action: NHRA and IMG Academy cases

NHRA All Access - powered by Cleeng

We have announced the Cleeng Portal 2.0 and its features in one of our previous blog posts. Now, let’s see how it looks in a live environment, and how some of our clients are using it to sell live and replay video. Improved user experience, video categorization, previews, and articles are some of the new features in this last release.


The Live PPV Piracy Battle Just Got More Interesting

Live PPV piracy

Credit: Los Angeles Times

With great video content, comes video piracy. Let’s lay down the recent developments in the world of live streaming that added a new dimension to video piracy. 


How Cleeng Solves The SVOD Puzzle? [Video]

Cleeng SVOD services - iceberg

Going direct-to-consumer seems like the default direction for the most ambitious and high-potential media companies. But, publishers selling premium video via subscriptions can face rocky way to the top. But, put your worries aside, Sisyphus had a much harder time :).