Are Sports Broadcasters the New Kings of the OTT World?

Broadcasting live sports with OTT service


We all know the power of OTT and how important it is to today’s consumers; that’s why we provide the services we do. Of course, when you think of OTT, the first thing that springs to mind are providers like Amazon or Netflix – but there’s a new wave of companies that are focusing less on nail biting crime dramas and more on tries, teams and home runs.


Hopping on the VoD Bandwagon? Set Up a VoD Service That Works

How to set up a VOD service that works


In today’s world, social boundaries are being broken down all the time, with new platforms being built and utilised by us, the general public, all the time.


Interview: Live PPV and On-Demand Speedway Shows Ideal For Fans

Sprintcars Clayperview

We are glad to announce that Sydney Speedway is the latest publisher that teamed up with us and chose Cleeng Portal as a turnkey solution for distributing live and on-demand video. Supported by Livestream as an OVP partner and based on the Cleeng Portal, we have set up a great custom solution called Clayperview. It acts as a central hub where all live and on-demand exclusive videos are managed, together with the subscription offers.

Our community manager Monika Zameta is talking to Darren Shaddock from Sydney Speedway on why they embraced Cleeng Portal and what are their key business challenges.


How Musicians Can Benefit from PPV Live Streaming Their Concerts

live concert ppv

Whether you’re into Bach or Bieber; Ga Ga or The Grateful Dead, chances are you’ve been to at least one live concert in your life. But have you ever watched a concert via a pay-per-view (PPV) live stream?


Has Live Sports Streaming Finally Hit the Bigtime?

Yahoo NFL game

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As we recently established, live sports are more popular than ever. Unlike many other visual forms of entertainment, live sports offer adrenaline-pumping rivalries and unpredictable drama without the scripts.

When it comes to viewers, the NFL is one of the world’s most colossal sports for live streaming, with the NBA, NBL and NHL not far behind.