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Cleeng dashboard



After launching new features of the advanced dashboard couple of months ago, we were testing and learning how our Publishers use the data to provide them with improved analytics for your Video-on-demand & Live streaming pay-per-view. 


KalturaConnect13: conference live streaming received in 53 countries!

KalturaConnect13 Live streaming pay-per-view conference goes global

When Zohar Babin, Senior Director of Community at Kaltura asked us to help support the Live streaming pay-per-view for the Kaltura annual conference in a short timeframe, we looked at ourselves and thought: “Hmmm, it’s not going to be easy, but we like ambitious targets, let’s do it!” The outcome? The conference live streaming has been received in 53 countries!

Kaltura Connect is the event where seasoned digital experts and web techies meet to discuss building web video experiences that shape the digital future. Its amazing vibe and visionary atmosphere was one of the reasons we felt we had to take part.


Evolution of OTT services: challenges and opportunities

OTT services

OTT (over-the-top video) is a bold way for OTT operators to attract new subscribers according to a survey, conducted by, together with Verimatrix.

The survey has been conducted among 758 media industry executives: (38% of which are content providers, 31% are technology partners/vendors, 6% are pay-TV operators). It highlights the influences, that are making a significant impact on the pay TV industry.


Brightcove Video-On-Demand (VOD) example

Here you find below a typical example of a Brightcove video protected by Cleeng. All texts and logos are for placement only.

In this example, 2 different offers are proposed:

  1. Buy this video for $0.79
  2. Subscribe to this site

To experiment the full user flow, simply give it a try and click one of the 2 buttons.

When you are on the payment page, you can access the $0.79 video for Free by using the coupon code: all_access

Fitness industry future equals selling workout videos online

Fitness industry future: selling workout videos online

The fitness & wellness industry seems to be growing really fast. Further, it’s worth over $500 billion in sales, and – as projected – will continue growing to reach $1 trillion in the next five years*. Impressive!  An urgent question arises: how to sell workout videos online? Find the answer below. 


Cleeng Play becomes responsive and adds Facebook security support


Since the first launch a year ago, Cleeng Play has been offering you the easiest way of protecting and monetizing your Brightcove and Vimeo videos.

Cloud based and easy, truly intuitive to use, Play became highly successful among our clients. We got a few thousand active users, who were able to add, set up and sell their first video within exactly…2 minutes (this is how long it takes to start earning on your talent).


Silence is Broken Foundation and online fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Patrick Gandy

Patrick Gandy is an internationally acknowledged composer, pianist, conductor, orchestrator and musical director who has worked with such great artists as Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and Dianne Reeves. But, first and foremost, he is a man on a mission. Armed with talent and hope, he decided to help break the silence about the presence of HIV/AIDS among women of color in the U.S., and especially in the African-American community.

His project, ‘The Silence is Broken,’ applies some great online fundraising ideas for nonprofits to secure ongoing revenue for community-based organizations that serve people infected with HIV/AIDS. We support Patrick with our Video-on-demand paywall technology.


5 Marketing tips for a successful Live streaming pay-per-view event!

Marketing Strategy

 A while ago we powered an event for one of our clients. Video streaming was provided by one of our leading partners. Everything was running smoothly, the show was good, but the company sold only few tickets. Why? 

Having an affordable and seamlessly working monetization solution is just one side of the story. Technical capabilities are essential but equal to only roughly 50% of the desired success. On the flip side there’s YOU: an event organizer who needs to approach the event as a skilled marketer to make the Live streaming pay-per-view a success.


Online coupon marketing – a powerful way to boost your sales


I’m a price conscious consumer – I made digital coupons a part of my shopping habit. You can lure me with coupons because I’m likely to try out your offer before I stick to it for good. I am a typical, average customer. A customer you want to target as a Cleeng Publisher. We have a tool to manage your online coupon marketing for video-on- demand paywall & Live streaming pay-per-view.


Live streaming tips & pitfalls to avoid

Velikom international


We’ve been working with Rudy Milkovic – the Executive Director and Founder of Velikom International for the past couple of years on a few major projects.