October 14th – The rise of L-Commerce, LIVE !

As if we didn’t have enough with e-commerce, m-commerce and s-commerce. Get ready, here comes L-commerce!

What happened on October 14th? Well, two major events just made history.

  1. Felix Baumgartner jumped from 39km again, and this event was entirely live streamed on the web. The web surpassed television live viewing, with 8.2 million people connected at the same time to see him leave his tiny capsule, accelerate to almost 1200 km/h in a matter of seconds and safely reach the ground. Well done Felix!
  2. Metamoris organized one of the largest Brazilian JiuJitsu events ever created. People could either participate live at the Viejas Arena at Aztec Bowl San Diego State University  or purchase an online ticket to watch live from the comfort of their home. The comparison may sound surprising with Felix’s unbelievable achievement, yet bear in mind, Brazilian JiuJitsu is a global phenomenon.

Thanks for all contributions: Here is WordPress plugin 2.3


Dear WordPress-lovers,

You might have read our recent announcements about selling Vimeo and Brightcove videos with Cleeng Play and thought we forgot about you. But nothing could be further from the truth, as a matter of fact we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you an even more advanced version of our “Content Monetization” plugin for WordPress, the all new version 2.3.

WordPress.org has been phenomenal for us. Our 2 plugins did more than 12000 downloads, with great ratings. The publisher-community has been extremely excited about the widely-adapted Cleeng for WordPress plugin, from very large sites like VentureBeat to smaller publication like SpiritOfJefferson, we hope this release will help even more WordPress bloggers and publishers to earn higher revenues per visitor by simply offering the best e-commerce plugin for digital goods. (more…)

Vimeo users can now generate more revenue, content commerce is happening!

As reported earlier in our recent September blog post, content commerce resonates extremely well in many Vimeo user’s minds.Yesterday’s Vimeo announcement clearly adds to this notion and is a giant step into the direction of content commerce showing that the movement is indeed happening now!

Consumers are frequently buying all forms of digital publications from books, movies, shows and magazines. You, as artists, video creators and media publishers don’t want to miss the opportunity. The industry is listening and has started to change but doing ecommerce is not easy. Taking a peek at some of the comments left after yesterday’s Vimeo announcement identifies many of the challenges that publishers are facing when it comes to content monetization, specifically difficulties such as device compatibility,  inclusive of mobile and iOS devices; geographical coverage & different currencies; choice of payment methods; and even managing the user experience without leaving your site. See for yourself:


Lucky FABB Live streaming pay-per-view event powered by Cleeng

New York was definitively the capital of fashion last week… check this out: Rachel Zoe, Simon Doonan, Anna Shui, just to name a few, shared their style and career advice at the FABB conference (available also as Live streaming pay-per-view event), organized by Lucky!

The two-day conference dedicated to fashion bloggers was sold out in no time, so Lucky’s editors decided to livestream the event and let their faithful audience and other latecomers make the most of this fashion craziness …and guess what they used Cleeng to protect the access to the Live show. (Benedicte, head of marketing, loved it!)


What the Lucky team really liked, is the fact that their afficionados could buy in one-click directly on their website to be part of the show! They were thrilled by the quick set up , the possibility to use coupons – a must to create a viral effect and best of all: we took care of the customer service!










It was a true success! This iconic example demonstrates that content commerce is happening. Lucky Mag was truly innovative in his approach to market, offering a new service to the readers and the fashion lovers who always wanted to attend such a show. With Cleeng, trying new business models for digital content is so easy!

Looking forward to next fashion extravaganza !





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The first Pay Per View for Vimeo videos: Cleeng PLAY

There’s been a lot of chatter about video monetization lately and the growing video platform Vimeo – 14,2% share according to BuiltWith  is no exception: content creators using Vimeo to host and share their videos are just desperate for a flexible monetizing solution and they say it loud and clear on Vimeo forum!
But it would be easy enough to have a free and a paid part of Vimeo. Most videos would remain free but if those who need to make a living in production (such as myself) at least have the option of building ads into videos and/or charging something for access, it would only make vimeo even more of a destination for those who want the best content available online.
Up until now, that was it. Enter Cleeng Play: Vimeo video monetization made easy!

Thanks to Cleeng Play, any Vimeo Pro users, just like YOU, will now be able to:

-       charge for premium videos within minutes, directly from your web site

-       pick up the most relevant business model: pay per view, rental or subscription

-       have your audience access your videos from any device, including their iPhone, iPad, and it works for HTML5 too!

-       provide your viewer with a frictionless user experience: one-click to see your videos

-       set up some option such as: preview, price, etc…


Introducing Cleeng Pro: more customization and revenue opportunities

Our quest to serve you better is relentless. Thanks to your feedback, we continue to build the smartest and most cost effective digital content e-commerce solution. Today, we proudly announce the release of Cleeng Pro: More customization options for more customer engagement and higher conversion, better reporting so you can make smarter decisions, and better revenue share so more revenue for you !

What Cleeng Pro Brings You?
Cleeng Pro features come on top of the standard Plug & Go package, and adds many more benefits. Just take a look:

  • You keep up to 92% of what you sell. And when we say 92%, we mean 92% because this amount truly includes all payments fees.
  • You can customize customer e-mails, the login and buying screens, to strengthen consumer engagement and achieve higher conversion rates.
  • You gain access to transactional data, including name, e-mail, date and type of purchase, registration source and recurring purchasers.
  • You also benefit from more advanced daily reporting and actionable dashboards.

Take a look at our pricing comparison table – to see why Cleeng Pro is the most suitable choice for you.


Introducing Cleeng PLAY: video monetization made easy!

We are super excited to announce the launch of Cleeng PLAY for our users. Reaching the milestone of serving 2000 customers now, we have gained insights into what sells over the internet and what doesn’t. Believe it or not, videos account for over 13% of our total items sold but is a whopping 78% of our total revenue generated. While most articles are sold  between $0.5 and $2, premium videos can garner from $4.99 to $19.99, and these prices can climb even higher if the content is unique and dedicated to enthusiastic fans. 

Cleeng PLAY – the answer to all your video monetizing woes!
Based on our findings, we decided to bring video monetization to a new level and came up with Cleeng Play: the simplified video protection and purchase solution to help you grow your revenue. It works on all devices including iPhones and iPad who only support HTML5 !

Check this out: (more…)

For every market its monetization solution: Cleeng new website!

Yes, our new web site is now LIVE! Not only we wanted to improve the look and feel, but make it much clearer and practical about what we do and the key benefits we bring to you, artists, designers, publishers: we help you sell your premium content easily !

Thanks to your feedback in the past months, we know now that Cleeng helps you raise the famous ARPU (average revenue per user). Since we started, we, in average, help generate a revenue of 27€ ($33) per 1000 impressions, and 6cts ($,073) per visitor.

We realized that 3 main categories represent the biggest potential:

1- Premium videos for broadcasters: broadcasters are not necessary big TV channels. No! they are people like you: producing quality materials, from guitar lessons to cooking recipes and more. Do like Flowerschool in NYC, and start making 100s of dollars in selling your passion!

2- Live event: from one-man shows to sport events and concerts, live is hot !  Cleeng really makes it easy for you to engage with your audience and get your fans to buy your content.

Cirque du Soleil – User flow Trailer Brightcove

An amazing charity event, live from Las Vegas, streamed to a worldwide audience.

After the event, VOD functionalities enabled.


Trailer – Cirque du Soleil User Flow

An amazing charity event, live from Las Vegas, streamed to a worldwide audience.

After the event, VOD functionalities enabled.