A scalable platform for PPV events. How we do it.

Scaling for PPV events. How we do it.

Throughout the years of my career I learned that scalability of a web platform is not something that you can simply buy. Or install. Or upgrade towards. And within the last 4 years that we support live events, I begun to understand it is actually an art to do this at real scale. Scalability is something that if you want to master, you need to practice for years.

Unfortunately, our industry had to learn the complexity of ‘scalability’ the hard way. Take for example this or this organisation. I can proudly say, that Cleeng is an exception. We’ve mastered the art of proper growth! Scalability is our ever evolving “key feature”, continuously nurtured by the best people in our organisation.

What’s the main problem other companies seem to overlook? They don’t know what their (next) bottleneck is. And yet all they need to do is to notice (and imitate) a real user’s behaviour. Simple, right? Monitoring the real traffic patterns and analysing those help to understand what is causing troubles.

However from experience we know such iterations are difficult and take time. I see more and more web agencies, that get involved into pay-per-view, but lack the crucial insight into hard data. This results in a wonky DIY setup…and to obvious PPV disasters. 

Based on our experience in  PPV events and having a pretty busy API (on an average day the API is hit about 10 million times), we ‘luckily’ deal with enough data and events each week to scale our platform the right way, free from mistakes.

Our journey on scalability


Vimeo+Cleeng – more benefits than from Vimeo On-Demand

As video on-demand inevitably continues to replace DVD’s, many video creators – filmmakers, fitness specialists and stage entertainers – among countless others – look for a convenient solution to start their ecommerce journey. Without question, Vimeo On-Demand can offer them an excellent entry solution.

As their business grows, video professionals continue to look for solutions that can accelerate their success, by offering more flexibility, global reach and specialization. This blogpost aims to provide an up-close presentation, first of the benefits offered by Vimeo On-Demand and then how those benefits compare with those of Cleeng Play.

Vimeo On-Demand debuted almost two years ago as an open self-distribution service available to Vimeo PRO members. The idea behind it was simple – allow Vimeo users to sell their videos online. It was really exciting to see that the  monetization trend we initiated for vimeo videos two years before Vimeo on-demand launched was picking up steam. In the spirit of healthy competition, we’ve been tirelessly innovating our video on-demand solution, and our efforts were finally rewarded with the crowning launch of a new Cleeng Play in December of last year

Now we’d like to present our in-depth and side-by-side comparison of the benefits offered by Vimeo+Cleeng Play versus Vimeo on-demand. First and foremost – the transactional view of both services:


Introducing 7 new currencies to support your global expansion

Online international payment gateway


Ability to define your pricing in more local currencies is essential to your business development: according to Kris Green, the Chief Strategy Officer of Borderfree, U.S. retailers are seeing 20-30% of their website traffic coming from non-U.S. IP addresses.

We recently added more currencies to our platform to benefit our clients in two ways:

  1. If you are in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, or Norway, you can now sell more efficiently on your domestic market, with rounded pricing and transactions happening in CAD, AUD, NZD, ZAR, DKK, XOF, and NOK respectively.
  2. If – for example – you are based in the US and you’re selling worldwide, your customers (in more countries) can buy your videos in their local currency. This increases conversion rates and reduces refunds.

Although global expansion presents obvious gains, it also brings many challenges, and often ecommerce platform don’t truly deliver a localized experience. This is especially true for online payments. Your customers expect (and appreciate) the comfort of a simplified checkout process, that allows them to purchase in their own currency – currency their prefer and trust the most.


2014 was a milestone year for Cleeng

If we had to sum up 2014 in one sentence it would be: What a difference a year can make! It was a truly amazing year for the Cleeng team – we have a lot to celebrate! On the wave of successes of 2013 we seized the momentum to adroitly pivot our startup entirely into the OTT space.

We took a big leap into establishing our strategic position as the Live pay-per-view and On-demand leader. It required a lot of hard work and deep analytical thinking, but most of all – a lot courage and trust that the vision we all believed in was the right direction.

When we first launched our Cleeng Live solution back in February 2014 we didn’t expect it will resonate that quickly with the biggest sport broadcasters, entertainers and celebrities out there. In just a couple of weeks we were already powering hundreds of conferences, sport games and concerts, becoming the most popular, go-to global e-commerce platform.

Here’s our 2014, zipped to those achievements we’re particularly proud of 

(click on slides to find out more)



And last but not least we’ve been working with amazing existing and new Cleeng Publishers

There are 7000 of you spread all around the globe, using Cleeng to connect with your amazing audiences.

Thank you for your trust and for sticking with us! We wouldn’t be here without you!

We plan to dare, drive and deliver even more awesomeness  for you, around Pay-per-view and On-demand,

so stay tuned and see you in 2015! 

All the best  from the Cleeng team!

Happy New Year 2015



New VAT 2015 regulation in Europe – all you need to know

Stacks of coins with the letters VAT isolated on white background

Wondering about the VAT changes that will come into life on Jan 1st 2015? These massive changes affect you if you are selling  ‘digital services’ to consumers in EU countries  – videos included! The good news: Cleeng is committed to meet the changing financial and legal requirements to ensure you are benefiting from a smooth and 100% compliant buying and selling experience.


The new Cleeng Play: the most efficient way to sell video on-demand (VOD)

Video-On-Demand has finally come of age, and it is consequently reshaping the ways people select and utilize videos. US consumers now watch close to 9 hours of VOD content per month

When we first introduced Cleeng Play (our universal solution to  help you sell video on-demand) in 2012, this trend was just emerging, and we were in right place at the right time to seize this amazing opportunity.  We coupled that with our fierce ambition to shape the future of the VOD industry.

As the end of 2014 has drawn nearer, we have been reflecting on the fact that we actually have a lot to be proud of! The benefits of Cleeng Play have resulted not only in many exciting deals worldwide and the rapid growth of such brands like Epicurious or Barrecore, but it also has brought along many new e-commerce platforms that have tried to copy our solution.  

A wise person once said in the early 19th century that, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” and we certainly agree.

To stay ahead the curve, though, we put our hearts, minds and souls into pivoting our company solely into the OTT market. After a tremendously successful launch of Cleeng Live! for pay-per-view earlier this year, we proceeded at full speed toward redesigning Cleeng Play from the ground up, taking into account our clients feedback and the most recent market evolutions in mobile, streaming, security and global access.

So here it is – the all new and shiny Cleeng Play!

Our first tests show that it increases the perceived quality of the video offers and brings even higher conversion rates, along with higher price points. Below you’ll find a quick overview of all of the features the new Cleeng Play has in store for you: