What Meerkat’s success says about the future of live PPV?

The Meerkat app took off at SWSX last week to prove that live video is the easiest and most direct way of engaging with audiences online. Although Meerkat has so far been used primarily for streaming free/personal events, it offers a peek into the future of live pay-per-view.


4 foolproof tactics for selling sports pay-per-view

The sports industry is suddenly facing a tipping point. Gate sales are dropping and the fans are embracing sports content on-the-go. And if that’s not enough, the sport broadcasters are racing to catch up quickly with all of the leading-edge mobile ways that sports videos are being consumed.

Take, for example, the Big Game. Cord cutters took a monstrous chunk out of the TV ratings. According to NBC, a peak of 1.3 million people streamed the broadcast concurrently. That set a record for any championship game….ever!

Sports giants such as One Championship (the largest MMA organization in Asia) and FIFA are now using live broadcasts to grow their global audiences exponentially. Pay-per-view is also becoming a vessel for a number of smaller leagues that have discovered that they are able to skyrocket their revenues through their niche offerings.

As sports video and broadcasting continue to blaze the trail, it’s vital to know how to harvest the potential. So how can you drive bigger sales from your online games?

Here are 4 fool-proof tactics currently being used by our top-tier sports clients to accelerate their own revenues:


Brit Awards 2015: the music industry is ready for pay-per-view!


Last month’s Brit Awards 2015 live stream to viewers on YouTube proves that live streaming shows fresh potential for the very same music industry that got a bit stuck in the subscription model. It’s an obvious sign that the biggest players in the music world – who are always searching for faster ways to gather bigger revenues – are finally ready to embrace live streaming.

The music industry has been changing with near-lightning speed. Within just a few short years, we’ve been watching the format consumption shift from physical CDs to digital. Nowadays, it’s all about access – and not ownership – and the current music industry mix consists mainly of streaming and subscription services. Companies such as Spotify, Rdio, Amazon Music and Beats are the key players to capitalize on this trend, while more and more consumers are opting for on-demand audio streams instead of downloads and CDs.


Why ONE Championship™ – Asia’s MMA giant – goes pay-per-view?

sports pay-per-view

Martial arts organizations all around the world could take a leaf of ONE Championship™, that is ambitiously progressing into digital space. Asia’s largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organisation is embracing LIVE sports pay-per-view to further introduce best Asian fighters to the rest of the world. MMA fans can count on a seamless, extremely exciting TV-like viewing experience online during the upcoming championships.

Thanks to a Brightcove’s integration with Cleeng ONE Championship™ leverages the pay-per-view potential to delight their audiences on a global level. I sat down with Jason Lim, Director of Online Media & Publications at ONE Championship™ for a short interview to ask about their successes and a fast progress into the OTT space.


Why is NBC’s comedy SVOD service bound for success?

NBC comedy SVOD

The hot news about the launch by NBC of a comedy on-demand channel doesn’t actually come as a surprise. With HBO and CBS at the forefront of the digital distribution of premium videos, it appears that NBC is approaching the OTT market slightly differently: genre-focused.

After releasing Radius, a fitnessfocused subscription service, NBC are now heading at full speed into comedy. They’ve been testing other types of programming as well, such as horror, religion and family. According to The Wall Street Journal, the broadcaster will monetize online two of its shows (and at the same time, their two biggest assets): Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show.

NBC’s subscription will be fueled by original shows produced for the service, featuring stars like Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon.

Exactly why does the NBC SVOD service promise to be successfulWe believe that it’s for 3 main reasons:

  • Precise target:  They address the cordcutting millennials, or, as Ooyala calls them – ‘Cord Nevers’, or, in other words, those who shift towards viewing content via digital streaming and who are never going to sign up for pay TV packages. Furthermore, next to sports, comedy is the top genre watched regularly by Millennials (74% vs. 70% for Gen Xers, and 68% for Boomers). Millennials are most likely to enjoy comedy shows through streamed sources. The need is there ready to be monetized and it’s obvious that NBC haven’t been sitting idly on their hands and watching.
  • Affordable: NBC will charge $2.50 to $3.50 per month for the service, while offering great support for yet another form of consuming behavior: binge watching.
  • ExclusivityOriginal programming promises unique content – much more than simple snippets of an already-shown TV show to be found on Youtube. 

Hopefully, NBC will make their bold release with lightning speed so they can quickly build and maintain their own momentum within the thickening competition in the OTT market. They will need a good, frictionless solution, to easily sell to everyone and everywhere. At those price points, KISS principle would make the most sense.

Claim your OTT space: let’s meet at Sportel America!

Sports and pay-per-view is a match made in a cord-cutting heaven. According to former News Corp boss and Chernin Group CEO, Peter Chernin “there is more money to be made by distributing sports events online than through traditional broadcast deals“. 

How to seize this low hanging fruit? Meet us at SPORTEL America convention, 17-19 March 2015 to find out more about the easiest way of harnessing the potential of your online audiences.

Following up on our successful pitch during the Sportel Monaco last year and the recent opening of our US office, we’re coming to the Sportel America for the first time. We want to share with you OTT success stories of our biggest clients: among them many sport organizations such as: FIFA, Sportsmax, ONE FC, WFTDA, British Basketball League and SpeedSport TV.

Together with our long-time partner Brightcove, the pioneering force in the world of online video, we’ll get your hands on the most innovative cloud-based solutions for delivering and monetizing premium video experiences for both live, and on-demand videos.

Wondering how to combine high-quality streaming video with sophisticated monetization options and still maintain a winning user experience? Brightcove and Cleeng have heard this question and have teamed up at Sportel America to provide some answers to:

  • Selling Pay-Per-View Live games, On-Demand replays or subscription-based Season Passes;
  • Delivering fast pre-booking, 1-click purchase and a seamless viewing experiences across any device;
  • Setting up a Netflix-like subscription channel to get the most out of your digital assets;
  • Protecting your broadcasts from online piracy threats, using the revolutionary Cleeng Tattoo watermarking technology;
  • Expansion beyond US to new territories with 150 payment methods;
  • & more!


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