Ustream recommends Cleeng pay-per-view, after shutting down own solution.

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When Ustream decided to shut down their in-house pay-per-view services this summer, they were intensively looking for a replacement that could fit into their disruptive growth strategy. Not an easy task: currently this trusted platform powers more than 2 million live streams per month, and some of the biggest live ppv on the planet! We were really excited to hear that the Cleeng pay-per-view solution was chosen for all Ustream broadcasters.

Some of the Ustream clients have already been selling their amazing pay-per-view events with Cleeng in the past months: Canadian Open Fastpitch Womens International Championships 2014, LA Podcast Festival,  Broadway Live: Unplugged concerts, or the Alexa Moffett’s Dance Masterclass.


7 secrets of entrepreneurship to celebrate our new website!


Nearly 4 years ago, when we first introduced Cleeng to the community who were monetizing online content, we wanted to become the “iTunes for everyone,” combining the e-commerce functionalities of iTunes, while making it extremely easy for any publisher to sell music, downloads, newspapers or videos.

Our passion for e-commerce led us to build a robust platform, able to tackle the massive complexities associated with selling efficiently the digital content on a global basis: from taking orders to managing access, security, reporting, customer service and more.

In 4 years, we’ve gathered a lot of data and momentum. Here’s a brief summary, just to give you some perspective:


5 reasons why SVOD has come-of-age


 Cord-cutting is slowly gaining the well-deserved status of a revolution. According to Experian Marketing Services, “approximately 7.6 million U.S. homes in 2014 (up from 5.1 million homes in 2010)  – or a total of 100 million cable subscribers – left the cable bundles behind”. It’s difficult to disagree with Mashable when they sum up this exodus by noting that the cord cutters “just had their best week ever”. 


Fabuloso! Cleeng goes Spanish – sell now also to your Spanish speaking fans!

Spanish is the most popular second language, spoken by millions of native speakers worldwide. More and more talented Publishers, living and creating great video content in Spanish, choose Cleeng. This is why we decided it’s highest time Cleeng goes Spanish for their customers! Fantastico!

The translation is based on a customer’s browser – if their browser works by default in Spanish language, they will see all purchase screens and also all emails we send out (such as receipt, subscription cancellation; credit card update reminder and more) in Spanish.


Español es el segundo idioma más popular, hablada por millones de hablantes nativos de todo el mundo.

Más y más talentosos editores, viviendo y con la creación de un gran contenido de vídeo en español, elige Cleeng. Es por eso que decidimos que Cleeng en su momento más alto es ahora en español para sus clientes! Fantastico!

La traducción se basa en el navegador de un cliente – si su navegador funciona de forma predeterminada en idioma español, verán todas las pantallas de compra y también todos los correos electrónicos que enviamos (como la recepción, la cancelación de suscripción, la tarjeta de crédito al día de recordatorio y más) en español.¨





Launch: mobile payments now also in Turkey thanks to Cleeng!

mobile payments For all of you who want to tap into the 35M internet user base in Turkey – we’ve just introduced mobile payments for online content! We’re pioneers in every sense of the word, as no other SaaS brand has done that in Turkey before us.


Celebrity pay-per-view: learn the secret!

 The potential that pay-per-view has to offer? Limitless. (And in this case, there’s absolutely nothing tongue-in-cheek about it!) Major broadcasting agencies and talented individuals already recognize that potential. We at Cleeng have helped them to transform this potential into a highly profitable benefit through our Cleeng Live! pay-per-view formula.