Launch: everything Publishers need to know about their subscribers.


Are you familiar with the Agile development approach?  It gives an opportunity to continuously evaluate the direction of a project throughout the entire development lifecycle.  Iterations and customer feedback built its foundation, which means that the inevitability of changing needs & requirements is also taken into account.

At the end of the sequence of iterations (called also ‘sprints’) the development team must come up with a deliverable product / feature. Working in short cycles is truly fruitful & leaves enough time to quickly navigate the project in another direction. This way developers can avoid boosting too many hours into a product that their customers might not want.

At Cleeng, we embrace the #Agile paradigm with love. 


‘This vs. That’ unlocks the power of online indie film distribution

This vs That show, Jon Hotchkiss

Two weeks ago, at our Amsterdam headquarters, we were chatting about how many amazing, creative and inspiring people use Cleeng solution to sell their talent. We had no doubts this was the right moment to present them to our audience. The following blogpost is initiating a series of in-depth interviews, showing Cleeng customers’ output & giving you a sneak peak behind-the-scenes on their business in the making.

Cleeng presents: Jon Hotchkiss & This vs. That


TEDMED 2013 – chose Cleeng – leader among the conference streaming solutions

Jay Walker, TEDMED

 Let me begin with an excess of exclamations: TEDMED 2013 was amazing!!! 1,800 multidisciplinary leaders, 65 speakers & performers, 2,700+ TEDMED live locations brought to a tremendous success of this year’s edition. Hashtag #tedmed is still active for comments and discussions on Twitter. I guess we all are ‘suffering’ from a little ‘TED ache’ (term coined by Pritpal S Tamber, TEDMED’s Clinical Editor). Our heads almost hurt with so many great insights. We’re happy that TEDMED chose Cleeng – a leader among the conference streaming solutions.


We won 2013 Red Herring Top 100 Europe award!

Alex-Vieux, Gillles_Domartini

This month brought us a tremendous success – Cleeng was announced to a winner of the Red Herring’s Top 100 award. 

We’re incredibly happy that the Red Herring editors – the same who recognized companies such as Facebook, Twitter or Google to change the way we live and work – identified Cleeng as one of the 100 most promising new companies in Europe.


Cleeng – finalist of the prestigious Red Herring’s Top 100 Europe Award

Red herring award
Cleeng has been selected for the prestigious
Red Herring’s Top 100 Europe Award as a finalist in the ‘Internet/online’ category.


Launch: the all new Dashboard for Cleeng Pro Publishers

Cleeng Dashboard

After weeks of very hard work and lots of discussions we’re thrilled to share with you the news: we’re launching the entirely new Dashboard for Pro Publishers – rethought, reshaped and redesigned from the bottom up!  


Cirque Du Soleil charity event: online fundraising event management made easy

Charity show by Cirque Du Soleil: live streaming pay-per-view success

How can we use new techniques to promote a charitable cause? What is the secret of successful online fundraising event management? How can we highlight a matter of global importance? How will this leave a lasting message in the mind of every single viewer? Thanks to a Live streaming pay-per-view event that goes global!


Cleeng strikes it big with Dailymotion deal!

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 3.59.07 PM
It’s not often that small-time firms are recognised by major players in their industry but Cleeng has done just that following a 6 month partnership with video hosting site Dailymotion (114M Unique Visitors, 15 different languages, 33 localised versions, and 29th most visited website in the world according to Comscore).

The Next Web reported the news this morning: Dailymotion‘s partners can now sell their content via OpenVoD, the video platform announced today. The paid service is powered by content monetization startup Cleeng, and lets online viewers buy TV episodes and live shows in a few clicks”.


Wishing you a happy e-commerce year!

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 10.42.13 AM

Here’s to a Happy New Year! Wishing you success with all your content commerce strategies in 2013!


Mobile Black Belt trainings: talent behind the Video-on-demand paywall

Mobile Black Belt

A few months after their successful Live streaming pay-per-view event - powered by Cleeng, that gathered 1000+ of Jiu-Jiutsu fans from all around the world to view some of the world’s elite fighters, Mobile Black Belt just released premium videos available On Demand . Behind the Video-on-demand paywall you will find 8 HD online courses videos will let their aficionados improve their Jiu-Jitsu techniques weeks after weeks.