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Cleeng empowers you – the talented content owners, broadcasters and publishers – to fully embrace the potential of live video!

Whether you’re a major sports team owner, a conference organizer, a musician, a spiritual leader, or a fitness guru, Cleeng Live! will help you connect with your audience, all around the world!

Since our founding in 2011, we’ve have been helping global brands such as: FIFA 2014, The British Basketball League, One Championship, TedMed, Nordic Business Forum, and Cirque Du Soleil to monetize their live­streamed videos.

Our mission is to help you bring your community together through live experiences and provide the tools to deliver the magic.


We’re a close­knit team of experts from the e­commerce and media fields who have many years of experience working at successful corporations including Apple and Philips.

Behind the scenes, our multi­talented, hardworking extroverts and tech whizzes are passionately dedicated to our clients’ success worldwide.

Gilles Domartini

CEO & Co-Founder

Benedicte Guichard

Head of Marketing
& Co-Founder

Donald Res

CTO & Co-Founder

Luke Carriere

Head of Business Development, U.S.

Chrysann Sutton

Regional Sales Director

Agnieszka Amborska

Senior Project Manager

Rekha Aramuthu

Strategic Account Manager

Matthew Musumeci

Customer Support & Community Manager

Stijn Derksen

Product Marketing

Mateusz Tymek

Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Jakub Buszynski

Senior Front end Developer

Krzysztof Wiercioch

Associate Developer

Jarek Romaniuk

Backend Developer

Andrew Pluszka

OVP Specialist

Tomasz Szadkowski

Professional Services

Dawid Kruszyński

Finance Senior Manager

Maciej Billewicz

PHP / Associate Developer

Dimitar Serafimov

Demand Generation Manager

Agata Panienska

Office Manager


Gilles has 15 years of experience setting-up and managing Global eBusiness Organizations at Philips, Apple Europe, and Packard Bell. He’s an expert in building fast growing, flexible, innovative, and highly successful teams. Gilles is a respected leader and digital strategies advisor with an extensive contact network in Europe, UK, and USA.

Benedicte Guichard – Head of Marketing & Co-Founder

Benedicte has a 17 year record of effective B2B and B2C Brand Management at a strategic level for Essilor International, NEC, and Packard Bell. She’s a passionate marketer with a strong reputation for successfully coordinating global through-the-line communication projects.

Donald Res – CTO & Co-Founder

Donald has 10 years of experience managing global online and eCommerce projects, driving web development teams, and roadmaps. He led Philips online platforms developments, coordinating the work of 60+ developers. Donald has an MSc degree in Engineering, and just completed an Ironman.

Mateusz Tymek – Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Mateusz compiled his first lines of code at the age of 12. He later focused entirely on web programming to become a seasoned PHP guru. Mateusz is a recognized publisher of PHP articles in the developers’ community. He has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, and takes an active interest in military aircrafts.

Dawid Kruszyński ­ Finance Senior Manager

Dawid has 6 years of financial experience acquired in the small and global enterprises. He graduated studies with a master’s degree in Finance and Accounting. During the first years of studies he started his first finance job. Follower of efficient workstyle and skills develop. Dawid loves great food and produce music in his free time.

Luke Carriere ­ Head of Business Development, U.S.

Luke developed his first website in 1998. He's an expert in business model generation, lean startup methodologies, and customer development with an MBA in Management, and a BA in English. In his free time he mentors for nonprofits that educate entrepreneurs: 3 Day Startup and Defy Ventures. He enjoys competing in sprint triathlons.

Matthew Musumeci – Customer Support & Community Manager

Matt has been working in E-Commerce industry for the last three and a half years as a support manager and logistics analyst. He's also a foodie with a travel bug!

Tomasz Szadkowski – Professional Services

Tomek started his first company at the age of 21. After a couple of years of web/mobile development for startups, he joined Cleeng to became an important part of the in-house tech team. Tomek loves all types of sport activities, especially basketball and skydiving. He’s also a foodie!

Krzysztof Wiercioch – Associate Developer

Krzysztof is a Genuine Zend PHP guru. He studied Economics and Computer Science with a specialization in databases. Krzysztof is always up for a coding challenge. He loves solving problems quickly, efficiently, and creatively. Krzysztof is a passionate web application developer who enjoys soccer, tennis, and good music.

Andrew Pluszka ­ OVP Specialist

Andrew has been fascinated by computers since young age. Programming has shown him an opportunity to create something out of nothing. Andrew graduated in Computer Science. He loves challenges and seeks new hobbies all the time. Apart from programming (which sometimes he does even after work) he is also passionate about cycling, photography and amateur shooting sports.

Jarek Romaniuk ­ (Backend) Developer

Jarek has 6 year of experience in IT. Mathematician by trade, programmer by passion. His best friend is debugger and profiler. He finds joy in improving, fixing and speeding up. Jarek keeps both feet on the ground until he gets on his motorbike, then he has his head in the clouds.

Chrysann Sutton - Regional Sales Director EMEA

A global B2B expert in business development, Chrysann's work with telecom and tech startups optimizes sales strategies to accelerate revenue. She has an M.A. in international relations and a passion for dark chocolate and traveling.

Stijn Derksen - Product Marketing

As a fresh graduate in International Business and Management bachelor studies, Stijn is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and sales enablement of Cleeng’s solutions. Stijn has lived both in Atlanta and Madrid, where he gained international experience. Besides his interest in different cultures, he has a great passion for music.

Maciej Billewicz
PHP / Associate Developer

Maciej has found his way of life in programming. For him developing is just simplify problems and makes them beneficial. Trying to positive thinking everyday. Passionate about DIY philosophy.

Agata Panienska
Office Manager

Agata graduated last year in Dietetics but she decided it will be more challenging to take care of the ever hungry colleagues at the Poznań Cleeng office. Besides this time consuming task she also manages to support HR and accounting processes. She’s a sport enthusiast and her latest discovery is pole dance.

Dimitar Serafimov
Demand Generation Manager

State-of-art marketing concepts explorer, that loves numbers and data. In one sentence: "Perfectionist in research & analysis, goal-focused & aggressive "outreacher" who grows faster in a creative knowledge-based company". Coming from the sunny Macedonia. Loving Belgium beers, biking, sports and Manchester United. Missing the mountains only.

Jiai Mao
Sale Operation Manager

Jiaqi enjoys driving changes. At Cleeng, Jiaqi helps the sales team to be more focused: He discovers sales insights, coordinates sales planning and creates internal products to improve sales performance together with IT, Marketing and Customer Service. He is a big basketball fan and he likes reading.

Rekha Aramuthu
Strategic Account Manager

Rekha is a former athlete and is passionate about developing the sports industry. Her passion for sports brought her to the US where she graduated with a Master’s in Sports Management. At Cleeng, she works on developing, advising and growing the strategic accounts.

Agnieszka Amborska
Senior Project Manager

Agnieszka, inspired by her first leader, became a Project Manager. That role gave her opportunity to meet people from the whole word and taught her how to find the best solutions. She believes that Team is the biggest value of every single project. At her free time Agnieszka enjoys sports: road cycling, swimming and crossfit and cooking. Both things which give her energy for every day.

Jakub Buszynski
Senior Front end Developer

Jake started his voyage in front-end since 2006 and become expert in creating and maintaining good looking solutions. At Cleeng Jake take care of entire front end ecosystem, from styling, interaction, data population to full optimisation for speed and very good UX.