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Cleeng helps generate more revenue per visitor by offering the
most advanced e-commerce experience to Internet users.

Cleeng features

What is Cleeng?

A full-scale SaaS platform to sell your premium videos, e-books, Live events, newspaper. There is no software to download, just choose a plan and start selling within seconds.

Who is it for?

We help media & entertainment content publishers and also talented individuals. Sell and keep more revenue per user through Cleeng's different packages.

Why you'll love it?

Cleeng is the most advanced and trusted content monetization solution that is affordable, secure and is easy to set up with Vimeo, Brightcove, Livestream and similar platforms.

Sell your way
How to sell on Cleeng platform

Registration wall

Activate new sponsorship opportunities and capture your viewers details to give them access to your secured content.

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A straightforward way to sell content. Get an optimized user flow and increase your conversion rates, especially for Live events.

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Subscriptions & Memberships

Build and ongoing relationship with your audience & maximize the revenue per user. Choose from metered paywall, site-wide or topic-based subscription options.

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Many ways to Grow your Audience
How to grow audience

Social at every step

More buzz, more sales. Sell directly through social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Maximize social sharing & virality. Let your users receive commissions and discounts by sharing through social media.

Coupons, bundles, charities

Accelerate your sales with vanity coupons, promo codes, bundles or passes. Running a non-profit site? We'll manage different price thresholds & charity receipts for you.

HTML5-based & multi-device

Cleeng works on tablets, smartphones, computers and TVs so your users can purchase and watch videos and live events anywhere and anytime.

Maximized User Experience
Experienced user of Cleeng platform

In-page integration

Leverage the power of your brand and sell directly from your website, Facebook or affiliates pages.

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Single Sign On

Your users access content from all devices, using Facebook, Google or your site ID. There is no fuss with registration or sign-ups even when pre-booking live events.

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Dynamic global payments

More than 150 payment methods including eWallet to let all users pay using their favorite one whatever the price points. Multi currencies and rounded prices supporting the needs of your target audience.

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Focus on Creating Content, we take care of the rest
Focus on creating content

Advanced Business Analytics

Easily monitor KPI's & analyze your conversion funnel from your dashboard. Compare campaigns you've been running, track subscribers, download and receive activity reports through e-mail. Or retrieve all data using our API.

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Quality customer support

To maximize your profits, we take care of your entire customer support and make sure that we aptly solve your customers' queries.

One stop financial solution

We ensure payment processing, fraud management, user invoicing, refunds and claims, as well as revenue reconciliation and payout. Focus on your content, we'll get the money on your account.

Ready for Big Scale Initiatives
Big Scale Initiatives


We give you a wide choice of co-branding options to customize the integration and set your branding on purchase screens & 75 different email templates. Do you need your own payment gateway or a full white-label option? We'll tailor it for your needs.

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Two-level reporting

If you have a large organization or a large network of associates, we can handle all processes at 2 levels: you get a consolidated view, your associates get their own view and support both with full flexibility.

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Flexible API

Explore our flexible API documentation & let your developers create deep integration into all the powerful monetization features of Cleeng.

Cleeng API
Get Started!
Let's start

Activate Cleeng

Open a Cleeng publisher account in just a few clicks

Get your site ready

You decide about your design and content. Add videos, add pictures, create membership sections in the existing CMS or online video platform.

Create an offer

Do it through our featured pre-wrappers for Brightcove, Vimeo, Wistia or insert Cleeng's API into your page for maximum flexibility.

Start selling!

That's it. Your content is secured. Monitor your sales actively and track your buyers within the Publisher Dashboard.

Got it? Create a publisher account