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Subscription video-on-demand

Set up your channel and manage your subscribers easily

Manage your subscribers

  • Use pre-built reports to manage your new subscribers and reduce churn
  • Check reports online or via API
  • Control subscription activation on a weekly. monthly or yearly basis
  • Easily integrate your existing subscriber base
Manage your subscribers

Generate efficient
promotional activities

  • Activate coupons per subscription type: weekly, monthly or yearly
  • Record the payment method upfront during the trial period
  • Generate a unique campaign per subscriber or per activity ( E.g. Sale2014)
  • Track precise activation for each user transaction
  • Offer specific discount incentives to a targeted audience

The flexibility you need

  • Use Cleeng API to maximize integration flexibility
  • Automate Single Sign-On, Use social logins.
  • Define templates that match your corporate branding
  • Integrate your own payment gateway
  • Manage refunds and customer inquiries easily

Works with any online video platform

and many more...

Brands that trust us

Clear scalable pricing

Cleeng flexible SaaS solution, offering incredible benefits.

You can either
or use
Cleeng Enterprise License with unlimited subscribers.

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