Cleeng Tattoo

Protect your live stream with a powerful watermarking solution

Cleeng Tattoo Lite

Tattoo Lite brings a robust level of security at player level. It creates visible watermark to discourage fraud or screen grabbing, and doesn’t require stream rerouting from the content delivery network (CDN).
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Visible Watermark
Visible watermark to prevent screen grabbing
Fast implementation
No CDN rerouting or video validation needed for a fast implementation
Configuration on the player side to maximize scalability
Instant detection
Instant watermark detection to discourage fraudulent activities

Cleeng Tattoo

Tattoo is used for safeguarding sensitive content that requires a higher level of security. Its invisible forensic video watermarking technology contains rich viewer information.
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Invisible watermark
Invisible watermark linked with personal user details to optimize security level
No lag
Live lag eliminated to avoid any streaming delay
High protection
Watermark remains detectable even after manipulation of the stream to deepen protection
Compatible with every device and operating system to broadcast globally

Compare Tattoo & Tattoo Lite

Speed of deployment
Detection time (scan and trace)
Detection types
InvisibleServer-side (Stream encryption)Server levelFew weeksAll2-3 minutesAll
VisibleClient-side (Browser level)Player levelCouple of daysNot on IOS/Roku/ChromecastInstant detectionScreen grabbing