Drupal module to sell digital content

Sell articles, images or any other digital goods directly from your Drupal site

EXCLUSIVE: The only Drupal module that smartly combines pay-per-item with subscriptions while keeping your advertisement $.

With the free Cleeng for Drupal module you can sell your digital content (articles, images, graphs, etc) with high ARPU and great ease-of-use. With this module you can offer pay-per-item, daily access and full subscription on your website within minutes. Fully secured, including +55 payment methods.

Unleash your creativity, and Cleeng takes care of everything else! You get paid monthly via Paypal or wire transfer. Completely free to try, learn and adapt. Currently the Drupal module is in Beta release.

Be an early adapter of the Cleeng Drupal Module

The module is ready to be used, though there still might be some issues here and there with different configurations. Though we encourage you to use it in order to make it completely robust… and hopefully you don’t mind reporting any glitches to us when you encounter them.

Contact Cleeng

Installation notes

The Drupal module is only available as Beta 0.9 version. If you want to try it out you can contact us and we’ll give you detailed instructions on how to install it. We are eager to get your feedback!

Some additional information already:

  • Current module is made for Drupal version 6.xx
  • To use Cleeng, you need to have the jQuery UI module installed: http://drupal.org/project/jquery_ui
  • The Cleeng Drupal module currently supports basic HTML editors: CKeditor, FCKeditor and TinyMCE.

How will it work & look?

You can edit your pages like you are used to. However on your edit pages there is an additional Cleeng section. Make sure you have a Publisher account with Cleeng (upgrade if you haven’t done yet) and after you are logged on, you can select the content you want to protect, click “Protect section with Cleeng” and fill in the price and description.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks to protect your content with Drupal.

Drupal-editor with Cleeng

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