PayPal Digital Goods for WordPress

Make money with your blog or website on WordPress

PayPal Digital Goods for WordPress - pluginPayPal Digital Goods powered by Cleeng makes one-click content monetization in WordPress extremely easy. This plugin is for everybody who wish to sell easily quality digital content: articles, photos, apps, videos or any other digital goods. Users can purchase using PayPal Digital Goods, and leverage Cleeng’s frictionless user experience – pay with one click and access content instantly.

Benefits at a glance.

Amazing benefits for anyone selling digital good or content publishers:

  • Turn-key solution – install and ready to charge for your digital goods in minutes;
  • Fully integrated with PayPal digital wallet, so you access 95 million users worldwide.
  • Free to use, you keep up to 90%, and Cleeng pays for everything else: payment fees, user support, commission platform !
  • Earn extra money, incremental to advertisements, subscriptions and/or affiliates with unique in-page monetization technology;
  • Charge anything in between 0.49 to 19.99 USD (or EUR). Decide per item on what it is worth and adjust when needed;
  • Clear overview of your sales, conversions and other statistics on;
  • A smart social commission program to have your content promoted by others.

As a user, also unique benefits that help increase conversion:

  • A truly frictionless experience to purchase and access digital content instantly. (Just try by yourselves;
  • Your content is accessible from any device, whenever you want through your personal library on
  • Unique share & earn mechanism, that creates a win-win experience between users and publishers.

How it works exactly?

When editing a page or a post, the editor can simply select the part of the page that should be paid for. With one click a secure “layer” is created that protects the content for the visitors. The editor has to define some settings like the price and a description on what is behind the layer. Visitors coming to the web-page will still be able to read and view the page normally, however the selected part of the page is protected. However the visitors can instantly access this part by paying via PayPal Digital Goods.

Watch this short video to see how insanely easy to setup your content in the WordPress editor:

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Note: this plugin can be used with the open source solution, and is not made available with the commercial hosted solution.