Asia Pacific’s OTT Landscape is Heating Up

OTT services in APAC


Forecasts say that revenues from pay-TV and OTT video in the Asia-Pacific region will be worth $77.4 billion by 2021. To compete in the Asian market, OTT service providers are turning to telco companies to expand their customer reach and improve their services, by ironing out common consumer problems like network and payment. (more…)

When is the Right Time to Go OTT?

Going OTT - new video services

Credit: ACMA

OTT is a huge part of today’s world. It seems that if you want to compete as a broadcaster or content provider, going OTT is inevitable.  But when is the best time to go OTT?


Digital Rights Revenue – Key to Sports Broadcasting Success

Digital sports rights

Credit: Deltatre

As more broadcasters, digital platforms, and providers play to win these valuable sporting rights, the biggest potential lies in digital sports broadcasting.  (more…)

Our new Publisher Dashboard brings more data and clarity

New Cleeng Publisher Dashboard

The new Publisher Dashboard brings advanced analytics and next-level user experience that will help you, the Cleeng publishers, make business decisions easier and grow the bottom line from your content. With features like subscriber and churn management, revenue tracking and direct access to customer support, you have much more clarity of their business.


SVOD Fans are Building Their Own Custom TV Bundles

Online TV bundles


Looking at the numbers, it does seem that live television is still alive, well, and has an important role to play this year and beyond. OTT may be supplementary, but it’s crucial to most households nonetheless, and it still leads innovation regarding modern viewing.


Broadband Speed and Adoption Are Driving SVOD Growth


In this post, we’ll discuss the most important factors for OTT acceptance. The enhancements in broadband speed and the increasing internet adoption give a great rationale for further growth of subscription video.