Skinny Bundles and Soaring Profits Go Hand in Hand

skinny TV bundles and profits

Numbers show that traditional pay-TV operators are significantly trailing in gross revenue per channel behind skinny bundles providers. We can say that now, optimism towards pure OTT is growing among the biggest broadcasters. (more…)

Introducing DRISC: Taking Down Illegal Streams Made Easy

Remove pirated live streams - Cleeng DRISC

Cleeng DRISC enables the broadcaster to control the session of a given user consuming online video content. Together with the existing Cleeng security solutions, this tool guarantees that revenues will not be compromised by fraudulent activities.


Churn Predictability – A Defining Factor for SVOD Success

SVOD churn

In the saturated market where there are no real barriers to entry, churn is the univocally the number one problem for most SVOD publishers. Find more about Cleeng’s approach on churn management and the available actions on the disposal of SVOD publishers.  (more…)

How Can Broadcasters Accelerate SVOD Adoption

SVOD adoption rate

SVOD isn’t quite converting pay TV leavers as fast as expected, but by offering the right level of value and sticking to the proven acquisition strategies, SVOD providers stand to accelerate adoption.  (more…)

Sports Streaming Piracy Just Received a New Hit

sports streaming piracy update


The topic of video piracy has been a hot topic in the world of online streaming as of late – particularly when it comes to sports entertainment. A couple of new developments seem to put the “nail in the coffin” to pirated live streams in the UK.  (more…)

Roku Support Becomes Essential to Today’s Broadcasting

Roku support

As the OTT landscape continues to heat up, the competition is becoming fierce, and more platforms are picking up momentum. One of the big players of 2017 and we expect, beyond, is Roku. (more…)