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Monika| Fri Oct 25 2013 CET| Cleeng news

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23, the video hosting leader of the Danish and the Scandinavian market, joined forces with Cleeng to unleash the power of video monetization for individuals and organizations, using the Video video-on-demand paywall. 

Thanks to the Cleeng integration with 23 Video all customers of 23 can now easily sell their videos – not only in Scandinavia or Denmark, but also globally.

How is 23 Video different from other OVPs? What disruptive features does it offer to all publishers? Why 23 chose no other company but Cleeng to team up with? Find all answers to these and other questions below – in my interview with Steffen Tiedemann Christensen (Co-founder of 23) and Luca Rasmussen (Partner Manager & 100 % Human at 23).

Monika Zameta: What is the main idea behind 23 Video and what sets you apart from other popular VMS/OVP’s? 

Steffen Tiedemann Christensen: Our foundation was laid upon this deep need of helping organizations to get into the online video space. We saw the video revolution coming: people communicating more and more through video on the web.We also noticed there was an open spot in the market for creating a full featured video CMS system focused on corporations. You see, enterprises that want to use video to communicate and engage, need to first figure out a bunch of things: how much traffic they have, how to get started, which price model to go for, how much storage they need, how many users they have, and so on. It can be really overwhelming.

We were trying to come up with a way of supporting organizations by giving them all the features they needed; how do we make a kick-ass solution that brings all the innovation into the organizations and is easy to use? 23 Video is our answer to this question.

Luca Rasmussen: 23 Video is built by webby people but it works in a very intuitive way. The key to 23 Video is that the platform is not just built by developers for developers but actually built for people in general. The human approach is our core asset – something we value really high and we spend lots of resources on. It also means, that we almost never loose any customer because we have that dedicated human approach to them. We love their feedback because it means they are using the platform, while giving us good input on new stuff we should build in. We’re really strong in Scandinavia where we have three local offices, but of course we’re also trying to show the same “local” approach with our customers and partners around the world.

M.Z.: What brands are among your customers?

S.T.Ch.: We are working with a lot of different brands – a few examples are CarlsbergVestasISSSaxo BankBayer AG, Samsung and Roskilde Festival.

L.R.: Who we work with says a lot about who we are. We work with companies from different industries – from biggest brands in Scandinavia and local international players, to ministries, to music festivals and so on. We work with truly everyone who believes in video as a key visual tool.

Luca Rasmussen, 23 Video, M.Z.: You’re – just like us – dynamic, yet still relatively small company. Can you tell us more about how you guys perform so well with just a couple of team mates? Any proven paths, tips, methods? 

L.R.: Our team extends far beyond the 20 folks at 23. We have many representatives, as we call them – re-inventers – at every company we work with. They understand what we do and they want to play with video and use us in the process. We motivate them to seek for new ways of using it. That could be the HR manager saying: “hey, we already use video in HR maybe we can apply it for marketing too?”

So yes, we’re a small team but we’ve created a big 23 Video family, consisting of  re-inventers in companies and strong local and global partners. Building strong relationship takes time, but its totally worth it.



M.Z.:  We’re happy to enter a partnership with you to deliver a unique video monetization option to your customers. What has convinced you to team up with Cleeng and what do you like about our solution?

S.T.Ch: We launched in Denmark 4.5 years ago and most recently we’ve been getting many requests about ways of selling premium videos such as: conferences, seminars and so on. We see many people who never took their content online just because they haven’t figured out how to monetize it. We had to say ‘NO’ to such requests for the past couple of months. At some point we started searching for a company who could deliver a flexible monetization solution, that would seamlessly integrate with 23 Video.We were interested in finding something that looked and felt just like our own product. We were looking for someone showing similar approach, thinking alike.We compared Cleeng API with 3-4 other companies to found out you had the best solution, fitting our needs perfectly. Within just 2 weeks we were able to offer our customers a fully fledged, seamlessly working monetization solution for their videos.

Furthermore, we’re also an international team – we have 20 people of eight different nationalities, who can easily understand the local market, but can also think globally. I strongly believe there’s a huge business and tremendous potential in what we can do together. Becoming bigger, not only as partners, but merging forces to do what no one is doing out there., CleengExample of  Video23 + Cleeng integration

M.Z.: Let’s talk about your successes and challenges. What is the sweetest part of running 23 Video? What are you proud of and what’s the most difficult to overcome? 

L.R.: From the business point of view I’m very happy about 23 Video being a strong leader, covering 80-85% of the entire Danish market. We’re constantly growing – we now have local offices in Sweden and Norway and we yearn for more. I’m particularly pleased about changing people’s mindsets.

S.T.Ch.: Well, on the bright side there’s definitely the attitude of our customers who sign up for our product, who use it and like it so much they promote us, helping us spread the word about 23 Video. I’m definitely proud of how our product is plugged into the market, next to such major players as Vimeo or Brightcove, and supporting enterprises in building their business in a much more engaging way.

The main challenge is not in effort, amount of work or keeping momentum, but more in keeping up with the philosophy we cherish; remaining as human as possible while growing. Also answering questions like: how do we scale our ideas to continuously expand the customers community worldwide.

M.Z.: What does future holds for 23 Video in the next couple of years? 

S.T.Ch.: Definitely we have a clear roadmap for expanding to new markets and also the further development of our product, such as adding the elegant, seamlessly working Video video-on-demand paywall functionality that Cleeng provides, and deciding about how to make the video monetization an integral part of our offer.

L.R.: Things are moving way too fast to say where we will be in  – let’s say – 5 years from now, but we would like to keep doing what we’re doing now. Continue creating even closer bonds with our customers and partners. We have appetite for EU and global expansion, which is going to be exciting. We will definitely pursue what we believe in: visual innovation and reinventing the usage of video, wrapped as a kick-ass product that inspires people.


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