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Benedicte Guichard| Fri Jul 08 2011 CET| Industry insights


With insights gleaned from managing Apple Education business development and marketing within Europe and Asia from 2004-2009. Having contributed towards and witnessed the escalation in adoption of the iTunes U Education courseware, and helped build the general dissemination and distribution models for Education institutions within the UK, Europe and Asia. I observe there now exists the next ‘tipping point’ and potential leverage of education resources and student engagement.

Many Universities and Colleges are now seeking to leverage their IP, consolidate research funding opportunities, and subsequently require the appropriate delivery methodology and technology capability.

Predominately influenced by Apple iTunes and Google YouTube Education environments, the model for “Free-to-access” education courseware and collateral started by Apple in 2006, is now proven and consolidated globally with vibrant engagement with both formal and informal learners. With demographics that know little boundary in either geography, or in the age of potential students. When the generally conservative Russell Group Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and UCL being early adopters and keen advocates of Free-to-access digitally published courseware. When the Open University has achieved in excess of 37m downloads since April 2008, with 87% of these downloads being accessed internationally, a vast proportion of which are downloaded within the emerging markets of Asia and Eastern Europe. Then a paradigm shift has certainly taken place, and continues to grow at pace.

Compare that to the “Deep” digital publishing of eLearning and Life Long Learning education courseware and revision materials produced, distributed and sold by commercial organisations such as Pearson, Kaplan Education, Laureate Education, BPP and many other multi-million $ turnover businesses worldwide. Each of whom are producing net year-on-year growth in these expanding markets. You then have an established and robust enterprise market for academic courseware, professional development and vocational training programs.

However, whilst “Free” is now proven, and “Deep” is established, consolidated and maintains growth. There is a further market segment to be cultivated and better established. Which we title “Light”; segmented education modules, Professional Development and Vocational Training courseware. Easy to access, APP like in delivery terms, paid for content, from credible publishers; Universities, Colleges and Schools. Affordable, given that this content is likely to cost considerably less than the Deep curriculum and eLearning materials referred to above. Smaller, more accessible, intuitive engagement, learn anywhere, anytime and on any device, diploma awarding rather than Degree awarding. In China for example only 18% students go on from Secondary School education to University or Technical College, which suggests that 82% of students are failed by Secondary School. In China there is no lack of financial investment to build schools or Universities, there are robust teacher teaching programs, but the sheer numbers and market growth demands innovative and sometimes radical solutions. Neither is there a lack of interest from students, the demand and hunger to better themselves, gain an education, gain a qualification is more prevalent in China, and other emerging markets, than those within Europe and The US.

We believe at Cleeng that we can play an important, if not pivotal role, in helping establish the engagement of “Light” courseware for students, professional development for alumni, and training programs for many specialities, students of all types, all ages, languages and locations globally. Easy to implement, easy to adopt, cheap to use, efficient to manage, Cleeng provides an ideal methodology and ethical engagement for individual teachers, for institutions, faculties and training colleges to easily adapt their digital content, develop a digital strategy and distribute within a secure pay-wall model. Whereby students and parents can purchase with confidence, and publishers can self publish and distribute efficiently to a global audience of learners and users. Dynamic content, adding value to peoples lives, securely, efficiently and profitably.


Alan Greenberg

Cleeng, VP UK and Ireland, Worldwide Director Education Markets


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