Introducing Cleeng PLAY: video monetization made easy!

**See updated story. Things got actually much easier in recent months!  “Benefits selling Vimeo videos using Cleeng vs Vimeo on-demand“**



We are super excited to announce the launch of Cleeng PLAY for our users. Reaching the milestone of serving 2000 customers now, we have gained insights into what sells over the internet and what doesn’t. Believe it or not, videos account for over 13% of our total items sold but is a whopping 78% of our total revenue generated. While most articles are sold  between $0.5 and $2, premium videos can garner from $4.99 to $19.99, and these prices can climb even higher if the content is unique and dedicated to enthusiastic fans. 

Cleeng PLAY – the answer to all your video monetizing woes!
Based on our findings, we decided to bring video monetization to a new level and came up with Cleeng Play: the simplified video protection and purchase solution to help you grow your revenue. It works on all devices including iPhones and iPad who only support HTML5 !

Check this out:
You have exclusive and good quality videos that are worth selling ?
You want to grow your revenue in no-time?
You need a flexible solution to try various strategies, from pay-per-view to subscriptions?
You use Brightcove Express or Vimeo Pro to host your videos?
Cleeng Play is just the thing for you!

With Cleeng PLAY, you can, just like Flowerschool New York be financial rewarded for the efforts you do to share your passion to your fans. In fine, you generate a new revenue stream in the blink of an eye.

How Does Cleeng PLAY Work?

With Cleeng PLAY, start to sell your premium videos in a couple of minutes.
See for yourself:


Ready to go, follow then these 4 steps:

1- Go to and click on the “Get Started” tab.

2- Select your preferred video platform – Brightcove Express or Vimeo Pro. Make sure you’re logged in to Cleeng.

3- Fill up the details, such as your Vimeo or Brightcove video ID, player size width and give a name and attractive description to your video and set the price and rental period

4- Then click the “Protect & grab code” button to see how your video looks… and copy-paste the embed-code on your own site.

…And you’re DONE!  It’s as simple as that.

Get started for free

Just upgrade your paid content and expand your revenue stream with Cleeng PLAY now. Let us know if you like it and how we can further improve it. Thanks !

  • when a person buys a video using Cleeng Play, can they watch it multiple times or is it a one time purchase?


    • Kim

      Hi Patrick,

      After the visitor has purchased, they can watch it multiple times for as long as you as publisher allow them to watch. When you complete the form as explained in this post you can set the “rental period” (like 24h, 48h or even 30 days).

      Hope this helps!

  • Can I create a group of videos that people can subscribe to or does each video have to be purchased/rented individually?

    • Kim

      When you go to your publisher settings (in “my account”) you can activate your subscriptions. Automatically all your videos published will become part of this subscription set. (So you have to protect them first individually using the above form).

      Once your subscription is activated, a second buy button appears right under the “Watch now” button that will state “Subscribe” (or any other text you have defined within your settings).

      This way you offer the perfect monetization of your videos: you can offer subscriptions for your loyal audience, while still providing the opportunity to monetize the one-time visitor who is interested in just that one video. The only thing you have to figure out is what your ideal price-point is!

      Hope this is clear!

  • WOW ITHINK THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING I HAVE SEEN ON THE WEB IN A WHILE! Excuse me for typing in caps but this is exciting I love cleeng for providing real tools for people looking for creative ways to make money online. I have to share this on my blog because this is a real game changer…wow! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Thanks for your response. Can you have multiple groups of videos that make up several different subscription options? (e.g. videos 1-5, subscription option A, videos 6-10, subscription option B, etc.)
    This sounds really great, I’m just trying to figure out how flexible it would be for the end user.

  • Donald Res

    Hi Patrick. Thanks for your enthusiasm! You can do this (offer bundles or subset-subscriptions) but not with above mentioned solution. You need to use Cleeng Open in order to leverage all possible scenarios.

    We wanted to keep this solution as simple as possible and targeted at people who only have a few videos that they want to offer as PPV.


  • Thanks. Sounds like there is a solution either way. I’ll look into Cleeng Open as well, but Cleeng Play may a good place to start.

  • Chris

    Is it possible to charge in Euro or only in Dollar?

    • Donald Res

      Hi Chris, it is possible to set your price in euro as well. You can change your currency within your settings. (Please note that Cleeng is consumer centric. So a user from US would see your price in USD, while a user from Europe would see the original price, as well as the price converted in EUR).

  • I’m going to build out an “On demand” video page on my website and try your new Cleeng Play. I have some questions.

    I’ve created some test movies and I see them in my “library” in Cleeng. How do I delete the movies from my library?

    Is there a way to look up the embed code for a video that is already in my library, or do I need to generate a new one if I loose it?

    The height of the embed is 66pix more than the player…
    So I should create a player window for my 640×360 dimension video that is 640×426, correct?

    Can I get rid of the Cleeng branding that is in the payment module?

    Thank you.

    • cleeng

      Already replyed by email – just to keep the story complete I copy-paste it here as well (3 days later…)
      Hi Patrick,
      First of all, thank you very much for trying out Cleeng! I hope the service meets your needs.I have tried to clarify your questions below. – Your library is actual the part that you see as a purchaser (as well)… it collect all the premium content that you access through-out the Cleeng network. From a user perspective, not from a publisher.
      – You don’t need to delete content in your library, nor as a publisher- We made Cleeng Play for a need for people that just want to sell a few videos. We decided to keep it completely straightforward for now, and left all extra features out that are not essential. So when you haven’t sold the video yet, easiest is to just protect a new video. Though if you loose the embed-code, you can also derive it from this logic:

      In above embed you can replace the number 123456789 with the ID you find in your sales report / library.
      – Indeed the final embed is 66px heigher. So if you player is 640×360, indeed the new embed will be 640×426- If you upgrade to Cleeng Pro you can cobrand the check-out pages. See e.g. who applied such cobranding.
      Hope this helps! Let me know if I can further guide you.

  • Hello. I will be happy to know if there are more webs like Vimeo that support nude art that i can use your Cleeng in order to sell my nude video art. i will be happy to get respond into my email if i may to thank you. Norma

  • Pete

    Will there ever be an option for using videos that are self-hosted, as I love the concept, but host my own videos?

    • Donald

      Hi Pete,

      Thanks for your kind words. And lucky enough: YES, our solution can work with any content!

      The technology can be used with other video platforms, and also with custom setups like yourself. Though in order to ensure the right level of quality for end-users (supporting playback on all devices, proper global performance), and making sure the right level of security of the stream, we are not promoting this way of working. It’s often some more work to guarantee the right level of quality for all parties involved, and our partners offer a very affordable video streaming solution. Though if you have reasons to use your own, best if you sent your details/requirements via our contact form, so we can propose how to get this to work for you.

      Please include in your description your current video setup (what streaming service/player do you use), indicate how many videos you want to protect and sell (e.g. 1, 10 or hundreds), and what type of business model you want to apply (e.g rentals, season pass, subscription model, etc). That will get us going.

      Note: as you might now with Cleeng Open you can always develop your own solution as well!

      Thanks a lot.

      Donald – The Cleeng Team

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