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Monika| Fri Aug 29 2014 CET| Cleeng news

Video protection challengeAccording to PriceWaterhouseCoopers “State of Media 2014“, “the Global Over-The-Top Revenue (TVOD and SVOD programming) will grow in 2014 to approximately $21.6 billion in 2018”. A multitude of industries depends on these revenues to continue to deliver great service to their fans and viewers – sports clubs, studios, broadcasters, artists & athletes.

As the number of online viewers who are watching premium shows increases, the challenge of protecting videos from prolific digital piracy activities remains one of the main concerns in the minds of broadcasters. Currently, viewers who access a video on their computer or mobile device can easily record what they see on their screens and then redistribute it across the web, thereby slowly strangling the entertainment industry.

A paradigm shift: Security AND User friendliness !

Are the viewers really the ones to blame for pirated content?  By adding complexity that allows viewers to enjoy watching their videos via Wall-Garden, DRM technology  (see related post on DRM) and often excessive so-called “”pay windows” broadcasters have incentivized users to look for other ways to get access to the shows they love anytime, anywhere.

Take, for examplethe recent season finale of Game of Thrones. According to Torrent Freak, “The season finale of Game of Thrones has set a brand new piracy record, with a quarter million people sharing a single file at the same time. During the first 12 hours roughly 1.5 million file-sharers downloaded a pirated copy of the popular show, a number that will swell to over 7.5 million during the days to come.

How can a legitimate user in France, Canada or the UK watch the season finale of Game of Thrones? By waiting for 4 months and then by buying a DRM-protected copy that only a few players can read. Or (sadly), by simply going to a Torrent site and downloading it in HD, playable everywhere.

Now, imagine a solution that would make movie available for an online access in the utmost secure way, at the same time it’s shown on TV? We just created such solution! The table below provides a view of what the future of video protection could look like:

Video protection evolution


The previous methods to protect digital content have proven to be ineffective in the face of more and more sophisticated illegal online distribution services. DRM’s that used to work well for protecting content prior to a purchase failed once the purchase was made.

Watermarking is a sure way to go as a DRM compagnon or replacement solution, but it’s not an option that you can add on the fly. Existing watermarking solutions cost time and money to implement. Also, they’re not addressing the specifics of a live stream – especially given its dynamic nature.

How then to effectively protect revenues and high-value content from piracy and fraud?

We believe that Cleeng has found the ultimate answer to this concern: deliver a great user experience, while offer a robust, scalable and extremely secure technology that will actively help online broadcasters to prevent their premium videos from being illegitimately distributed and rebroadcasted.

In response to the ever-shifting digital piracy challenges, we’ve come up with a solution that is dedicated specifically to video stream protection. 

Why Cleeng Tattoo is the ultimate video protection?

Cleeng Tattoo is much more than a stand-alone security solution. By combining all the elements of a complete and powerful video ecommerce platform with user credentials, payment information, and access control, Cleeng goes much further than any available solution today. Not even Apple provides such a security level. We take down the common notion that the Internet is not a safe place for the content creators. We make the Internet safer than offline solutions such as the set-top-boxes or DVD’s. 

Who is Cleeng Tattoo for?

It’s for anyone who offers premium videos online, and especially for sports and studio broadcasters – who wants and need to protect their immensely valuable assets. This is right up our alley, so to speak, so it’s natural that the Cleeng name is ideal to support live real-time events that are directed toward large consumer bases, such as Formula 1, international boxing fights, Olympic games, new TV-Series…and much more!

6 main benefits:

  1. The deepest level of risk control. Securing video streams with Cleeng Tattoo takes place on a user- (not product-) level.  By having not only our users email, but also their payment information, we make our users aware that their content is traceable to the last authorized recipient, which significantly deters fraudulent behaviors.

  2. ZERO-Loss in video definition. Cleeng Tattoo ingrains into your video stream a watermark that is very subtly displayed on the video.  The watermark remains readable even after any manipulation or editing of the stream, and, at the same time, preserves a rewarding user experience for your legitimate viewers.

  3. Works on every web browser:  There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a legitimate video, and then it doesn’t play wherever you want it to play. Cleeng Tattoo works with any common video players (Mac, PC, Android, iOS, TV and Chromecast).

  4. No-delay of streaming guarantee: Our guarantee of no-delay while streaming.  For live events, we’ve managed to eliminate the live lag created by DRMs – a huge downside to existing watermarking solutions that can cause even 6-7 seconds of delay between online stream and the parallel TV broadcast.  If you’re streaming your Live event with us, there’s never any delay.  No matter how many concurrent viewers connect to your live stream, they’ll never miss out on the real live emotions.

  5. Cost control: It’s flexible and scalable by its nature. Cleeng Tattoo adjusts to the broadcaster’s unique needs, at an affordable price that is part of our SaaS solutions.

  6. Ease of deployment: As a cloud-based centralized watermarking and ecommerce solution, all the complexity of managing and deploying such a solution is taken care of. We make it easy to deploy and secure for broadcasters.

As Gilles Domartini, the Cleeng’s Founder and CEO says:

“The industry has been waiting for years for a secure, internet-centric solution that truly protects videos and incentivizes viewers who have responsible behaviour. That’s exactly what Cleeng Tattoo launch at IBC will bring to the market. This launch marks a major milestone in Cleeng’s development for pay-per-view: we are no longer simply the best eCommerce platform for videos, we also bring to the market a revolutionary watermarking solution that leverages our years of experience working at Philips and Apple: high-security solution, simple to deploy, with optimal user experience.”


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