200 Private beta users help us improve how to generate more money with quality content!

Gilles Domartini| Sat Jan 22 2011 CET| Cleeng news

7 weeks after launching the private beta, we’ve reached a good milestone this week with 200 private beta Cleeng users, including about 40 publishers (large or simple bloggers). That’s very exciting and really helped us collect a lot of valuable feedback from to-be publishers and users. Within 3 weeks, we’ll move into public beta, so get ready to generate extra revenue!

What did we learn from the private beta?

1- Pay-per-view is really what appeals to both small and large publishers, as well as potential customers. People only want to buy what they are truly interested with, because they are already over-whelmed with offers of all sort. There is strong belief that less is more, however the price must be right, kind of nanopayments, and focus on few 10s of cents. We actually wrote a full article, using latest research available.

2- Frictionless experience: interestingly we saw some detractors of Cleeng saying “hum, no-way i’m gone pay for content if it is available elsewhere for free. I’ll just wait for it”. And then we tell what we believe: if the user experience is frictionless, the purchase value is really small, and the access to content instant, would they really wait? Guess what is the answer…

3- Educate how to monetize content: If we put things in perspective, all the current content consumptions changes were brutally fast. iPad is just 1 year old! iPhone (and smartphones all together) 4 years….

Publishers, which are often 50+ years old have their ways of working build for print. Those of us who were born before 1980, did all their studies without the web. There is a lack of knowledge how to monetize content, like somehow Apple or Netflix succeeded to do. They expect some advise, not just a technological solution.

4- The issue is truly international. When we announced the private beta, we luckily got a few articles. Here you’ll find interesting ones:

What actions did we take thanks to your feedback:

– Further improved the layout of the layer that goes into each publishers’ websites: cleaner, simpler, focused solely on ONE given transaction. A truly frictionless experience.

Improved the color scheme, to better integrate within most common sites with white or clear backgrounds

Developed publisher’s co-branding so it is more tightly integrated into each publishers’s website, and increases user confidence.

Improved analytics and capacity to track users activity for publishers.

Strengthen translation mechanisms, to accelerate international roll out. For those interested, we’ll be able to provide a translation interface that you can directly populate – just send an email for info.

Invested in consumer marketing materials to explain what Cleeng is, and what benefits it offers. We’ll also soon complete the development of support materials on best monetization practices and how to generate more money with your quality content.

– … and a few more interesting enhancements, yet we need to keep a few surprises.

Thank you all for the feedback we have been able to collect, and all the hard work. We shall move to a public beta within the new few weeks! Stay posted on twitter.

Anything you think is missing? or other suggestion? Just post a comment !

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