Cleeng and Twistage partner to provide a turnkey in-video monetization solution

Benedicte Guichard| Fri Dec 09 2011 CET

Amsterdam, NL, December 9th – Today, Cleeng announced a partnership with Twistage, a leading video platform that was recently featured in Streaming Media 100: The One Hundred Companies that Matter Most in Online Video. The companies have combined to provide a turnkey in-video monetization solution designed for corporations with complex digital content management.

Twistage customers that were already reaping the benefits of the company’s comprehensive online video platform now have turnkey access into a universal monetization solution. Cleeng enables video content owners to leverage various business models, from pay-per-view to subscriptions while offering an unparalleled ease of use for online users.

  “Cleeng’s solution to the for-pay content challenge is both elegant and powerful. It is both simple – customers can activate it with just a few clicks of the mouse – and powerful. Content owners have been clamoring for more flexibility around monetization and Cleeng’s solution provides just that. It offers content owners and distributors a full set of options that for generating revenue while enhancing audience engagement. We are expecting it to drive significant additional revenue for content owners.” said David Wadler CEO at Twistage.

How does Cleeng work?
Cleeng in-video monetization enables any video owner to collect payment for watching all or part of a video. Publishers retain control of their strategy deciding which part of their video to protect between two cue points and the price charged for accessing it. This requires just a single click and uses multiple payment methods including major credits cards, PayPal, SMS and local market methods.

“We are thrilled to partner with Twistage in delivering a major breakthrough to the online video ecosystem, empowering content owners while easing access for online users.” said Gilles Domartini, CEO at Cleeng.

The big idea behind Cleeng is to make content acquisition and sharing effortless. With Cleeng, users with a single user account can access content on any devices at any time. Enthusiasts can also take advantage of a smart social sharing commission system for content creators. Cleeng is a flexible way to monetize any type of content: text, video, images, all with a single tool.
Visit our demo page to see it for yourself:

About Cleeng
The Cleeng solution is an award-winning monetization platform that equips content creators’ with a single fully integrated solution that is capable of:
–       Protecting any type of content
–       Selling in context (in-page or in-video), allowing users to preview their content while keeping their ads revenues
–       Offering a smart, dynamic shopping cart with multiple payment options to boost conversion rates
–       Increasing social commerce to boost sales and reward loyal users.

Publishers save time and money implementing this easy-to-use solution and can test different forms of monetization including lead registration, pay per article, subscription, and more. Cleeng, with offices in Amsterdam and Paris, was founded in 2010 by an experienced team composed of online experts with experience working at Apple, Philips, Best of Media, and Packard Bell.

About Twistage
Twistage is the leader in carrier-grade digital media management, delivering web, mobile, and connected TV solutions including Online Video Platform (OVP), audio and image management, cloud-based transcoding, workflow automation, and more. Already the platform of choice for many leading enterprises and digital publishers, Twistage enables organizations to drive return on existing investment and accelerate their time to market.

Media contact: Benedicte Guichard or Dru Johnston