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Donald Res| Mon Feb 14 2011 CET

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Amsterdam, NL, February 14th – If consumers are willing to pay for quality content such as music, games and applications, then why does getting paid for quality content have to be such hard work for publishers?

That’s the challenge that Cleeng set out to tackle with its patented content-monetization solution. Cleeng launches today just after seven weeks of private beta testing for WordPress. It has attracted over 200 content producers, including 40 publishers and is also in discussions with several major European newspapers and magazines to provide content monetization solution for their websites.

Based on this successful private beta, the Cleeng solution is now available to all publishers and bloggers, free to try at:

Cleeng is a simple idea with huge ramifications:

  • Incremental revenue stream: No more debate between advertising and paywalls, Cleeng works along side existing subscription and ad revenue systems, and lets publishers keep up to 80% of revenues.
  • Frictionless user experience: Cleeng lets consumers buy quality content on the fly with 1-click. It is 100% compatible with all web-enabled devices and users can register for Cleeng using an existing Facebook, Yahoo! Or Google account.
  • Fast and flexible: The Cleeng plugin is compatible with WordPress, Drupal, Brightcove and other major CMS. Integration takes minutes. It works with all types of content, including text, video and images.
  • Social: Cleeng features an embedded social commission system that rewards users when they share content with members of their social networks. Publishers can also use Cleeng to covert frequent content buyers into subscribers.
  • Bullet-proof: Publishers love the fact that with Cleeng their content remains on their website and is fully findable by search engines. Users love that they can purchase Cleeng credits with secure payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and more local payment options.

Best of all, you can experience and see it for yourself: check out this simple demo page:

Good news: the first 5 articles are for free, so you can spoil yourself and give it a try.


Cleeng is currently available as a free WordPress plugin. In the near future Cleeng will be available as a free plug-in for other popular Content Management Systems, including Drupal and Brightcove. Installation takes just a few minutes. A free API is available for integrating Cleeng in proprietary CMS.

About Cleeng

Cleeng is a patented technical solution that makes one-click content monetization incredibly easy. Available as a CMS plug-in, it enables content creators to earn micropayments for their content. It simplifies access to unique quality content by offering a one-click, pay-as-you-go solution to online consumers. It works on all web-enabled devices and with practically all kinds of content. Cleeng has offices in Amsterdam and Paris. It is a privately held company founded in 2010. For more information visit

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