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I’m a price conscious consumer – I made digital coupons a part of my shopping habit. You can lure me with coupons because I’m likely to try out your offer before I stick to it for good. I am a typical, average customer. A customer you want to target as a Cleeng Publisher. We have a tool to manage your online coupon marketing for video-on- demand paywall & Live streaming pay-per-view.


According to a research study conducted by Dynamic Logic new product launch campaigns get far more engagement when introducing digital coupons to users. Digital coupons are also being used by nearly 96.6 million U.S. adults and, as the researchers claim, by next year, that number will grow to 100 million. Add to that the rationale that consumers redeeming coupons are actually likely to spend more money in comparison to those who are not using coupons at all *

“More and more consumers are making digital coupons a part of their shopping routine, accessing  them  across the entire digital domain – including the web,  in social media, with consumer electronics, via their mobile phones, etcetera. At the same time, brand marketers are increasingly engaging with consumers via digital offers wanting to influence shoppers throughout their path to purchase” states Steven Boal, CEO of

With all these facts in mind you can now fully embrace the coupon campaigns we offer you within the all Cleeng plans. Cleeng coupons are truly the most advanced e-commerce tool available for Publishers.

Use Cleeng coupons to:

  • uplift & extend the sales plan;
  • build awareness of your offer among new customers;
  • convince reluctant customers to switch to your brand or offer, and develop customer loyalty;
  • empower the launch of your new offers;
  • inspire repeat purchases;
  • reactivate customers who haven’t bought anything for a while;
  • convince existing customers to move towards a full-price sales offer or a subscription plan;
  • provide effective customer support;
  • strengthen ‘offline’ marketing activities – you can print them on flyers and other paper handouts;
  • sell bulk access as perks to other companies.

With Cleeng coupons you can: 

  • easily create one or multiple coupon campaigns;
  • grant coupons on non-recurring offers (single, rental, pass etc.) & subscription offers;
  • define & apply discounts on all offers or particular offers;
  • decide about the number of use per coupon – per user;
  • select a date for using coupons: on a certain day or per activation;
  • track the redeemed coupons & examine you customers’ previous buying habits.

As Cleeng Publisher you can either create coupons valid for 1 or multiple videos / per user or you can set up an access for a given period of time for any of your customers. If you want to lure them in as subscribers, best is to give away (1 or more) periods for free. Also this can be setup with the coupons.

Tips & Tactics from the Cleeng team:  

  1.  Send out your coupons when people may become quicker hooked to your offer: during holidays or events, that may tie to what you sell. For example: offer a workout discount coupon during World Health Day, August 7th.
  2.  Award customers who committed upfront to your service as subscribers with high-discount coupons.
  3.  Use coupons as one of your online marketing tools:
  • add coupon codes to your email newsletters,
  • grant them in a DM on Twitter to your new Twitter followers;
  • send coupons to people who have filled in your online survey,
  • or make 100% discount coupons an award in your contests.

4. Take your online relationships offline – if you for example run a fitness studio, follow up on the customers later on to ask how did they like your discounted workout;

5. Double-check how deep discounts will be profitable for you and if you can afford them for the time of their validity.

Happy selling!

Not a Cleeng Publisher yet? Start selling, using our powerful coupon tool today!

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