Dynamic payment methods, better VAT and fees management: it’s time upgrade!

Benedicte Guichard| Wed Sep 28 2011 CET| Cleeng news


We continue to raise the bar, releasing the new Cleeng WordPress upgrade this week!

So what’s new ? One of the most significant feature about this new version is the dynamic payment method management. We have developed a nice algorithm that will automatically handle transactions smartly, sending small transactions to one route and bigger transactions to another route to offer the most relevant payment method to your reader based on the amount to be paid and the country you are both based.

Let’s take a concrete example:

– imagine you are selling a piece of content for 0,49 € using Cleeng?

– for such a small amount of money, your visitor will probably not bother taking his credit card out of his wallet, does he?

– so now, the user will be, automatically, offered to pay using: an sms or his phone bill or his Cleeng credits, as it makes more sense to him and simplifies the decision making process.


– If now you sell premium content for more, the user will this time be routed to pay by credit card, PayPal or other local popular payment method (check our feature page to know more about multiple payment method offered by Cleeng).

This is as simple as that, but this relevance will for sure increase significantly your conversion rate as the consumer experience is even more straightforward. And the beauty of it is that YOU do not have to think about what would be the psychological barrier for your reader, we did the maths for you!

The second feature available in this new version is the improved management of VAT and payment fees.

VAT management is a nightmare for everyone but an accountant or some kind of fiscal specialist, isn’t it?  So to bring you more peace of mind and more consistency from a user perspective, we have developed a calculation method to integrate the VAT (or not) depending on its applicability in a given situation.

– imagine  I am a French reader interested in buying this article for 0,49 € on latribune.fr

– in this case, the VAT is applicable and is INTEGRATED in the 0,49 € price shown on the Cleeng layer

– imagine the same reader interested in buying a video for 3$ on livestream.com

– in this case, the VAT is not applicable and not integrated so he will pay 3 $

For the end user the VAT calculation is transparent, like when he does his shopping in a supermarket, the price he sees is the price he pays. No doubt that this feature will ease the final purchase transformation as the user is not confused by the price difference due to the VAT calculation. Eventually he might be charged some additional fees depending on the payment methods (PayPal, SMS, etc.) but he will always have the possibility to use his Cleeng credits for free!


Ready to upgrade?  just visit the Cleeng page on WordPress  and get started.



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