Football Fans & PPV Live Streaming: Is There A Bond?

Monika| Tue Jul 14 2015 CET| Industry insights

pay per view online

Watching the Premier League Football matches online can now be equally as good as being at the actual venue. PPV live streaming is the answer to the football fans’ demand for ways to follow their favorite teams on-the-go, without missing out on the real-life emotions.

While gate sales are dropping and sport fans are enthusiastically cutting the cord, many sport organizations – including football clubs – are embracing the new online outlet for their premium content – LIVE PPV streaming.

The stats around the football online viewership are a huge motivation to go PPV. For example, 28% of internet users are watching Premier League matches on TV and 16% watching online, with the latter growing rapidly.

Interestingly, one-third of those total viewers are actually playing football themselves. 50-60% are also following other European football leagues, with as many as a third of that percentage watching online (via GlobalWebIndex).

2015 International Champions Cup (ICC) available on PPV

Below is a recent shining football pay-per-view example, and its setup and promotion have been presented particularly well! VS LIVE, New Zealand’s leading PPV and broadcast events company, partnered up with Cleeng and Livestream to bring online the LIVE sport emotions from the 2015 International Champions Cup (ICC).

Embarking on a territorial opportunity with the ownership of media rights for streaming of the selected ICC games, VS LIVE will offer all New Zealand fans a one-click purchase and access opportunity to this historic event. They can count on a seamless HD ’TV everywhere’ experience, thanks to the advanced technology provided both by our partner, Livestream, and by a robust Cleeng e-commerce environment.

The tournament will kick off with a match between Real Madrid CF and AS Roma on Saturday, 18 July at 9:00 pm NZST.  A few days later, AS Roma will face Manchester City FC on Tuesday, 21 July before the tournament winds up on Friday, 24 July with a mouth-watering clash between Real Madrid CF and Manchester City FC, both of which will start at 9:45 pm NZST.

What can you learn from VS Live to set up your own successful pay-per-view live streaming?

  • Offer flexibility:  You should leverage different pricing models to support a satisfying user experience.   Within the International Champions Cup, VS LIVE is offering football aficionados a solid choice between a pass access to all matches (“pay once, watch them all”) and a single game access.  Further, viewers can pay in their local currency, which is definitely advantageous for any required currency conversions. Thanks to Cleeng’s robust technology, the setup was very easy for the VS LIVE, since no additional assistance from coders or developers was necessary.
  • Brand it:  VS LIVE adroitly uses their own branding and the logos of their partners alongside the league emblems to deliver a consistent and professional image.  This approach tacitly encourages the trust factor among the viewers to help cultivate online payment and participation.


pay per view online

The Cleeng-hosted pay-per-view online page, created by VS Live for the final match on Friday 24th that will feature Real Madrid vs Manchester City.
  • Promote early: VS Live put a lot of effort into attracting the viewers, starting almost a month before the streaming will begin. Take a notice of their sleek customization of a Cleeng-hosted page, their gripping message and their attention-grabbing preview. In addition, they’ve utilized Cleeng’s coupon functionality to grant their B2B partners discount access to the games.


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