How Cleeng Solves The SVOD Puzzle? [Video]

Cleeng SVOD services - iceberg

Going direct-to-consumer seems like the default direction for the most ambitious and high-potential media companies. But, publishers selling premium video via subscriptions can face rocky way to the top. But, put your worries aside, Sisyphus had a much harder time :).


How to Attract and Retain Loyal OTT Subscribers

SVOD loyal users

The world is going OTT, cable cutting is on the rise, and for content providers, there’s never been more scope for attracting and retaining loyal subscribers.


Authenticated Viewing as a Viable Video Monetization Model

Auth viewing

Credit: Freewheel

Authentication emerges as a great model for the leading premium video publishers, that serve either live and on-demand video. Its flexibility gives a lots of options for the publisher to charge retrieve the costs for distribution and make significant revenue.


The Future of Local Sports Viewing Lies Online

Credit: The Valley News

Credit: The Valley News

Big sporting events and live streaming are a match made in heaven, but what about local sports?

As viewing habits evolve and even more consumers opt for the freedom and flexibility of OTT, new broadcasting opportunities have emerged.  (more…)

As Cost of Content Rises, ROI is the No1 Goal for Broadcasters

tv package prices go up


The price of good, quality video content is inflated. In this conditions, a broadcaster must now, more than ever, focus on ROI to ensure success, and profit.  (more…)

Is Broadcasting Sports Direct-to-Consumer A Savvy Business?

Sports broadcasting OTT

Credit: Sports Careers

Going direct-to-consumer is becoming a mainstream strategic course for many sports organizations. Sport fans like to take and watch their content on the go, on every device they own. That implies a change in how content suppliers envision the value chain.