Sport Clubs Spot Great Potential in OTT TV Channels

Sports clubs with OTT channels

Credit: MUTV

The world of sports is dramatic, exciting and ever-evolving – and when it comes to broadcasting the action, this is no exception. As OTT and SVOD platforms develop, sports clubs are wising up to the growing potential of emerging OTT channels.


Designing a Service for the Heterogeneous SVOD Viewer

Service for different types of SVOD users via Cleeng

As the world of SVOD grows and evolves, so do the wants and desires of SVOD users. A new interesting segmentation grabbed the attention of the industry. In this post, we’ll discuss how publishers can design a great offer knowing the audience better.  (more…)

Applying the Netflix-Style Subscription Service Across Verticals

Netflix model in SVOD

As of January this year, Netflix had just short of 100 million paying users. Its model keeps serving as a great example for ambitious video publishers and broadcasters on how a successful streaming service should look like.


Moving SVOD Content Overseas: Challenges vs Opportunities

svod services going abroad - specifics


As SVOD continues to develop, so does its business model and the role of those operating within the industry. Going abroad is a tempting opportunity for most premium video providers, but it’s crucial to be aware of the regional specifics and incoming challenges.


Selling basketball games with Cleeng: The instant ROI example

Capitanes de Arecibo go with live OTT


We’ve discussed many times on this blog about the advantages of live OTT and how easy it is to grow revenues by going direct-to-consumer. In my debut blog post, I’ll talk about an interesting use case. It’s about a basketball organization that used Cleeng to go over-the-top and capitalized really quickly.


Broadcasters are Shifting Their TV Viewers Towards Apps


CNN broadcasting app

Credit: CNN press 

To stay in the game, TV broadcasters need to fine-tune their distribution strategies and right now, the TV app seems the right direction. (more…)