Moving SVOD Content Overseas: Challenges vs Opportunities

svod services going abroad - specifics


As SVOD continues to develop, so does its business model and the role of those operating within the industry. Going abroad is a tempting opportunity for most premium video providers, but it’s crucial to be aware of the regional specifics and incoming challenges.


Selling basketball games with Cleeng: The instant ROI example

Capitanes de Arecibo go with live OTT


We’ve discussed many times on this blog about the advantages of live OTT and how easy it is to grow revenues by going direct-to-consumer. In my debut blog post, I’ll talk about an interesting use case. It’s about a basketball organization that used Cleeng to go over-the-top and capitalized really quickly.


Broadcasters are Shifting Their TV Viewers Towards Apps


CNN broadcasting app

Credit: CNN press 

To stay in the game, TV broadcasters need to fine-tune their distribution strategies and right now, the TV app seems the right direction. (more…)

Original Video Programming Sparks New Revenue Opportunities

Narcos - original content programming

Credit: Netflix

OTT is set for domination – there’s no doubt about it. It seems that original content programming is the right course for broadcasters and OTT providers, as new revenue opportunities are emerging online.  (more…)

Asia Pacific’s OTT Landscape is Heating Up

OTT services in APAC


Forecasts say that revenues from pay-TV and OTT video in the Asia-Pacific region will be worth $77.4 billion by 2021. To compete in the Asian market, OTT service providers are turning to telco companies to expand their customer reach and improve their services, by ironing out common consumer problems like network and payment. (more…)

When is the Right Time to Go OTT?

Going OTT - new video services

Credit: ACMA

OTT is a huge part of today’s world. It seems that if you want to compete as a broadcaster or content provider, going OTT is inevitable.  But when is the best time to go OTT?