Introducing the “Bulk Protection” tool for WordPress

Benedicte Guichard| Fri Dec 16 2011 CET| Cleeng news


We heard you! Cleeng’s first mission is to provide bloggers, journalists, video editors, software developers and more with a smart way to PROTECT and SELL their content. We make monetization simple, especially for those using WordPress.

To provide you with maximum flexibility, you could precisely select the exact section you wanted to protect within the WordPress (might be text, videos, images, downloads…) and then use the Cleeng widget to define the price, the short description, activate dates and enable the social commission for that given item.

Many of you said: “This is great, but if I have a site with 100’s of elements, I need to do this one by one, and this is really cumbersome. Protecting a selection of items in 1 click, that would be really helpful!”. Well, we are pleased to introduce today the “Bulk Protection” tool, designed to automate the content protection, bringing more convenience  when monetizing multiple items. This new tool is uniquely available for WordPress and Enterprise users.

So how does it work concretely?
Like for everything we do, it couldn’t be easier, check this out:

  • Once you have a publisher account, go to your Publisher settings, and select “Single Item Sales”:
  • Activate “Default Parameters” and you are now able to set the price, the short description and the social commissioning % for all future items to be protected
  • That’s it!


When you are in your WordPress admin, you can apply “Bulk Protection” in multiple ways:

  • Apply protection to individual article, by selecting the check boxes (on the left end side of the row) and by clicking on the Grey Cleeng logos next to each page. When the protection is active, they will turn green.
  • Filter your list of Post or Pages (for example by category tags, or dates, etc), select one of the “Cleeng Options” (see screen shot below)

Take a look at the how to video to understand the process step by step.


Hope you like it, please let us know your feedback! Thanks



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