Introducing the Cleeng “Metered Paywall” functionality


Pay per view and subscriptions were the first steps to provide you with a smart monetization solution but we can always do better, can’t we? Well, that’s what we did, ticking another box to bring you even more flexibility when monetizing your content!

You wanted to set some free access for your users to engage with them progressively? WordPress and Enterprise publishers can do it now, thanks to the new Cleeng “Metered Paywall” functionality. And the really good news, is that you define the main criterias for the set up such as:

– the number of items available for free

– the frequency: after registration or on a monthly basis

– the price threshold: only for items below xx $

All you have to do, once you have created your Cleeng publisher account, is to activate the “Free purchase set up” on your settings page, entering the various criterias, as show below:


So for a tiny fraction of what the NYT has paid for putting in place his own paywall, you could have a much more flexible solution. If your objective is to recruit new readers, you could decide to set up the “after registration” option and it would be easy to mitigate the risks limiting the free access for “cheap” items only and keeping the pay per view option for your most valuable content.

Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks


  • I am currently using cleeng for selling premium content on my wordpress site and it is working very well.

    I want to be able to capture more email addresses for my mailing list by forcing readers to subscribe before the can read a free article, or buy a cleeng protected article.

    Can you please explain how this function an do achieve this using cleeng? is there any way to force users to provide their email address to wordpress subscription before they can buy through cleeng?

    • Donald Res

      Hi Damian,

      You can easily enable the metered within your settings on – users have to be logged in with Cleeng before they can access your content.

      For more serious sellers, like yourself, we do offer Cleeng Pro. With Cleeng Pro you will make the purchase flow co-branded, and (therefore) we provide access to transactional data. (Though you would still need to ask for permission to the customer to be contacted and to be approached for marketing purposes.) Keep on eye on our releases, as we do want to make CRM profiling also part of the WordPress functionality. (Currently only part of Cleeng Enterprise).

      We don’t offer Cleeng Pro to the public yet, but we do offer it to selected publishers already. Contact us directly if you are interested.

      Thanks, Donald