La Tribune, 2nd most read French financial newspaper, now implementing Cleeng!

Benedicte Guichard| Wed Jul 06 2011 CET| Cleeng news


Less than three months after our Beta launch, La Tribune, the second most popular French financial newspaper, has replaced its former pay-as-you-go payment system with Cleeng.  This is big new considering that, according to Nielsen, counts 1.2 million unique visitors per month.

The quality and simplicity of the user experience provided by Cleeng, were key factors in motivating La Tribune to choose our monetization solution.

For the launch, La Tribune is predominately protecting  articles, but in the future will test the protection of multimedia content such as images and videos, which are just as easy to monetize as text using the Cleeng solution. The content remains available on the newspaper website and affects  neither their SEO nor their advertising revenues.
Find an example here:

It took less than a week to integrate the Cleeng solution for La Tribune and since then journalists have been hiding specific parts of  their content behind Cleeng’s layer. All of which was possible in their usual publishing environment with no training and no wasted time for the publishing house.

For Frederic Léaux, IT Director at La Tribune: “Cleeng is the perfect solution: comprehensive and integrated, requiring few development cost and no additional resources and capable of data crossing with our CRM system. The integration took place in a few days thanks to the Cleeng technicians professionalism and the clarity of their API document.”
Beyond the frictionless user experience, two other services convinced the leaders of La Tribune to choose Cleeng: the subscriptions management and the platform sharing across multiple publishers for the benefit of the end user.

The Cleeng platform,  including a  library that gathers content viewed and purchased, will continue to be customized enabling La Tribune to foster privileged relationships with its readers.
In the coming days, we will work together to optimize the user experience in order to maximize conversion rates.


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