Lead qualification next to Pay Per view, Subscription and Metered Paywall with Cleeng.

Benedicte Guichard| Fri Feb 03 2012 CET| Cleeng news


January is gone already and it has been a busy month: launching OmegaTV, pitching at the Midem and implementing Cleeng on VentureBeat!

Yes: Venture Beat. No need to say how thrilled and proud we are to work with those guys, who clearly set the trends and are at the fore front of the digital innovation.

Venture Beat needed a smart way to protect the access to some premium content such as the “Building New Media Start Ups for Growth” webinar sponsored by Akamai.

The idea was not to charge the audience but to collect data through a short questionnaire, in other words to do lead qualification.


So thanks to Venture Beat’s request, we added another brick in the wall and can offer our clients: Pay per View, subscription, Metered Paywall and lead qualification.

Take a look at this quality webinar, it is worth it!



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