Practical Tips for Churches Using Paid Streaming Services

live streaming churches

Credit: Church Management Guide

Churches are places of worship, and their dramatic architecture, wide open spaces, stained glass creations, and incredible acoustics also make them fantastic for hosting live streaming events of all kinds.


Ski Organizations Need PPV Revenue to Support the Sport

Ski sports Live PPV

As the ski season comes to its end, we would like to share an interesting success story. It’s about a new Cleeng client that executed a pay-per-view broadcast plan, with a long-term growth strategy on sight. The revenues from the live streaming events will feed the development of the sport in general and their athletes.  (more…)

Live OTT and Pay TV Providers Get More Competition

Credit: TechCrunch

Credit: TechCrunch

As the cord-cutting trend accelerates, the competitive battleground changes shape significantly. New developments and new players entering the market aim to put live TV broadcasting on another level.  (more…)

The Live PPV Piracy Battle Just Got More Interesting

Live PPV piracy

Credit: Los Angeles Times

With great video content, comes video piracy. Let’s lay down the recent developments in the world of live streaming that added a new dimension to video piracy. 


Authenticated Viewing as a Viable Video Monetization Model

Auth viewing

Credit: Freewheel

Authentication emerges as a great model for the leading premium video publishers, that serve either live and on-demand video. Its flexibility gives a lots of options for the publisher to charge retrieve the costs for distribution and make significant revenue.


Video Piracy is Targeting Most Streaming Devices and Sports

streaming video piracy

Do you remember those terrible pirated DVDs that when watched, displayed the sound of crunching popcorn and creaking cinema seats? These illegally pirated copies plagued the film industry for many years, until the likes of OTT and SVOD came along.