Broadcasters are Shifting Their TV Viewers Towards Apps


CNN broadcasting app

Credit: CNN press 

To stay in the game, TV broadcasters need to fine-tune their distribution strategies and right now, the TV app seems the right direction. (more…)

Latest Boxing PPV Figures Are a Big Boost to Organisers

Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko - Live PPV fight

Credit: MMA mania

The last couple of boxing fights brings back the hope of promoters and event organizers. As OTT continues to shape the way in which we consume entertainment, online PPV will play an even greater role in boxing and other major sporting events.


Watch Canelo vs Chavez Jr Online via Golden Boy PPV

Official Canelo Chavez jr PPV fight - watch online

Credit: Golden Boy Promotions

Boxing fans are getting hyped for the upcoming “Battle for Mexico”. The Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. fight is happening for this Cinco de Mayo and Golden Boy Promotions partnered with Cleeng again to set up the online PPV event.  (more…)

Digital Rights Revenue – Key to Sports Broadcasting Success

Digital sports rights

Credit: Deltatre

As more broadcasters, digital platforms, and providers play to win these valuable sporting rights, the biggest potential lies in digital sports broadcasting.  (more…)

Let’s Catch Up at Sportel America

Sportel America

Every year, SPORTEL America aims to connect the world leaders in sports broadcasting and media. Here at Cleeng, we are happy to attend it and present our solutions to the sports executives that are involved in OTT broadcasting.  (more…)

The new Cleeng Portal in action: NHRA and IMG Academy cases

NHRA All Access - powered by Cleeng

We have announced the Cleeng Portal 2.0 and its features in one of our previous blog posts. Now, let’s see how it looks in a live environment, and how some of our clients are using it to sell live and replay video. Improved user experience, video categorization, previews, and articles are some of the new features in this last release.