Pacquiao vs Horn: Watch the Official Online PPV at Cleeng

Pacquiao vs Horn - online PPV live stream

Sunday, July 2, 11.00am AEST: If you are based in Australia, you can watch the Brisbane battle between Pacquiao vs Horn online, from home or on-the-go. (more…)

Boost Your Video Ticket Sales With Coupons Marketing

Cleeng coupons - new dashboard

Today’s consumers are more tuned than ever and as such, demand value. 


Our new Publisher Dashboard brings more data and clarity (Video)

New Cleeng Publisher Dashboard

The new Publisher Dashboard brings advanced analytics and next-level user experience that will help you, the Cleeng publishers, make business decisions easier and grow the bottom line from your content. With features like subscriber and churn management, revenue tracking and direct access to customer support, you have much more clarity of their business.


Cleeng’s Contribution to the Open Source Software Community

Zend Framework Cleeng

Credit: Github

This is going to be a bit different post than the previous. It will not be an article about a hot industry trend or a new Cleeng update. I’ll leave that to my marketing colleagues. As a tech guy, I will discuss the importance of the open source community for the development teams in software companies like ours.


We Have a New VP of Sales for Live Video! [Q&A]

Salvatore Romana at Cleeng

We are ecstatic to introduce our new VP of Sales for Live Video, Salvatore Romana based in our NYC office. Coming from our OVP partner Livestream, Sal has tons of accumulated experience in the live video business. He helped build the company’s sales force in the past 6 years and he will be a strong reinforcement for us, as an ambitious and high-potential vendor.