Pay-per-view & subscriptions membership with the new Cleeng WordPress plug-in


We recently reached the 3000 downloads milestone – this is really a fantastic news. Cleeng’s monetization solution is now used by multiple websites, including large publishers like LaTribune.

And this is just the beginning, today we are introducing our new Cleeng WordPress plug-in capable of managing both pay-per-item AND subscriptions,

On top of the key Cleeng monetization features:

  • In-page monetization: to maintain traffic and ad revenue
  • Protection of any type of content: image, text, video all behind a secure layer delivered on any platform (iOS, Android, etc..)
  • Dynamically adapt up to 35 different multiple payment methods
  • Customer support and consolidated reporting tools
  • And for sure:

We have now added a unique functionality surmounting another hurdle to successful content monetization, and providing you with the most advanced monetization solution. Sounds too good to be true? So what’s new:

– Pay per item and subscription, all using the same tool

We have just enabled the subscription module to improve your customer management and let you foster privileged relationship with your readers. Several options are available from: daily pass, weekly, monthly to annual subscription. You just have to set-up the price and decide which options to display using the two buttons. That’s how it will look like in your settings (direct access here if you have already a publisher account):

Note that VAT is only available if you are a publisher based in EEC, so you need to take this into account when setting up your pricing.

Once completed, your consumers can buy directly from your website, using the same straight-forward, award winning confirmation screen to boost your conversions. All processes are still fully secured and Https encrypted.


– We have reached a new level in helping you to monetize your content easily, providing you with improved usability and further clarified functionalities. We have updated the WordPress directory with screenshots, tutorials, videos and marketing materials to guide you through the (still super fast) process.


We are in no doubt that this new release will further appeal and attract new content creators, eager to prove that content monetization can be successful, so join the movement download the Cleeng WordPress plug-in and start selling your digital content: text, images, video it works!

Please let us know what you think, and how we might further improve it! Thank you.


  • I produce training video courses for real estate agents. I write, narrate, conduct the webinars, then convert to video using GotoWebinar.

    My market needs to be able to:

    1 Purchase our right access to but not download the videos
    2. Subscribe on a monthly basis to access
    3. Purchase the ability to download one time

    Can your system provide this?

    I love the pay per click for viewers as well..advertisers

  • Donald Res

    Hi David,

    This is exactly what our system can do. If you use WordPress (it seems so); just download and install the plugin and it speaks for itself.

    Good luck! And let us know how you like it.

  • Manav Sehgal

    Do you integrate with WordPress user registration database? What user-reg fields do you capture, which I can see at my end? Custom fields?