Introducing DRISC: Taking Down Illegal Streams Made Easy

Remove pirated live streams - Cleeng DRISC

Cleeng DRISC enables the broadcaster to control the session of a given user consuming online video content. Together with the existing Cleeng security solutions, this tool guarantees that revenues will not be compromised by fraudulent activities.


Sports Streaming Piracy Just Received a New Hit

sports streaming piracy update


The topic of video piracy has been a hot topic in the world of online streaming as of late – particularly when it comes to sports entertainment. A couple of new developments seem to put the “nail in the coffin” to pirated live streams in the UK.  (more…)

The Fight Against SVOD Piracy is Picking Up Momentum

SVOD piracy news

Credit: Cynopsis

Much like when the DVD was in its prime, now that SVOD is thriving across the globe, there is a whole host of pirates just waiting to get their greasy paws on your content. Let’s check on the latest updates on the ever-present fight against piracy in the video world.  (more…)

The Live PPV Piracy Battle Just Got More Interesting

Live PPV piracy

Credit: Los Angeles Times

With great video content, comes video piracy. Let’s lay down the recent developments in the world of live streaming that added a new dimension to video piracy. 


Video Piracy is Targeting Most Streaming Devices and Sports

streaming video piracy

Do you remember those terrible pirated DVDs that when watched, displayed the sound of crunching popcorn and creaking cinema seats? These illegally pirated copies plagued the film industry for many years, until the likes of OTT and SVOD came along.


Can Forensic Watermarking Solve Live Streaming Piracy?

Forensic watermarking for live streaming piracy


What’s forensic watermarking and how can it serve to help prevent live streaming piracy? Before we get into that, ponder this….

Remember the days of DVDs.