Roger McNamee on the new web: premium content returns!

Benedicte Guichard| Tue May 08 2012 CET| News

Elevation Partners’ Roger McNamee  brighten my day today claiming in the interview below that: “Everything That Mattered Over the Last Eight Years Won’t Matter Anymore and that HTML5 will be the next big thing”. Elevation Partners is a leading private equity firm focused on large-scale investments in media, entertainment and technology businesses. Among their prestigious portfolio we find: Facebook, Forbes or Marketshare…

No doubt that his vision for the future of the web will make sense to the publishing industry and content creators: 3 messages extracted from his 13-minute videos were particularly interesting in terms of content monetization:

– First he explained that the commoditization of content, as we have been knowing it for the last decade has come to an end. Not only premium and highly differentiated content will prevail, but both content creators and users will benefit from it and to a certain extend, software vendors that enable it.

– According to McNamee, HTML5 will be the next big thing because “it will allow new form of monetization for content that have never been possible online before” as it free the user from existing constraints coming from Flash or Apple devices and basically will allow in-page monetization that brings more convenience to the consumer.

– He also stressed that more convenience will bring more engagement from the user which is key for a successful content monetization.

Quality content coupled with maximum convenience for users is what brings value, that’s too Cleeng’s philosophy. As McNamee pointed out at the beginning of his interview, software vendors, like Cleeng, have a key role to enable it: providing publishers and content creators with a smart way to:

– monetize premium content in context including HTML5 and Facebook

– develop new business models combining ads, pay per view, metred paywall or subscription

– increase conversion rates and revenue per user

Do you share McNamee vision? Let us know you thoughts.




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