Sell easily content online: How Gumroad and Cleeng compare?

Gilles Domartini| Tue May 08 2012 CET| OTT Industry


We got today several emails from publishers asking what were the main differences between using Cleeng and Gumroad.

It is always challenging to compare solutions, as every company would tell you they are completely unique. Gumroad is certainly the same, yet we can appreciate that for content publishers, our aims are very similar: we want to make it very easy for any website owner or content producer, from writers, artists, photographers, broadcaster, teachers, etc, to sell their content to their users.

Because a simple table often tells more than a long analysis, we’ve tried to stay as impartial as possible and answer below this question: how Gumroad and Cleeng compare?

What do you think? Are the 2 solutions really comparable actually? Let us know.


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