[Discontinued after June, 2018] Cleeng Roku Channel Lets You Sell Live Events Instantly

Benedicte Guichard| Fri Jun 17 2016 CET| Cleeng Nuts & Bolts

Cleeng Roku Channel

UPDATE: The Cleeng Roku channel has been discontinued after June, 2018

Roku streaming device - market share in the US

Viewers love streaming media devices

Streaming media devices are getting all the hype nowadays, rightfully. Those type of devices recorded the biggest growth among all video device types in 2015, shows a research report from audience technology firm YuMe and audience measurement provider Verto Analytics.

As consumers embrace streaming media devices and Cleeng surges the US market, our commitment in expanding into these digital platforms is a no-brainer. Among U.S. households, Roku leads the way, with 37% market share (according to the recent Parks Associates report).

End-users love them mostly because they are able to enjoy their favorite live shows and replays from the comfort of their sofa.

How Cleeng Roku Channel helps broadcasters

For broadcasters, delivering live shows and replays to audiences that prefer using a Roku device has never been easier. Cleeng broadcasters now have the opportunity to set up a live event webcast to Roku players and Roku TV via a simple configuration.


Cleeng Roku channel - live and replay events


What does this mean for live broadcasters? Simply, they are able to:
  • configure the Roku webcast with minimal costs;
  • reach the vast Roku audience;
  • start selling tickets, subscriptions and passes instantly.

Broadcasters doing one-off events with Cleeng, will benefit from the channel most since on start, they will have a ready platform and a big market to reach.

The Cleeng Live PPV channel is available on Roku players and Roku TV models within the Web Video category. We have already recorded over 6000 successful installations from happy users, which is an encouraging milestone. 


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