E-cinema: Learn from the VOD success of the film ‘Kickback’

Monika| Thu Jul 02 2015 CET| Clients & Partners

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VOD has rapidly become the ‘go-to’ self-distribution outlet for many indie filmmakers who want to sell video On-demand films independently while bypassing the traditional distribution channels.

But there is yet another strong group of early adopters who now have their wings and are ready to fly: the multiple-awarded filmmakers who are actively embracing the lucrative On-demand niche to capture their audiences right where they are – online.

They recognize that the VOD realm extends beyond the big-name brands. Even with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies & TV and Blinkbox at the forefront, there is still plenty of room for others. For acknowledged directors, having their own e-cinema channel is far more beneficial than just being thrown into the same Netflix bag with other creators.

VOD offers them an easy way to position themselves and stand out in the ever-so-competitive online environment. This is especially true if they want to pass a provoking and intelligent message to the viewers who are searching for something else beyond the blockbusters.

An excellent example to prove this point is the case of our client, the UPL Group,which represents the awarded French movie director Franck Phelizon.

They created an outstanding e-cinema experience and a thriving VOD outlet for Phelizon’s latest creation, the movie, ‘Kickback’. This intoxicating story was edited by Roman Polansky’s renowned editor, Hervé De Luze, and features many top French cinema stars, including Daniel Duval and Lee Delong.

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The movie was widely promoted during this year’s Cannes Cinema Festival, and it has shown immense online potential as well, even to become a popular hit. At the present moment, ‘Kickback’ has been purchased and viewed online by more than 60K aficionados!

As Franck Phelizon summed up:

It has been a fascinating experience to release Kickback in e-cinema, a new thrilling way of sharing art. Production and distribution must be adapted using more and more internet facilities. However, the release still benefits from the same promo standards as a theatrical release.


What can you pick up from the ‘Kickback’ VOD release we powered? Let’s first take a closer look at the website itself:

sell video on demand
sell video on demand



Preparing to go online with your movies? Here are the key takeaways to help you succeed:

  • Package it well: Invest in a well-designed website that is not only beautiful and clear, but also highly responsive, especially since most of your viewers will access it on-the-go from mobile devices. Include all of the crucial information that your audience expects, such as a trailer, a preview, the price and a rental period. Enable one-click registration and purchasing, as well as local payment methods. Show off with some stats that lend credibility to your content. Give credit to your partners and sponsors. As a result, your VOD hub should evoke a feeling of stepping into a genuine e-cinema experience.
  • Throw in a little extra:  Add interviews with the crew members to offer a peek behind the scenes and as a supplement to your main VOD to allow you to grow conversions. Put some sincere work into exciting your viewers.
  • Drive the traffic, and the more, the better. For example, if you attract 1000 unique visitors to your website daily, and 100 of them will purchase a ticket at your $5 price, you will then end up with $500 in sales. While selling with Cleeng, you’ll get the best deal on the market in terms of revenue return, since you’ll keep 100% of what you earn. Compare this with Vimeo on-demand that keeps 10% of your revenue (that’s a lot!). Cleeng doesn’t take a cut on your sales besides what is collected on behalf of the payment providers (Credit cards, Paypal, SMS…). Further, use coupons and discounts. Leverage social sharing behavior – make it easy to find and re-share.
  • Capture your audience for good by smartly scaling your business model. Go beyond VOD and create long-term relationships with your buyers by offering a weekly or monthly subscription to showcase the progress of another movie. Or create a Live pay-per-view featuring broadcasted interviews with your crew.



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