It’s all about the story

Benedicte Guichard| Tue Dec 14 2010 CET| News

When we were considering how to market Cleeng, we knew we wanted to provide a straightforward message, a simple take-away and a strong reason to believe. As marketers, we were convinced that these were the key ingredients for a successful launch. We also wanted to our story to have a human touch (and not just be a list of dry facts).

That’s why we opted to invest our rather limited marketing budget in video storytelling. And when I stumbled across this article by Mark McLeod Hendrickson my heart jumped. It looked like we had made the right choice.

Right partner for the right tool

We choose to produce a 2-minute video. It seemed the ideal medium to convey the Cleeng concept and to leverage the Internet’s viral ability to spread a good story.

We started by looking at different examples of video storytelling. Our research quickly led us to Epipheo Studios. We didn’t hesitate getting in touch with them. Storytelling is in their genes and they’ve done great work for some of the biggest names in the business like Facebook and Google.

The beauty of the 2-minute format is that it’s bite-sized and filling. In other words, when done right, it lets us cover everything we have to say without being long-winded. No mean feat, because there was a long list of things we wanted to say.

–       The frustrations publishers encounter everyday. The shortcomings of online ads and pay walls. How they limit viewership and make it difficult to make money from ads.

–       The big idea behind Cleeng. How we fixed the problem with a simple and flexible way for publishers to monetize different types of content. A solution designed to complement, not replace, subscriptions and advertising.

–       How Cleeng works. It gives publishers a flexible way to hide part of their content behind a Cleeng layer. That way viewers can get a feel for what they’re buying before they buy it. Then they purchase the content they want for a few cents with one click. Cleeng works with text, video and images. Content is accessible immediately from any internet-enabled platform or device.

–       Call to action: Cleeng is a free plug-in that takes just a few minutes to install and works with existing publishing tools. In just 10 minutes publishers could be earning additional revenue. It’s time to stop depending on old revenue models. It’s time to install Cleeng and take control of your content and the money it can earn today.

The creation process took a couple of weeks. We worked closely with Ben Crawford, Epipheo’s executive producer, to find a way to turn the Cleeng concept into a compelling story – a story that would appeal to bloggers and publishers. They did a great job of turning a complex subject into a lighthearted, informative story.

Since the video went online a couple days ago we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response. Definitely looks like there’s truth in the adage “The more life you give your story, the more your story will spread.”

It’s also convinced us to produce a second video. 90 seconds this time, aimed at explaining Cleeng to consumers. Stay tuned.

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