Broadband Speed and Adoption Are Driving SVOD Growth


In this post, we’ll discuss the most important factors for OTT acceptance. The enhancements in broadband speed and the increasing internet adoption give a great rationale for further growth of subscription video.


The Current State of Kid-Centric SVOD Services

SVOD services kids

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As the realms of SVOD and OTT grow and develop, more and more kids’ are consuming video content on mobile devices.


Authenticated Viewing as a Viable Video Monetization Model

Auth viewing

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Authentication emerges as a great model for the leading premium video publishers, that serve either live and on-demand video. Its flexibility gives a lots of options for the publisher to charge retrieve the costs for distribution and make significant revenue.


What Are Today’s OTT Consumers Looking For?

TVN Play Chile - SVOD service

By now it’s safe to say that people are fond of OTT and SVOD services. Life is fast-paced and as consumers, we need something that we have control over as modern life no longer caters to the fusty old ways of yesteryear. But, the way in which OTT has grown, and is expected to grow in such a short period, has taken almost everyone by surprise. In this post, we’ll analyze the users preferences when it comes to consuming OTT content. 


Is the Rise of SVOD TV Driven by Multi-Device Connectivity?

SVOD and connected devices


We’ve said it many times before, but we’ll say it again: people in today’s world are taking charge of their entertainment viewing destinies and choosing flexibly over clunky TV sets and rigid programme scheduling. Subscription video on demand services have the most significant role in changing viewing patterns.  (more…)

VOD Movies vs The Cinema

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Whether it’s a cutting-edge historical drama, a soppy rom-com or anything in between, everyone loves a feature length movie of some kind – it is one of the best forms of escapism, after all. On-demand content has been hot for a while, and movies are the main driver of its popularity.