Vimeo users can now generate more revenue, content commerce is happening!

Benedicte Guichard| Fri Sep 21 2012 CET| Cleeng news

As reported earlier in our recent September blog post, content commerce resonates extremely well in many Vimeo user’s minds.Yesterday’s Vimeo announcement clearly adds to this notion and is a giant step into the direction of content commerce showing that the movement is indeed happening now!

Consumers are frequently buying all forms of digital publications from books, movies, shows and magazines. You, as artists, video creators and media publishers don’t want to miss the opportunity. The industry is listening and has started to change but doing ecommerce is not easy. Taking a peek at some of the comments left after yesterday’s Vimeo announcement identifies many of the challenges that publishers are facing when it comes to content monetization, specifically difficulties such as device compatibility,  inclusive of mobile and iOS devices; geographical coverage & different currencies; choice of payment methods; and even managing the user experience without leaving your site. See for yourself:

Interesting. We hope you remember us Europeans and other nationalities. Please include all currencies and other payment options as well, because very few own credit cards in Europe, where you have a massive and active fanbase. Gosh. Vimeo gives us so much. 

Richard Jensen
I like the idea in theory. But there are a lot of people who have issues with PayPal.

MSV Action Oy
Hi there and thanks for great new feature. The idea that people have to visit vimeo site for tipping (or paying in the future) is not good. For example, using portfolio at my own website (with iframe) user has to have a possibility to make tipping (or paying) right away without leaving the site.

Vimeo’s announcement is important as it puts a substantial emphasis on video monetization and provides the opportunity for Vimeans to evaluate various solutions that the market offers. But why wait for full pay-per-view monetization? Today Cleeng is excited to announce our Cleeng PLAY for Vimeo offering.

Cleeng PLAY allows video publishers like you, to:

– Protect any Vimeo video in less than 2 minutes
– Adjust to varying business models: pay per view, rentals and subscriptions
– Embed the protected video on any of your websites, including Facebook.Viewers can pay for and watch the video without leaving your web site
– Works with and on any device, including those using HTML5 only.
– Immediately accept major credit cards, PayPal and even mobile payments. We provide payment methods in over 87 countries.
– And so much more: see all of our unique features
Best of all, this service is ready for you to start selling your videos immediately! Why wait? Sign-up today for a free Publisher account, and  Give it a try  !


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