Cleeng empowers Top Tier OTT Broadcasters and Sports Organisations
to tackle churn at all the stages of the subscriber journey.

Grow your OTT business by reducing churn

A reduction in monthly churn rates from 12% to 10% will, on average, increase your subscription revenue by 28% over a 12-month period. See for yourself what financial results you can expect by reducing churn with our easy to use Churn Forecaster.

Our unique 360 degree view of the subscriber journey
helps us tackle churn head on by aggregating data from over 80 data sources.

Video EngagementPayment BehaviorCustomer Satisfaction

Predictive Churn Behaviours

Identify subscribers at-risk of churn, score and segment them by behaviours to build even better targeted marketing programs.

Easy to Deploy Integrations

Easily Integrate with NPAW/Youbora or other QoS platforms, add a NPS widget to your apps, integrate with Payment and Zendesk tools.

80+ Different eCommerce Data Sources

From user profiles to login information, promotional activities to payments and customer satisfaction, form a full view of your subscriber activities.

Powerful & Beautiful Dashboards

Easily understand how churn affects your business and what actions to implement. Show management the recovered revenue.

Root Cause Diagnostics

Understand WHY your customers are cancelling subscriptions. We correlate different data sources to help identify critical mitigation actions.

Master Customer Data List

Easily export data into your own BI and CRM environments to further enrich customer profiles.

Proactive Marketing Actions

Out-of-the-box automated functions (dunning, subscriber cancellation mitigation) and create ad-hoc campaigns.

Centralised Subscriber Data

Critical data points from multiple databases are centralised into 1-single repository and updated in real-time.

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