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  • Registration or pay-per-view
  • Payment in 167 countries
  • Social login (1-click registration FB and Google)
  • Precise geo-restrictions
  • 60+ Coupons, social discounts

Live experience

  • Scalable landing page
  • Easily reach 10% conversion rate
  • Access and payment from any device
  • Live support within 15 minutes
  • Robust piracy prevention
  • Real-time reporting
  • Optimised user flow to reduce viewers inquiries

After the show

  • Easily set up VOD replays
  • Sell rentals, bundles, passes
  • Build subscription & membership
  • In-depth viewership intelligence
  • Financial reporting
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Easy to use
Streaming live pay-per-view video used to be hard - not anymore!
Available worldwide
Choose where you want to sell your video. Cleeng supports payments in 167 countries, 14 languages and 22 currencies.
Quick configuration
Create your live PPV event in 2 minutes and start selling tickets right away.
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Set up your event for free. Once you start selling, you will be charged a tiny transaction fee. Pay as you grow.

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