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Knowing a good deal about PPV platform (I helped build ours and then supported the users for years on it) you guys are doing everything right and have a great feature set. The UX is very easy to follow and provides great feedback and details the broadcasters want. Looking forward to a successful partnership together.
Alden Fertig – VP, Product

Technology partner


410 Townsend Street,
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94107
+1 (415) 489-9400


IBM is a leading HD streaming video platform IBM’s socially-fueled video platform has powered more than 85 million live streams (more than 2 billion viewer-hours of content!) across the globe.

Check out how Cleeng and IBM experts demonstrate how a video publisher can boost revenues by setting up a pay-per-view live stream. The webinar contains great tips and best practices on how to reach your online viewership with top-notch live content.

  • Adding a paywall to your video assets;
  • Discussing pricing strategies for selling your content;
  • Covering distribution tactics on a geographic and mobile level;
  • Examining promotional techniques to influence buyers