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Working with a Live PPV specialist can save you a lot of time and development costs.

Working with a Live PPV specialist can boost your conversion rate and ultimately your ROI.

Working with a Live PPV specialist can help you define your best pricing strategy.

Setting up a successful Direct-to-Consumer strategy can be challenging, but working with a specialist can increase your chances for success.


When you are building your monetization platform, you consider the costs of design, streaming, along with landing page and e-commerce checkout development.

What level of streaming quality are you aiming for?

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How many tickets do you estimate to sell?

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How much do you plan to charge per
ticket for your Live PPV event?


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Based on your entries, your ROI is negative.

Improve your results profits by {{profitPercent}}% with Cleeng!

Based on your entries, we estimate that you could generate {{cleeng.net - homeGrown.net | currency:currency:0}} more in profits from your success-bound Cleeng event.

Improve your results with Cleeng!

Based on your entries, we estimate that you could generate {{cleeng.net - homeGrown.net | currency:currency:0}} more in profits from your success-bound Cleeng event.

Home Grown Cleeng
Revenues {{homeGrown.revenue | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.revenue | currency:currency:0}}
Costs {{homeGrown.cost | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.cost | currency:currency:0}}
Profits {{homeGrown.net | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.net | currency:currency:0}}

Do you want to understand the logic behind this calculation? Grab your results and we will explain you everything about conversion rates, customer care and operation fees.

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Want to know in detail how your ROI is calculated?

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Dear {{roiForm.firstName}}, based on your entries we did the math for you:

Home Grown
Site development ? {{homeGrown.siteDevelopment | currency:currency:0}} {{0 | currency:currency:0}}
For any event, you will need a website to direct your traffic to. If you already have one, you need a dedicated section for managing your live pay-per-views. Such sites must be using responsive design so they work on all devices – computers, phones, tablets and smart TVs. Then comes the mandatory functions including a 1-click registration process, all social media integrations and couponing & promotional solution system, not to mention translations and popular payment methods for your users. All of this has been properly tested.

With Cleeng Live, our cloud-based templates provide all the tools you need: full landing page, player to embed on your existing site(s), registration with Facebook or Google and much more. No need to spend a fortune with building it, we have done it for more than 5000 publishers already, from top brands to smaller event organizers.
Site maintenance ? {{homeGrown.siteMaintenance | currency:currency:0}} {{0 | currency:currency:0}}
Once set up, the site needs to be configured, tested and optimized prior, during and after the live event so that your viewers can transact super fast. The Cleeng SaaS platform spares you from all the costs associated with a domain, hosting and databases. Cleeng deals with the load testing, SSL acceleration, high peak traffic increase and high velocity transactions. Nothing needs to be done on your side.
Recording & production costs ? {{homeGrown.promotionalCosts | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.promotionalCosts | currency:currency:0}}
These are your typical fixed costs for organizing a live stream: capturing the action live – having the cameras, sound, and everything properly mastered at your location. You also need to invest in the promotion of your event: create press awareness, use social media and partner with media outlets. The more you communicate with your customers the better.
Live streaming fees ? {{homeGrown.liveStreamingFees | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.liveStreamingFees | currency:currency:0}}
You as the publisher need to set up your own broadcast and streaming accounts. Based on your quality expectations and global footprint for the event, there are many solutions available at different prices from top Online Video Platforms, for example Brightcove, Ooyala, Livestream, IBM, Dailymotion and many others, to secure a seamless and faultless streaming experience. The Cleeng team can assist if you need advise.
Expected quality ? {{qualityLevel[level]}} {{qualityLevel[level]}}
A few minutes ago, we asked you to specify the level of quality you expect (Entry/Mid or High). Such selection had an impact on the fixed costs above and also on the conversion rate (the higher quality of the experience, the higher the conversion rate).
Total fixed costs {{homeGrown.total | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.total | currency:currency:0}}
Traffic required ? {{visitors | number}} {{cleengVisitors | number}}
Projected number of unique visitors that will arrive on the live event page (taking into account your Facebook followers, YouTube subscribers to best estimate your total traffic). The conversion rate will be based on this number to calculate the number of tickets sold: this is the ratio of people who successfully bought a ticket.
Conversion rate ? {{homeGrown.conversionRate | percentage:2}} {{cleeng.conversionRate | percentage:2}}
Several factors can greatly influence your conversion rate. From a truly responsive design that is easy embed to your website and CRM tools, to fully featured landing page, Cleeng has mastered all of these criteria’s to help you convert more visitors into customers. Nowadays 20% of our customers prefer to stream events on their mobiles and 10% on tablets. Cleeng’s fully responsive design will bring a significant impact on your conversions. People are always connected to their social media account and do not want to remember their password, that is why up to 35% of viewers prefer to log in this way. Cleeng’s optimized Social sign-on and optimized user authentication ease content access and conversions!

Leverage the power of your brand and convert your fans. Use Cleeng’s API for authentication for web and mobile apps to provide a seamless user experience and sell directly from your website. Pre-booking is essential to the success of your event and can impact your sales by up to 40% - Create a page in 5 minutes with Cleeng and start selling as soon as your event is ready. The sooner your event is set up, the easier it is to start promoting and let your fans spread the word. Whether you want to do a seasonal campaign, offer social discounts or send special campaigns for VIP customers, Cleeng offers 25 different couponing options that could attract specific targeted audiences.

Cleeng also supports 170 payment methods to increase conversions with local customers in different locations that have different types of payment preferences.
Expected ticket sales {{homeGrown.ticketsSold | number}} {{cleeng.ticketsSold | number}}
Ticket price ? {{price | currency:currency:0}} {{price | currency:currency:0}}
Enter the price that you will charge for your Live PPV event. Your potential revenue will be based on the number of tickets sold times the ticket price.
Gross revenues {{homeGrown.revenue | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.revenue | currency:currency:0}}
Percentage of inquiries ? 4.0% 1.2%
The percentage of customer support inquiries out of the total number of tickets sold for your event. Cleeng provides an optimized funneling of the end user journey to help you reduce the amount of inquiries by up to 2.8%. From password recovery, purchase receipts to self explanatory FAQs and direct access to videos, all difficulties are already processed for you.
Costs per inquiry ? {{8 | currency:currency:0}} {{0 | currency:currency:0}}
Cost per inquiry is the labor cost for managing all the customer support inquiries. Good news, it is integrated in Cleeng’s fees!
Support costs ? {{homeGrown.supportCosts | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.supportCosts | currency:currency:0}}
These costs represent the cost per inquiry x the % of inquiries x the number of tickets sold. Cleeng lets you save on these costs, as they are included in our fees!
Refund rate 3.0% 0.8%
Refunded customers ? {{homeGrown.refundedCustomers | number}} {{cleeng.refundedCustomers | number}}
Cleeng’s integrated support processes for managing your users and dealing with inquiries prevents these inquiries from turning into refunds. Support inquiries for live events are answered within 15 minutes to avoid negative feedback and public complaints.
Refunded revenues {{homeGrown.refundedRevenue | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.refundedRevenue | currency:currency:0}}
Streaming fees ? {{homeGrown.streamingFees | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.streamingFees | currency:currency:0}}
Streaming and payment fees are connected to the number of tickets sold.
Payment fees {{homeGrown.paymentFees | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.paymentFees | currency:currency:0}}
Cleeng Core fees ? {{0 | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.cleengFees | currency:currency:0}}
These fees include the costs of using the Cleeng Core module to manage users identity & access, offer product entitlement, and use real-time analytics dashboard.
Customer support fees ? {{homeGrown.customerSupportFees | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.cleengHi5Fees | currency:currency:0}}
These fees include the costs of using the Cleeng Hi5 module to manage end-user inquiries with OTT specialists (24/7 multilingual support), establish pre-built FAQ help-center, and integrate support workflows.
Event readiness fees ? {{0 | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.eventRedinessFees | currency:currency:0}}
The event readiness fees are the costs for the setup and preparation of a live event. Before launching the event, Cleeng’s staff checks all the key setup elements for you and offers a sandbox environment for testing before deployment. See for yourself the increase of net profit you could get by working with Cleeng. Decrease your costs while improving your profits.
Total costs {{homeGrown.cost | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.cost | currency:currency:0}}
Net profits {{homeGrown.net | currency:currency:0}} {{cleeng.net | currency:currency:0}}
Increase in net profits % {{profitPercent | number}}%

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