Tattoo 3.0

Powerful Anti-Piracy Solution for OTT Broadcasters

Effectively counter screencasting and account sharing threats with a plugin you can integrate in days.

Shut Down Illegal Streams with the latest Watermarking Technology

Each watermark contains rich user information which empowers you to identify and take immediate action against fraudulent usage - in every scenario

On-screen messaging

Displays the rightful owner of the content, while also containing the information needed to identify the subscriber who is sharing the stream.

Proprietary Watermark

The proprietary watermark is to remind the viewer that the content is tagged, so they will think twice before sharing it illegally.

Imperceptible Watermark

This advanced watermark is invisible to the viewer during the broadcast, protecting your content without compromising the viewing experience

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Live Streaming Piracy: Are We Winning This Epic Battle?

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Weightless integration for a seamless user experience

  • Easy to Implement

    Easy to implement in the client application and requires minimal code changes in your client applications.

  • Robust against different attacks

    The plugin has a heart-beat connection to a back-end server. This makes it resilient to many different forms of attacks (such as DOM manipulation).

  • Highly Scalable

    Due to the nature of the setup, Tattoo 3.0 is highly scalable and doesn’t require any costly infrastructure changes on your end.

  • Fully CDN Agnostic

    Compatible with multi-CDN strategies as it is fully CDN agnostic. Tattoo 3.0 works best in combination with DRMs.

  • Subscriber Management System (SMS) agnostic

    The plugin retrieves authentication information either directly from Cleeng Core, or it can be integrated with any other authentication system via JSON Web Tokens (JWT).



Of millennials share passwords for streaming services


Are ready to pay when sharing is not an option.

Source: Hill and Magic

Minimize account sharing with Dynamic Real-Time Identification and Session Control (DRISC)

You can control the number of sessions a user account can have at a single time, without compromising a smooth user experience across devices.

Uncompromising user experience

DRISC follows the user. It ensures a seamless user experience across devices as your viewer switches access from one device to another, ending one session and starting the new one.

Counteract fraudulent behavior

Our active session control also allows you to block a fraudulent account and instantly end the playback stream in the client application.

Real-Time session control and Insights

Using our security dashboard, you can see the number of blocked viewers, blocked streams, and active sessions at that time.

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Defense in depth

Tattoo 3.0 gives you multi-layered protection that defends your content without complicating the delivery of your subscription service

Multi-Level Watermarking

Visible and imperceptible watermarks to prevent and discourage file sharing and screencasting.

Identification & Session Control

Limit the number of devices connected from one account, and protect the content from inappropriate account sharing.

SMS & Player Agnostic

Irrespective of which Subscriber Management System (SMS) you use, you can implement and connect with Tattoo 3.0 in your preferred player.

Instant Detection

Instant watermark detection and hack alerts to quickly identify fraudulent users.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with every device and operating system, minimizing conflicts and integration challenges.

Fast Implementation

Cleeng’s integrated technologies ensure fast deployment.

Strengthen Your Security. Keep Your Flexibility.

Get Stronger

Screencasting and unauthorized account sharing is a serious threat to a video subscription business, losing you both existing subscribers and new sign-ups. Tattoo 3.0 gives you a multi-direction defense, instantly identifying fraudulent users and allowing you to take immediate action.

Stay Flexible

Traditional security solutions in OTT are often complex to implement, and do not work smoothly with existing DRM and CDN strategies. Tattoo 3.0 is an evolution in OTT security, emphasizing ease of implementation - and minimizing disruption to your operations.

Video security functionalityTattoo 3.0Traditional Solutions
ArchitectureClient & Server-sideServer-side
ConfigurationPlayer levelServer level
User-specific watermarkyesyes
Onscreen Messagingyesno
Visible Watermarkyesno
Imperceptible Watermarkyesyes
Speed of deploymentDaysMonths
Detection time [scan and trace]Print ScreenFeed of minutes
Subscriber management system agnosticyesyes
Active session controlyesno
Real-time reportingyesno

How Tattoo Protects The World’s Biggest Events

Losses due to digital piracy in 2018 are estimated at $37.4 billion, the equivalent of 67% of industry revenue. Cleeng protects the content of major global events such as the FIFA World Cup and Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, and minimizes their exposure to this risk. Learn how Cleeng Tattoo helped Golden Boy Promotions disrupt and shut down piracy during the biggest boxing matchup of 2018.

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Securing premium content worldwide

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A Complete Architecture for OTT Optimization

Subscriber Retention Management modules designed for OTT broadcasters