Churn IQ

Predict And Prevent Subscriber Churn

Understand your subscriber behavior, anticipate risk, and automate smart marketing actions to maximise subscription revenues.

360º subscriber journey

ChurnIQ uniquely tackles subscription cancellations at every stage of the subscriber journey. All in a single dashboard.

Smart segmentation

Segment subscribers by payment churn, video engagement, and customer satisfaction data analytics for more targeted retention actions.

Grow subcriber value

Leverage in-depth insights to push new video content, experiment with video streaming offers and build customer loyalty.

Get valuable insights about video engagement and turn them into winning marketing campaigns

ChurnIQ provides in-depth video data analytics to track how subscribers evolve and consume content over time.

Granular video play data

ChurnIQ captures real-time data from the subscriber's video consumption, such as engagement frequency, total play time, unique videos watched and more.

Segment by video engagement levels

View automatically generated subscriber segments categorised by their level of engagement with your content. Quickly identify the content that works with your audience and improve the lifetime value of your paying subscribers.

Cleeng insights

Getting a grip on OTT churn

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Discover and eliminate the drivers
of viewer dissatisfaction

No more guess work. Know what’s making your subscribers unhappy

Get a detailed root cause analysis of why subscribers cancel your video subscription services. ChurnIQ provides a breakdown of cancellation reasons ranging from content quality, affordability, streaming performance, competition and more. These insights allow you to develop relevant, impactful marketing and win-back campaigns.

You can instantly assess the health of your subscriber loyalty with ChurnIQ’s consolidated NPS (net promoter score) and QoS (quality of service) reports.These reports keep you a step ahead of churn causes, giving you time to react and prevent losses to your subscriber base.

  • Early identification of subscribers at-risk of cancelling
  • Tailored subscriber messaging that directly targets the right persuasion point
  • Integration of multiple streams of viewer satisfaction data

Prevent payment failures with proactive, data driven Dunning management

Stop payment processing cancellations before they happen

Involuntary subscriber cancellations are a major driver of OTT churn, and the most avoidable. ChurnIQ identifies the root causes of your payment processing problems, and tells which methods are losing you the most subscribers.

Cleeng's ChurnIQ automates your Dunning actions, and lets you track the effectiveness of your Dunning system over time. You can also target specific customer segments to maximise your recovered revenue every month.

  • Flexible Dunning actions
  • Payment churn segments
  • Visual payment analytics
  • Track Dunning performance

How ChurnIQ is revolutionizing subscriber
retention in OTT

Hear from Cleeng product manager Jason Wong, and the Tennis Channel’s Ari Brock & Brian Johnson about how ChurnIQ will change subscriber management in OTT

How would reducing churn impact your
OTT revenues?

The key to revenue growth in the subscription video business

Small improvements in monthly churn or reductions in monthly subscriber cancellations lead to big long-term revenue gain. Churn rate optimization — reducing the number of customers who abandon your product or service — is more essential to your profitability and long-term success than conversion rate optimization.

A reduction in monthly churn rates from 12% to 10% will, on average, increase your subscription revenue by 28% over a 12-month period. See for yourself what financial results you can expect by reducing churn with our easy to use Churn Forecaster.

Understand, manage, and predict churn from
every angle

Develop effective strategies for tackling churn throughout the entire subscriber journey. Leverage subscriber data to grow your user base and increase ARPU.

80+ Different eCommerce Data Sources

From user profiles to video analytics, promotional activities to payments and customer satisfaction, form a full view of your subscriber activities.

Unique 360º Subscriber Journey View

Critical data points from multiple databases are centralized into 1-single repository and updated in real-time.

Proactive Marketing Actions

Out-of-the-box automated functions (dunning, subscriber cancellation mitigation) and create ad-hoc campaigns.

Dunning Actions

Recover revenues with automated payment collection retries and failure notifications to optimally reduce involuntary payment churn.

Powerful & Beautiful Dashboards

Easily understand how churn affects your business and what actions to implement. Show management the recovered revenue.

Predictive Churn Scoring

Identify subscribers at-risk of churn, score and segment them by behaviours to build even better targeted marketing programs.

Data Rich Customer Segmentation

Easily export data into your own BI and CRM environments to further enrich customer profiles.

Root Cause Diagnostics

Understand why your customers are cancelling subscriptions. We correlate different data sources to help identify critical mitigation actions.

Easy to Deploy Integrations

Easily Integrate with NPAW/Youbora or other QoS platforms, add a NPS widget to your apps, integrate with Payment and Zendesk tools.

A Complete Architecture for Subscriber Retention Management

Specialised Payment & Billing, Churn Analytics, and Customer Care solutions