churnIQ - Smart & predictive churn analytics

Predict And Prevent Subscriber Churn with ChurnIQ

ChurnIQ's advanced algorithms analyze vast amounts of data to predict churn probability accurately.

By detecting early warning signs and churn indicators, ChurnIQ provides you with actionable intelligence to prevent churn before it happens.

360º subscriber journey

ChurnIQ uniquely tackles subscription cancellations at every stage of the subscriber journey.

Smart segmentation

ChurnIQ also lets you easily analyze and create different segments. So you can quickly trigger the campaigns most likely to retain and grow that segment’s value.

Consolidate your data

ChurnIQ’s S3 data lake allows you to create a single view of your subscriber, no matter how many different tools you currently use.

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Unlock actionable subscriber insights

ChurnIQ's comprehensive retention analytics give you a holistic view of your subscriber base. With ChurnIQ, you gain valuable insights into subscriber behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. 

By understanding your subscribers on a granular level, you can personalize their experiences, deliver targeted content, and enhance satisfaction, ultimately driving higher retention rates.

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Using Data Effectively for Next-Level Subscriber Retention

Turn deep insights into effective actions

ChurnIQ bridges the gap between data and decisions for your entire team


Get the right insights

By identifying customer groups who show higher churn risk for specific reasons, ChurnIQ allows you to make targeted, timely interventions that reduce churn risk. You can experiment with multiple segmentation strategies, or combine them to develop powerful churn prevention processes. Learn how Tennis Channel uses ChurnIQ to make strategic, customer-focused decisions.


Connect insights to other tools to automate your strategies

Built on a state-of-the-art S3 data lake, ChurnIQ can integrate with hundreds of external CRM tools to trigger workflows and marketing campaigns. Alternatively, you can connect with Cleeng’s operational APIs and create campaigns directly on the Cleeng Core platform.
Find out how CBC achieved a 36% win-back rate for re-engaging lost customers

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How ChurnIQ is Revolutionizing Subscriber Retention

Cleeng’s data and user experience specialists explain how to build a data engine that powers long-term subscriber retention





up to 36%

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