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Select and deploy modules for your unique subscriber management needs with Cleeng's flexible product architecture

Cleeng Core free up to 1,500 Managed Users
Volume pricing starting from 5,000 Managed Users
Want to launch your direct to consumer platform quickly?
Leverage the most effective Subscriber Rentention ManagementTM platform with minimum
costs and brace yourself for growth!

Cleeng Core

Manage your subscribers like a pro!

Start in no time, your first 1,500 Managed Users are for free*.

Identity and access
Customer Service
Product entitlement
Analytics Dashboard
Subscription Billing
Promotions and Offers
*Above 1,500 Managed Users, our standard fee of $0.79 per Managed User / month, applies. The first tier of 1,500 Managed Users remains free for 1 year.


* Requires Cleeng Core

Payment & Checkout Optimization

$0.29 + 2.9% per transaction, all included

Seamless checkout experience
Tax managment
180+ payment methods
Out-of-the-box integration


* Requires Cleeng Core

Professional Customer Care staffing

$0.34 per Managed User, per month

Subscriber retention experts
Multilingual support
24/7 global operation
Enterprise solutions

Aiming big? Contact us for volume pricing.


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Levan Gvaramia
Chief Product Officer Setanta Sports Eurasia
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