Product Pricing

Select and deploy modules for your unique subscriber management needs with Cleeng's flexible product architecture

Cleeng Core

Effective subscriber management at any scale

All powerful features for only 0.79$ per month, per Managed User. Pay-as-You-Go pricing, No commitment. For enterprise clients, go as low as 0.09$ per Managed User per month.

Identity and access
Customer Service
Product entitlement
Analytics Dashboard
Subscription Billing
Promotions and Offers


* Requires Cleeng Core

Payment & Checkout Optimisation

Pay-As-You-Go pricing: 0.29$ + 2.9%, all included. If you need more details, contact sales for enterprise volume pricing.

Seamless checkout experience
Global tax managment
180+ payment methods
Out-of-the-box integration


* Requires Cleeng Core

Smart & Predictive Churn Analytics

From 0.08$ to 0.15$ per Managed User. If you don't get a positive ROI after 6 months, we refund you.

Root-cause diagnostics
Predictive churn behaviours
Proactive marketing actions
Dashboard analytics


Productized Customer Care

Starts from 0.34$ per Managed User, per month, for 24h SLA. Contact sales for more options.

Specialised OTT staffing
Multilingual support
24/7 global operation
3 SLA options: 24h, 15 or 3 minutes


Advanced Anti-Piracy Protection

Starts from 0.44$ per Managed User. Enterprise volume pricing from as low as 0.03$ per user.

Forensic watermarking
Real-time session control
Universal compatibility
No setup or license fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Delivering success to more than 250 OTT broadcasters

We are very happy that Cyberobics is available everywhere, on all devices. That wouldn't be possible without a strong partner like Cleeng.

Oliver Schulokat

GoldenBoy was looking to control our destiny for online pay-per-view. We chose Cleeng. Marketing that PPV through the Cleeng platform is a very robust way to engage with our consumer.

David Tetreault
Executive VP Media and Entertainment, at Golden Boy Promotions

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