A secure payment gateway for your premium content

Cleeng collects payment and manages subscription billing for hundreds of premium subscription services like the Tennis Channel, BroadwayHD, Cyberobics and many more.We ensure that your payments to these brands are safely processed. And that you have secure and reliable access to the premium content you have purchased.

Who uses Cleeng


Cleeng ensures viewers can securely pay for and access premium streamed content. If you have purchased access to content, you might see Cleeng appear on your bank statement. You can review your purchases in 'My Library'.

Subscription Services

We provide broadcasters and entertainment brands with a platform for offering their content to viewers. Cleeng manages their content access system, customer billing, and customer analytics.

180+Payment methods
48 millionTransactions per day
20,000+Live PPV Events Yearly
10 yearsOn the market

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