Merchant - Payment & checkout optimization

Subscriber Billing and Tax Management outsourced to OTT specialists

You get the money. We take care of the rest.

Checkout Optimization

The fast track to converting more online visitors to paying subscribers.

Global Reach & Compliance

Instantly access new markets with secure transactions and grow your subscriber base.

Tax & VAT Management

Grow internationally and stay hassle-free, worry-free with real-time tax and VAT codes.

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Convert subscribers with a dynamic checkout experience

Month by month, Merchant grows your subscriber base through conversion-driving processes that adapt to your changing needs.

Smooth checkout every time, everywhere

Offering 186 payment options, the Merchant API lets people pay the way they want with methods they know and trust. Merchant supports 1-click registration and payments, letting you process millions of secure transactions with a seamless customer experience every time.

Test pricing & trials effortlessly

And leverage customer behavior analytics to optimize your checkout setup

Create a checkout in minutes

Customize for your brand and integrate new features using Cleeng’s SDKs

Cleeng insights

Pricing strategies for retention-focused subscription businesses

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Retain your subscribers with frictionless payments

Merchant takes care of payment processing throughout the entire subscriber lifecycle. From hassle-free recurring payments to dunning actions that reduce churn.

We do the hard part

Our dedicated payments team handles the financial and legal complexity of payment processes, giving you the freedom to stay focused on growth. With Cleeng as the merchant of record, you eliminate painful fees and penalties and minimize your cost of ownership.

Multiple automated dunning actions

A 360° subscriber view with transaction history, activity overview and more.

Payment Analytics

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Understanding the reasons payments fail for your subscribers

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Knowing the payment methods connected to subscriber churn

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Seeing the full picture from trial to consumption


Transactions per day




Payment methods



Quickly grow global audiences with built-in local compliance

Merchant is built to reduce the complexity of e-commerce, worldwide. Internationalize quickly with localized, trusted and fully compliant payment experiences.

Go global faster

Cleeng Merchant’s deep integration with leading providers like Adyen and PayPal means that over 160 international markets are accessible right out of the box, with 18 languages supported.

Merchant’s dynamic checkout engine adapts automatically to the customer’s local tax codes, ensuring correct application of taxes at the point-of-purchase. With full GDPR compliance and Avalara integration, you can rest easy knowing that your brand and your business are protected 24 hours a day.
See how we simplify tax management for OUTtv

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